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Early Voting Adds Unneeded Costs

May 23, 2013

Allowing early voting in New York state is an intriguing idea on its face. Voter turnout in the state is typically abysmal, and states that have early voting have seen some increase in turnout....

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May-27-13 11:30 PM

Donkeyboy- You still haven't answered my question which goes directly to what you claimed was fact. Just another comment by you that says nothing. You continue to reaffirm the fact that you are a phony.

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May-27-13 2:28 AM

Donkeyboy- Can you read? Just two comments before your saying vote fraud isn't an issue, Seadog laid out researched facts. I've given you facts supplied by John Fund, a published author and on a bi-partisan basis has been acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on vote fraud in the U.S. and you claim he's a hack. You are ridiculous.

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May-27-13 2:22 AM

Donkeyboy- you didn't answer my question. You shoot your mouth off about almost non-existent voter fraud and yet you won't list those few instances that you found. Your failure shows you to be a phony on this issue and a fair arbitration would say it's fair to infer that you're just as phony on the other issues.

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May-25-13 1:53 PM

Well Donkeyboy, happy to oblige when you answer this question. You say voter fraud is almost non-existent, so you tell all of us the very few times vote fraud has been proven. Give all of us, according to you, those very few examples of voter fraud, then I will be happy to oblige your request since I don't want to include your few examples in my rather lengthy answer. I sincerely look forward to your answering to the best of your ability and out of respect I will do the same.

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May-24-13 1:30 PM

Also, why do you cite the 2012 election? It takes longer than a few weeks or months to verify voter fraud. It took two years in most cases to correlate who voted and who was eligible to vote and how many times certain individuals voted. Now, I realize that voter fraud occurs by both major political parties but the Democratic convictions far outnumber the Republican cases.

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May-24-13 1:25 PM

Why do you cite Fox News as the ultimate source of info? Is it because up to now they are the only major news organization doing their job? Start researching voter fraud and take the time to realize what is information and what is disinformation.

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May-24-13 5:29 AM

Why do you think we have absentee ballots?

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May-24-13 5:24 AM

To Fedupl8tly, even Fox news could only report of a very few instances of "possible voter fraud" during the 2012 General Election.

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May-24-13 4:07 AM

cont.) At the same time, they give the illegals voter registration forms. Recently the Democratic state legislature passed a law requiring the entire state to vote by absentee ballot. Seeing as how it's widely accepted that the easiest method for vote fraud is absentee ballot, the Democrats have created a "perfect storm" for vote fraud. It's no coincidence that Washington State has the longest continuous streak of Democratic control of the statehouse. And the only election they lost was able to be overcome by several recounts where the Dems kept finding more votes. Well after the election was certified, it was discovered that King County (Seattle) had counted 2000 more votes than were actually cast according to voter rolls.

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May-24-13 3:59 AM

Emelye- You haven't been look too hard. There have been voter fraud convictions in 36 states in just the last 18 months. It's epidemic. The thing that really got me was the software expert, who has worked for the government, Microsoft and others, testifying before the Ohio State legislature committee who said you can program the electronic voting machines to have the vote come out a certain percentage beforehand. He said that you can do it machine by machine or you can do it with a more central tabulating machine and it's undetectable unless an expert can get inside the machine and actually examine the source code. Of course, that means a verifiable chain of custody which isn't being done in our elections. Where are a great many of these voting machines being made, why in that bastion of democracy- Venezuela. Let's take it a step further and roll back the motor voter policies in some states. In Washington state for example, they give driver's licenses to illegals

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May-23-13 10:03 PM

Early voting is more costly. The democrats want it because it gives them more time to do more dastardly cheating - sorry, but it is the dems that 9 times out of 10 have been the cheaters. A responsible citizen will get to the polling place on election day to cast their ballots. If the lines are too long in large metropolitan areas, it would be cheaper to set up more polling places. Leave it to our lawmakers to f*** something else up, like they know better than we.

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May-23-13 9:59 PM

Having one day designated as voting day is perfect. The longer your "early vote" sits out there, the more "bad" things can happen to it. After all, we entrust the integrity of our voting to the election commissioners. And, we still have Norm Green, the felon-commissioner. How can we have confidence that he will do the right thing and maintain the integrity of the votes cast. Look what he did to promote a democrat candidate. So, to my point, early voting INVITES voter fraud of all kinds.

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May-23-13 7:51 PM

why do they need weeks to vote? wouldn't 3 days be plenty. If they can't fit it into them 3 days there is mail in voting.just costs more money.If they can't vote in that time frame well too bad.Another thing thats interesting,the left crys about voter ID to vote but they want to give the illegals photo ID's,must be all about politics

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May-23-13 10:57 AM

Here's a thought: Raise property taxes by a half cent or so per thousand (or whatever, it can't be much) and you'll have enough to pay for the early voting all year! The franchise is one of the bedrocks of our political system. Why isn't it a good thing to make voting easier? Why isn't it worth the money?

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May-23-13 10:53 AM

It makes no sense to vote down early voting for the entire state just because Chautauqua County's participation rate is high. It would be nice if there were a modicum of real logic in the PJ's assertions.

The right keeps complaining about voter fraud and the need for picture ID to vote without showing any kind of evidence that fraud is indeed common and widespread, either in NY or in places that allow early voting. Put up or shut up, people! All of the credible evidence I've read about shows voter fraud to be very uncommon. Quit making things up already!

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May-23-13 7:16 AM

It might be naive of me to think this...but wouldn't an easy solution be to add an opt-out option? Then the counties where the citizens really would benefit from other voting options could do so while counties such as most in WNY would not have to fund a frivolous mandate.

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May-23-13 6:18 AM

Why would early voting make it easier to commit voter fraud? States that do have early voting actually show a greater participation rate; and how can that be bad? Sure, there is going to be a cost but Govt wastes money in many more un-productive ways.

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May-23-13 5:56 AM

You are right Fedup! Vote the bill down.

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May-23-13 3:49 AM

Early voting makes it easier for voter fraud. No surprise it's coming from Democrats. They've done their homework. Democrats do quite well where early voting has been put in place. Especially where there is no photo ID in order to vote. After all, it's much easier to transport some of the same people if you have more than one day to do it. Also makes it easier for the Democratic Party to utilize their transportation vans on many days rather than just the one day. What a sham. How come you never hear a Democrat mantra of "Educate the vote" instead of merely "Get out the vote". The people who might be unable to get to a polling place on election day can get an absentee ballot. If they assert that's too much trouble, then they probably don't take the time to become an informed voter. In that case, we'd all be better off if they didn't vote.

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