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Hydraulic Fracturing Is A Dead-End Path

May 12, 2013

In the 1960s the tobacco industry tried to counter evidence that smoking had serious health impacts by spending millions to make ludicrous claims about the benefits and safety of smoking....

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May-23-13 10:25 PM

Having owned a home in Ohio and seeing the effects of the multiple "accidents", the promises of long term jobs - only to realize the gas industry sends in "their own workers" the "locals" are just temporary - has been an eye opening experience. Before you say "yes" or it sounds good - read, visit the sites, educate yourself. Ask yourself these questions and more: Why are we sending 4 million gallons of water down a well - when we have states experiencing droughts? Why are we extracting natural gas that we (the US) have in excess? Why is the Gas industry exporting the natural gas if we need it? Who is truly profiting? What will you do when your well is dry or your house blows up (just a couple of the multiple "accidents"). Ask the residents in PA and OH what they are doing as no one is willing to accept responsibility. MORE research MUST be done. More answers/less questions. Thank you Mr. Wahl for a well written and informative articl

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May-21-13 11:31 AM

Lets just get the industry to shut off the gas lines to NYS. New Yorkers can support their families by serving rich people coffee and wine. Meanwhile our schools continue to cut teachers and funding while our neighbors across the border build new schools and communities thrive from economic development. In the long run, this "not in my back yard mentality will only hurt NY. " So practice what you preach NY. It's quite simple. If you don't like natural gas- don't use it. The industry can just sell it to China or Europe or Kansas. Good luck sustaining yourselves on solar and wind. How many days a year do we get sunshine? Oh, and how about those wind farms? Are people really going to want them dotting our vine yards and obstructing our views of the coast? Hmm-

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May-14-13 8:26 AM

The only renewable resource I hear is the hot air coming from Glen Wahl's mouth. He is a high school teacher with a BA in geology.."Rocks for Jocks". He has no Doctorate Degree in geology. I have BA in Ecology and a MBA in Business and read about fracking everyday, does that make me an expert too? What I have learned in studying environmental issues are there are many more academics out there that will manipulate data to back up their beliefs and papers than professionals who work in the industry, because their lively hood is on the line, unlike a high school teacher hack.

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May-13-13 1:00 PM

Thanks to Glenn Wahl for a comprehensive list based on science as opposed to those repeating the million dollar ad campaign of the gas industry based on nothing but the desire to keep the fossil fuel industry profits flowing. HVHF is only a decade and a half old and it is destroying the states that have allowed it. The "benefits" to those states include contaminated water, extreme depletion of water for the million plus gallons needed for each well (old fracking water is NEVER used in another well, always fresh water, better used for drinking and farming), poisoned air radioactive with radon and full of greenhouse gas methane, decimated land and land value (gas companies mysteriously disappear, landholders get left holding their liens) and exacerbated climate change and corresponding erratic weather patterns. Who needs that?

Renewable energy must be the path to the future. The world can be powered by alternative energy!


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May-13-13 10:26 AM

to Gemni5 There are reported cases of contamination in Chautauqua County..water filtration systems were installed in peoples homes by energy companies, people were forced to leave their homes.. this according to the Health Dept. The industry is far from problem free..this is before the hydraulic fracturing technique even begins.. ***********pressconnects****/article/20100404/NEWS01/4040356/Activist-challenges-DEC-claim-few-gas-drilling-problems

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May-13-13 7:19 AM

Renaldo...The water issue is lessened by the fact more and more of it is recycled for use in the following wells. Technology has also started to go beyond using just water for fracking.

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May-12-13 8:39 PM

I'm surprised the author makes no mention of what I think may be the biggest difficulties with high-vol hydraulic fracking... the enormous amount of water necessary, handling of the used fracking fluid, and the truck traffic required. Awfully hard to find a resource on this subject free of bias.

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May-12-13 12:03 PM

The tactics of fear and smear is all the author has put forward and his reasoning is based on 'junk science'. His commentary is full of outright lies and false statements. Former EPA Commissioner Lisa Jackson will stipulate there are over 30 states using high volume hydraulic fracturing and there are no documented migrations of any drilling fluids into aquifers. Second, there is no green energy panacea which will come close to delivering the energy we need to run our economy. Obama has wasted billions on green energy companies which has only resulted in crony capitalism for his benefit.

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May-12-13 9:22 AM

The existing wells did not use the process that the moratorium is addressing.

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May-12-13 9:10 AM

Fracking has been done safely in Chautauqua County for about 60 years, and Chautauqua County now has about 5,000 fracked wells. These fracked wells have not destroyed our environment, polluted our aquafiers, or caused any health problems. We have fracked wells next to our schools (providing low cost natural gas for the school), on our golf courses, in the middle of pastures, and on farmland. You cannot drive across our County without seeing these wells. Landowners appreciate the free gas and the royalties. The scare tactics used by those who oppose fracking are repudiated by our actual experience.

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May-12-13 8:43 AM

Fabulous commentary Mr.Wahl! Thank you!!!!

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May-12-13 8:16 AM

The claims of lies, distortions and misrepresentations that the author logs at the gas industry can also be made against the anti-fracking movement. Their hands are not clean either. They have manipulated the data to serve their agenda.

Also the author claims that we can power America with alternative "renewable" sources of energy. But we just aren't trying hard enough. Yet President Obama has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars funding any and every "green energy" boondoggle that comes across his desk and it has yielded nothing.

I am not yet convinced that fracking is safe, long term. But I am certain that unconditional bans are not the answer.

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May-12-13 6:52 AM

We need manufacturing jobs and jobs that produce living wages. Politicians are using this as a diversion. Let's move on.

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