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Local Police Backing Proposed Lowered BAC

May 26, 2013

A proposed reduction in the allowable blood alcohol concentration level for drivers is receiving widespread support in Chautauqua County....

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May-29-13 7:36 AM

Who cares about what Jeff Hover thinks. He is the mental midget that only cares about writing tickets on route 60. Just ask him, he will tell you. You would think Sheriff's dept could put their resources to better use.

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May-28-13 5:32 AM

In other new ....County sheriffs have asked to join the federal lawsuit challenging New York's tough new gun restrictions, calling some provisions vague and impossible to enforce fairly. Talking out of both sides of thier mouths about saving lives arn't they.

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May-28-13 4:57 AM

Might as well make it a zero tolerance law at this point. Neo-prohibitionists at work here folks. If the NTSB really wanted to save lives they would ban motorcycles and elderly drivers from the road and reduce horsepower of vehicles. Largest loss of life on road is from those who fail to obey traffic signals and speed signs. So maybe we should be locking up lead foots and distracted drivers and taking their cars away too and imposing huge fines on them. However NTSB knows that would be political suicide with AARP. Easier to just jump on the MADD band wagon an squash the bar and restaurant industry so people can use a larger part of their disposable income to pay government taxes and fines. It is a double standard to say who is impaired by age, gender or a drink. BTW in NYS .05 is already a DWAI. Follow the money. COPS program is huge boost to local coffers.

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May-27-13 10:54 AM

Welcome to America, where everyone is going to be the same, whether they like it or not. Well except for the part where the rules are different for some. You can no longer speak your mind. Some people have to actually do work, while some stay at home and collect, and others assemble when they feel like it and rob from those who have a day to day job. Wake up America, you are throwing away your country one law, tax, and freedom at a time.

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May-26-13 5:50 PM

Many years ago ( and many pounds ago!) I had one beer and a sip or two from my husband's in a two hour time frame. Went through a road block thinking " no problem"....answered truthfully that I had had a beer. Did the whole sobriety tests...blew a .06 on the breathalyzer!! Really?!! This is not about safer's a money grab! Plus, I don't trust the tests.....

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May-26-13 11:33 AM

This is all about "funding" Albany, once again. Speeding- do we make all cars only go 65 mph? Making drugs illegal, is no one doing drugs? .05 to some is one beer or wine. Is anyone drunk on that that is over 10 years old? This again, power and control to fund NYS.

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May-26-13 8:36 AM

The lower the better.

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May-26-13 7:50 AM

I agree it's all about the money and to warrant there jobs you know the close to 400 patrol cars that you see every time that you turn the corner or just sitting at there homes look at the money they save a year on there personnel expense (like ins. gas, and maint. on there own vehicles), not having to drive to work guess who is paying for that fines and tax payers and driving down the highway and you see 4 or 5 patrols on the same road within a couple miles it makes me feel so much safer to drive to the store or from a food establishment or just out for a ride...................

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May-26-13 7:06 AM

Know when to say when is the stupidest statement ever made.

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May-26-13 5:03 AM

I totally agree with crooksandliars. There are a great many people who are not impaired at a .05% and will contribute to the state coffers. Sure, they'll get experts who will assert that reaction time goes down with two drinks but the person with a .06% BAC who's paying attention while driving is still much safer than a great many who for one reason or another are soberly distracted.

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May-26-13 4:32 AM

you might just consider this, Sunday afternoon, take the family out to dinner at say the olive garden, have to wait for a table, so you have a drink while you wait, now comes dinner, a glass of wine, Guess What you now are Drunk by the new .05%BAC. What a joke, this won't make the roads any safer, but will make more money for the state from the heavy fines you will have to pay, do you think they really care about your safety? NO, THEY Need the money to fund their departments. its always about the money anytime they pass a new law to " Protect Us ".....

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May-26-13 2:38 AM

And, what about the person who is "hammered" on pills, legal prescription medication. They are a true menace on the road. However, no one is doing a dam*n thing to get these individuals off the road.

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May-26-13 2:37 AM

Lowering the BAC from a .08% to .05% will not make the roads safer. They could lower it to zero, and it would not make the roads safer. Why? Because those who drink and drive will continue to do so. Lowering the BAC from 1.0% to .08% didn't make the roads safer. Awareness and education have reduced the number of DWI's and DWI related accidents. Those who are responsible have DD's or they plan ahead and have rides. Even the under 21 crowd have a friend drive who is not drinking.

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May-26-13 2:32 AM

A DUI carries a higher mandatory surcharge than a violation.

Pile it on, Albany. We are ready and eager for more.

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