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Secret Identity

Legislators Approve Motion To Protect Privacy Of Pistol Owners

April 25, 2013

MAYVILLE — Despite five votes to the contrary, the County Legislature is collectively in favor of a motion to protect the privacy of pistol license and concealed carry permit holders....

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Apr-25-13 6:57 PM

If they do that it is telling them where they can get guns. I think that it would be a good idea to publish all the names and the amounts of public assistance on all the people who receive it, then we know where all of our tax money is going, also how long they have been on it. Pretty soon nothing will be private everyone will know what you have. This country is getting horrible about things like this.

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Apr-25-13 2:54 PM

So many good comments here. The utter invasion of privacy on a right stated plainly in the Constitution is completely anti-thetical to freedom, but then again there are those even serving in the local legislature who feel that they must control citizens. I sure would like to see them be out of office by next November.

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Apr-25-13 2:45 PM

Coughlin is an idiot and should never be allowed to hold public office after everything he has pulled. What a d-bag.

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Apr-25-13 1:29 PM

Voting against the motion were Coughlin; Hoyer; Robert Whitney, D-Jamestown; Rod Rogers, G-Forestville; and Victoria James, D-Jamestown.

here is the list of people that don't care about privacy. let's never forget this!

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Apr-25-13 1:28 PM

"Bill Coughlin, D-Fredonia, like in the April 17 Public Safety Committee meeting, voiced an opinion against the motion, stating that public records became open following the Richard Nixon administration". Hey Bill do you mind if the social security office passes out your social security number? Pistol permits are violation of a persons right to privacy and releasing that information to the public is a gross violation of a persons right to privacy. Lets just tell everyone who is ineligible to get a hand gun where they can acquire one! Duh! What purpose would making that information publicly available serve?

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Apr-25-13 10:27 AM

Publishing legal, law-abiding citizens names, who have passed their background checks, obey local, state and federal laws, pay their taxes and are doing NOTHING wrong would be unduly punative to these upstanding citizens. I wonder if Mr. Coughlin could pass a background check with his history of angry outbursts and having had to go to anger management counseling?

If they make gun owners names public, I insist they publish the names and addresses of EBT card holders, including how long they have been on welfare. Also, make public and publish the names and addresses of all convicted felons, especially those who have committed burglaries, violent crimes and gun crimes. I could go on, but you get my point.

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Apr-25-13 9:43 AM

I thought Whiteny was for peoples rights and he votes against this. This guy is a idiot. Cornell is against tax increases but votes to not sell the county home that is losing 10k a day. Do these people think we are as dumb as they are.

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Apr-25-13 8:13 AM

Cornell against taxes...except for taxes that keep county home open. Why can't she shut up and serve out here last months as elected official in silence.

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Apr-25-13 8:09 AM

Will they make it a secret who has a drivers license? Someone might steal thier car? Medical License? Marrage License? What BS.

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Apr-25-13 7:01 AM

For the record, there was no vote to increase the sales tax. The resolution simply asks that we maintain the current sales tax rate. We are required to ask the state's permission to keep the sales tax rate the same. Passing the resolution does NOT increase the sales tax rate.

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Apr-25-13 6:56 AM

The PJ has it wrong. This was not a vote to increase the sales tax by .5% but a vote to maintain the current .5% above the allowed 3% county sales tax so that our sales tax will remain at 7.5% as it has been for several years.

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Apr-25-13 5:35 AM

Insanity, all of it. A gun registry is insane. Thinking that this resolution will have any effect is also crazy and a waste of time. The people who voted against it saying "it's freedom of the press" are crazy. They are all nuts! The only thing that wasn't a waste of time for property owners is an increase in the sales tax. The effect on business owners is something else. HELP!

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