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Voice Of The People Should Be Heard

May 26, 2013

To the Reader’s Forum: The note from 50 years ago in the “In Years Past” section of today’s Post-Journal (4/30) describing Dr....

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May-31-13 8:18 AM

Fed-up, I am fed-up to the gills with the total lunacy that spues from the venomous mouths and bill signings of the wash DC knuckleheads!!!! They are supposed to defend the borders and print the money....they only do ONE of these; and nosey-in on a million things they have NO business doing.

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May-29-13 7:17 PM

Right on, Credence. Those who buy into the religion of man-caused global warming are true-believers and like any religious zealots, they-re beyond listening to any dissenting viewpoints.

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May-29-13 3:33 PM

Is it true??? I just heard... FRACKING CAUSES THE "GLOBAL WARMING" TOO! "Pick a cold day in April or a snowy day this May to remind all the liberals just how miserably cold the weather really is. I ask you: “Do you think there’s a single person left on earth who’s still fool enough to believe in global warming?” If a liberal tries to explain to you the difference between “weather” and “climate,” laugh out loud and say sarcastically; “Yeah, right. When it’s a hot day, you eco-nuts will tell us it’s proof of dangerous climate change. But when it’s cold, they tell us "It’s just weather"? How dumb do those tree-huggers think we are?

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May-27-13 12:56 PM

King...Too much of a rush-huh?! New York has been studying this for over 5 years while 29 other states move forward. Evidently, you look around and see what the rest of the country is doing.

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May-27-13 11:49 AM

CatMan, likewise. Too much of a rush to get high paying jobs. Your claim is unsubstantiated. Enhanced by technology? Lol...ask those people who keep losing their jobs because of enhancements in technology. Then get back to me. Wah! Wah! Wah!

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May-27-13 2:41 AM

I know nothing about Dr. Erlandson. The fact that he's an academic doesn't necessarily persuade me as I've seen a lot of "academics" assert totally unproven "facts" on global warming and when that didn't hold they went to calling it climate change. His reference to unprecedented amounts of water being used has been refuted by studies. Perhaps the Dr. is unaware of the technology improving due to recycling resulting in insignificant water usage. Much more significant is the water being used/wasted in the ethanol industry.

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May-26-13 11:57 PM

Another bravo!

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May-26-13 7:53 PM have no facts to back your claims. You and everyone else who promotes these fear and smear tactics can't admit how much your lives have been enhanced by technology. Time to get a life.

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May-26-13 6:00 PM

Yea CatMan we'll see how well that argument gets you when all that stuff starts affecting you down the road. Funny how oil companies of yesteryear said the same thing they do about fracking, that there's no harm in it. Years later many of their former employees are sick with cancer.

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May-26-13 1:24 PM

Dr. Erlandson......

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May-26-13 1:23 PM

Dr. Erlandson is one of the most thought-ful man I have ever met. He does not ever have a knee- jerk reaction. He uses his mind, ponders the evidence and comes to a conclusion....after weighing all sides. he is a true scientist...and humanitarian. As he stated, this is a complex issue. Thank you Dr.Erickson for a well reasoned letter.

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May-26-13 9:50 AM

Just more fiction that stokes unfounded fears and drives another nail in our economic coffin. Thirty other states do this safely and create high paying jobs for tens of thousands. Lets get our heads out of the sand and embrace the benefits this technology.

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May-26-13 9:40 AM

This should be required reading for all those in favor of hydro fracking.

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May-26-13 6:56 AM

And another Bravo!

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May-26-13 3:13 AM

Bravo! Well stated. Thank you for writing this letter.

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