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Program Helps Former Inmates Find Employment

April 28, 2013

Employment is the No. 1 way to keep a convict from backsliding into a correctional facility....

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Apr-28-13 11:54 PM

By the way nutcase go back and read. Very. Slowly. I was talking about the companies. Corporations that use jail birds to turn a profit. Ones still behind bars. Not former inmates. Dillweed

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Apr-28-13 11:49 PM

We did read your post nice and slow and your still a moron. Still. A. Moron. And yes we're still racist according to your 6th grade education

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Apr-28-13 11:44 PM

When I get my sentence dismissed. You horses behind you already did 3.5 years of your pathetic life. How do you get that dismissed? The taxpayers paid for that 3.5 years and now we will pay for the rest of your disgusting life because you contracted aids or hepatitis while in the big house. One great decision after another. Once a dirt ball always a dirt ball. The apple doesn't fall far from the yard

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Apr-28-13 11:35 PM

Bs ur an idiot and way out of your league

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Apr-28-13 11:28 PM

Actually, racism has everything to do with race..and nothing to do with one's criminal record. Here, see for yourself:

Definition of RACISM (according to Merriam-Webster dictionary):

1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2: racial prejudice or discrimination

Hence, RACism. Not INMATism.

Also, if you'd like us to put our nose's in a law book to learn a thing or two, that must mean you've done so yourself. I would greatly appreciate the name of said law book you get your information from (I, myself, am very, very familiar with law books, mind you).

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Apr-28-13 10:53 PM

when I mentioned racist I was referring to racist against inmates-ex inmates.NOT CLOLR..READ MY POSTS NICE & SLOW SCALLY & LONERIDER.BIG DOGS HUH!! YA DON'T SCARE ME ONE BIT & PUT YOUR NOSE IN THE LAW BOOKS & YA MIGHT LEARN A THING OR 2..I'LL REMEMBER YA WHEN I GET MY SENTENCE DISMISSED & WIN MY LAWSUIT..also my ranting & raving was in reference to all the comments who talk about how inmates are when they come back to society & when & if given a chance they do work for pay just as any other normal person..& 4 the record scallywag I've been here before so I'm far from being new at this jump on the band wagon dart throwing comments I get in return from ignorant ppl like yourself & lonerider..I don't need a bandwagon-I comment solo whether if ppl agree with it or if you think your smart as- remarks bother me-they don't so stop flattering yourself as well as your bandwagon.AGAIN RACISM IS NOT ONLY ABOUT COLOR! GOT THAT? YOU'S ARE RACIST AGAIN

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Apr-28-13 10:25 PM

In the short run this really ******off the taxpayer (job placement, college classes while in prison, etc. etc.) In the long run it is smart money... think about it...

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Apr-28-13 10:11 PM

Scallyjr just wait till your called racist because you think Obama is a terrible president. It will happen

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Apr-28-13 10:09 PM

Please explane to all of us what was remotely racist about what anybody said. This should be interesting. The particular shop I was referring to is in western pa along the Ohio line. I'm thinking bs is full of bs and pitty

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Apr-28-13 10:03 PM

Scallyjr welcome to this site. It's a little crazy at times but that's what I like about it. I'm so proud to have you on board. Every parent would be proud to call you my little scallywag. I will give all others a heads up you don't stand a chance against scallyjr. She took me to my knees at three years old and in her mind she has never lost an argument. Did you know that like 99 percent of our wonderful criminal system didn't commit the crime. If you took a plea your guilty ashell. No moron would willingly go to prison for 3.5 years let alone 3.5 days for something they didn't do. Just by listening to your sob story if you didn't commit that particular crime you probably f Ed up enough other ways to earn that one way ticket. So anyhow how does any of your uneducated rambling have anything to do with my post. No genius I didn't read it or somthin. Reading comprehension tells us I clearly stated it was in a shop I was in. Read carefully and slowly if you want to play with the big boys

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Apr-28-13 5:25 PM

Wait, wait, let me get this straight..having an opinion about a topic that has nothing to do with race results in being called "racist?" That's a new one! Maybe I should call the publishers of this Merriam-Webster dictionary, because it seems like they've got the wrong definition for racism.

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Apr-28-13 3:59 PM

& loneriderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for your info I am white & to be honest ppl other than my own color treat me with more respect than ppl of my own kind.And I do take responsibility for my fuc-s up in life when they are mine & I take blame when I make bad choices.I never ever said I was perfect,but ppl here act like their shyt don't stink & they are so perfect but they're not.I'm tired of them sitting on their high horse pointing fingers & making remarks about ppl as if ppl they have the right to judge ppl.psst guess what I'm here to tell them they don't.I don't have to stand in front of any of you nor does any of the ppl you all knock, on judgement day!! Thank God for that.In fact you all have to stand in front of the same judge when you pass on>> hope he don't send you all to*****due to the way you treat others!! Thats all I have to say.I've said what i said & thats it.I don't have to live with you or for you so I won't shed no tears if you

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Apr-28-13 1:12 PM

@scallywag:: if what u are saying about the shop stories & the prisoners,etc is true fact is that or did that happen in our community or did it happen somewhere in no mans land or over seas? Did you actually see this with your own eyes? If you read about it-where did you read it cuz I'd love to read it. If you watched it I'd love to grab a bowl of popcorn & dim the lights & watch it.Things of that nature I do not take lightly due to ppl I met in prison & 1 lady in fact was an old foreign lady who took many ppl as slaves in her company & gave them pennies on the dollar out of their check & she eventually got caught.She was in Taconic womens prison 2007.So I am in fact staying tuned to your comments to come..

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Apr-28-13 1:01 PM

con't::: but when all those classes are done you sit & rot & get like caged animals with no outlet.Not all prisons have cable as you all presume-so there is nothing to do but think & watch & walk around with real criminals & before you know it you start acting just like them.You tell me how anybody could keep a sane mind when you have nothing sane around you.No I'm not making excuses.I'm giving u reality.I can't work now due to my health being in prison.I have all the proof I need & my PTS level is getting to a point where I am able to file all my motions to have my sentence expunged from my record then I'm filing a suit.Inmates work for pennies inside BUT DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT ON THE OUTSIDE WHEN & IF THEY GET HIRED THEY GET PAID LIKE ANYBODY ELSE.HOG WASH ABOUT STORIES I'M TELLING YOU WHAT I KNOW TO BE FACTS.All u racist jerks need to go on a far away secluded island.not all criminals are guilty & not all of them go back to prison & do become prod

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Apr-28-13 12:50 PM

Let me give u all some food to choke on & maybe u will shut up & stop being racist against ex-inmates as well as current incarcerated.Do u all honestly know all your family tree history & if any of your family from when u were still a sperm had ever been in trouble with the law or before your daddy was a sperm.NO I don't think so.Stop judging others cuz somewhere along the line you DO HAVE CRIMINALS OR MAFIA OR SOME BS THAT HAPPENED IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD. Further more I am a woman & was torn away from my family & thrown in prison for a crime I DID NOT COMMIT FOR 3 1/2 YRS.I had ab ex DA as a court appointed lawyer who didnt know ****.The day of my jury selection he never showed & I had to take a forced plea.I went in a healthy loving woman & I came out a very ill still loving but very blunt woman.I seen things done by officers-inmates work-go to school-go to classes for alcohol-drug abuse-anger management,etc.

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Apr-28-13 12:16 PM

The Sheriff dept is FUNDED by the taxpayer, last I knew. Why isn't that dept doing the right thing and help the Victims of the crimes. I was once a victim of a burglary, I know the violation it left. Why is ONE story publsihed, I would bet the farm that not all his "projects" are doing well.. BS period

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Apr-28-13 10:26 AM

You are seriously going to worry about giving someone that breaks the law a job. There are Veterans that fought for our country that still do not have jobs. I would hire a Veteran a thousand times quicker then I would someone that has been incarcerated. The priorities of this program are seriously messed up!!!

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Apr-28-13 8:02 AM

Ahhh now we here from the intelligencia of the county. Let us pray you are not Christian, if you are ye best get yer backside to church. On a moral level this is an imperative. On a behaviorial level, it works-people do change-people can and do move forward and become productive citizens. I guess if you sit yer dumb a*s in your place and just believe what yer daddy told ya then you have no hope for your self or others. In this world of 2013 we know if we help the convicted once they have served time we have a better chance for their success. What are you offering society? Not one thing but rants and raves you are doing nothing to improve our community but complain and state idiocy. Hats off to thetaff and people involved, GREAT JOB!

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Apr-28-13 7:55 AM

This area always try's to make us believe they just invented a new rocket or something. Guess what they have been doing this for years in other areas. The employer gets the labor for a fraction of the cost and the jobs are swallowed up from the hard working diserving folks. We have been in shops that were locked down like a prison. After further investigation found out they were all prisoners. We're talking 3 shifts 50 per shift. Jail on off shift and off to work we go. By the way the owners of the shop are now filthy rich. I have storie after storie about this subject. Stay tuned. Got to go to work

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Apr-28-13 7:38 AM

Answer old lady. All of the stupidity is coming from the left

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Apr-28-13 7:29 AM

So we are supporting these people with workforce help and counseling, etc. because we are AFRAID of what they will do next! If only we stroke them, coddle them, make excuses for them they will be good citizens. BULLCRAP!! They have a 33% success rate of keeping them out of jail? What kind of investment is that? Who did the other 67% hurt, rob, kill, assault and terrorize? Where is their help? Look at the*****and savagery thatwas just loosed on innocent people in Frewsburg by an ex-con. Is someone seriously going to believe that if only he had interview training he would be a contributing member of society? That he would not torture and kill his own relative? Where is all of this stupidity coming from?

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Apr-28-13 5:55 AM

this is good because most places wont hire you if you have a record. People change and if they arnt giving a chance they end up in jail over and over.most are o probation or parole ad they have to get a job but places do backroud checks ad then wot hire you o matter how good a worker you are

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Apr-28-13 1:41 AM

If all this is true, then I suggest that the government hire all convicts of appropriate age and send them to Afghanistan, Iraq, or where ever else we decide to start a war.

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