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Fracking Discussion Was Biased

April 4, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: I attended the ‘‘Fracking in N.Y.S.’’ meeting held in the library in Jamestown on Thursday, March 21....

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Apr-04-13 2:48 AM

Science and biblical nuttery don't mix!

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Apr-04-13 5:23 AM

Even if you don't practice earth religion, the earth certainly deserves the respect that a god would receive... especially this time of year.

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Apr-04-13 5:59 AM

Their is always two sides to any discussion!

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Apr-04-13 6:05 AM

From Panama? Chances are the writer or someone close to him is a land owner with a dog in the fracking race. I don't blame people for wanting to make money, but I also don't blame those who want to protect our most precious resources. Why do we curse those who have a different point of view? If God took sides, who's side do you think God is on?

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Apr-04-13 7:26 AM

Carlaw...According to you- anyone who owns any property has a 'dog' in the race. Fracking has been proven to be safe and offers many economic benefits. When are you going to pay attention to the science and facts showing this is a safe practice?

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Apr-04-13 8:14 AM

Fracking is safe, the greenies just dont want any carbon fuel and will go to any extent to accomplish their goal. More regulations, biased meetings, laughing at people who have a different opinion, claiming you only care about the money. For the thousands of wells that have been fracked in America, wheres the proof of mass contamination?

Its reason for more earners to exit NYS, North dakota needs workers now and other states like PA are following, leave the welfare in NYS so the greenies can pay for them, that will be their reward.

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Apr-04-13 8:20 AM

First, the writer must have missed the Part 1 of this discussion, the pro-fracking part, in the fall. Part 2 provided the balance that was missing in Part 1.

Second, I remember the guy with the "different" opinion. It was different all right. Hysterical, tinfoil, wingnuttery rhetoric about "Agenda 21"! Run for your lives. It was hard not to laugh. The poor guy needed some serious chill time in the real world.

Finally, Catman, if fracking is so "safe," then why does it need to be exempted from safety standards such as the Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act, etc.? What was Dick Cheney in his wisdom thinking when he created that loophole back in 2005?

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Apr-04-13 8:29 AM

This is another example of too many government regulations. It is a proven safe system of removing valuable natural resources from the ground. It could potentially create thousands of jobs in a state and county that is economically depressed. So called "green" people want us to drive electric cars...ok but 95% of electric energy created in the us is done through coal burning. The net greenhouse gas emmision difference is negligible. We can't put up windmills because they " pose a threat to birds". We can't use solar arrays in this area because we do not get enough direct sunlight at this latitude to generate all the electricity we need. You know who true lives a low carbon footprint lifestyle? The Amish. So until I see members of the EPA and these grandstanding celebrities living in homes without electricity and driving a horse and buggy. They should stop telling us what is best for us.

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Apr-04-13 8:38 AM

This is NOT a process that has been proven safe. It is NOT the same process used for the last 60 years. This high volume deep well process was not attempted until 2007, so it is still in its infancy and all of the people affected by it are the guinea pigs.

Also, you might want to get some more facts about solar. It works just fine in NY. Germany, which gets far less sunshine than just about anywhere in the contiguous US, is DOING with solar what you claim is not possible.

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Apr-04-13 8:44 AM

It works great to supplement energy needs, Germany currently uses solar energy for 3% of its energy needs. And the majority of that is in the southern end of the country. I know what I am talking about.

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Apr-04-13 8:50 AM

Also when referring to latitude I was referring to NYS. Other parts of the country it works beautifully.

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Apr-04-13 9:01 AM

North Dakota----Booming Economy with fracking and drilling...NYS-High taxes, high welfare, high unemployment, no fracking...

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Apr-04-13 9:04 AM

Who has proven fracking is safe? Read the UNBIASED reports from PA that state over 10 % of all new fracking sites have reported leaks. Read the UNBIASED reports from OSHA concerning the exposure of silica to well crews. Scientific facts about the effects of hydraulic fracturing are still being compiled and one has proven it to be safe! Once again, a letter writer is cherry picking Bible verses to back up their ignorance about a subject. ridiculous.

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Apr-04-13 9:22 AM

Haven't we all seen the tap water on fire in Pennsylvania? Ask that household what they think of fracking. There has to be a safer way - we just can't be in such a hurry. Also, yes, repeal those Cheney loopholes!

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Apr-04-13 9:55 AM

Wells in Gerry would light on fire 60 yrs ago, its called a natural event, can you see the desperation the greenies go to.

Wheres the facts to support fracking and ruined wells? A simple web site would help.

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Apr-04-13 10:00 AM

Just read the hate spewing from the greenies below toward people who have a differing opinion.

Let the readers decide.

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Apr-04-13 12:05 PM

Watch the movie "Gasland" and then tell us that fracking is safe. If you would like to live the nightmare the people in the movie live, go ahead and allow it in NYS. I can already hear the comments that "it is a movie". Call it a documentary then if you want, the reality is it is telling the truth!

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Apr-04-13 12:22 PM

An inconvenient truth was a documentary as well only to have the worlds top climate scientists dispute the statements and some of them actually admitting to fudging data. Alex Jones makes all sorts of documentaries about how the govt is trying to enslave people. Just because someone has a video camera does not make them a credible source. Only peer reviewed periodicles are considered credible scientific sources.

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Apr-04-13 12:23 PM

You compared a Biblical verse about the Truth of God with fracking?

This is out of hand. I can't believe a single thing this guy claims.

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Apr-04-13 2:05 PM

Wheres the proof that fracking effects wells, you would think there would be at least some considering the thousands of wells.

Im getting a little ill hearing people saying fracking is not safe but cant say where the ruined wells are.

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Apr-04-13 2:10 PM

Gio, cant you come up with a single documented contaminated well. We have been hydro fracking for many years and fracked thousands of wells in PA and N. Dakota.

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Apr-04-13 3:45 PM

The movie "Gasland" was a farce. It was proven that the faucet that could light on fire did that years before any wells were dug.

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Apr-04-13 3:46 PM

If you think shooting chemicals into the ground and extracting another polluting substance is not, at the very least, raising the possibility of wrecking havoc on an environment you are bat-**** crazy.

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Apr-04-13 3:52 PM

"The movie 'Gasland' was a farce."

Tell that to all the positive critics, rewards, and otherwise substantial positive data it received.

The only thing that is claimed to be a "farce" is the scene with the water being lit on fire. Although gas exists naturally in wells and has forever, that does not mean that the specific incident can be verified as either natural or created by man.

But I digress. Clearly, you haven't watched the other 98% of the documentary.

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Apr-04-13 5:11 PM

The greenies have cost New yorkers thousands of jobs, increased utility costs and lowered our std of living while N. Dakota is booming with jobs making the American dream possible. Because of higher costs of doing business, businesses are leaving and going to states not controlled by green special interest groups.

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