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What Conservatives Really Think

March 24, 2013

Todd Baker’s attack (March 4) on conservatives, though snide and condescending, is, despite itself, a glimpse into the way liberals think and a step up from the usual straight name calling and......

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Mar-24-13 2:31 AM

Oh, can't wait to read all the vitriol that will predictably be spewing from the minds of the hopelessly progressives/liberals. May I say this ahead of time(rhetorically)...there's your sign.

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Mar-24-13 7:05 AM

The king liberal Billionaire Bloomberg, ruler of the nanny state, tried to ban salt, tried to ban soda, (courts said no) is trying to hide cigarettes, is trying to eliminate Styrofoam, and is being sued by the ACLU and others for stopping citizens on the streets and searching for weapons in violation of the constitution.

Now he is spending 12 million of his own money on ads lying about the intent of background checks as currently written (mandating permanent registration) and lying about the results of so called polls with misleading questions. With him and the current governor who is running NY disregarding both the laws and the facts why is it surprising folks have a bad feeling about liberals in politics.

The writer makes a few good points.

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Mar-24-13 8:58 AM

Nailed it Norm.

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Mar-24-13 9:29 AM

Great letter Norm!

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Mar-24-13 9:37 AM

vitriol-"rude expression,deep seated ill will, caustic," etc.--"liberal dehumanization of the unborn is a transparent ghastly lie, which they privately admit." "Such liberal lies for political effect are innumerable"[stem cell research]. "If you can't think logically or tell the truth, you might be a liberal." "VITRIOL"--yes,"Norman, you nailed it."

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Mar-24-13 10:26 AM

1) "Today we have no more assurance about the future than the founders did." How can anyone believe this as a reality? So, we need to stockpile weapons for when or armies come to take us over. This is exactly what Carlson is saying. 2) "or we did until homosexuals received special privileges.." Here we go again with the "special" privileges." What are they, exactly? 3) Nobody has banned stem cell research. Your memory is fading, Carlson, as Bush destroyed many brain stems during his administration that could have gone for much needed research. This letter is just so wrong on so many points.

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Mar-24-13 10:28 AM

gio and other button you only report conservatives comments, however benign? How do you feel about budzilla's 4:23?

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Mar-24-13 10:35 AM

50's, grow up---dry your tears, and try,try to post something relevant to anything that the adults here are discussing. What a waste----

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Mar-24-13 12:28 PM

what are those "innumerable lies" Norman? THEY SHOULD BE RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Those are your words, are they not?

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Mar-24-13 1:11 PM

I LOVE THIS a born again conservative I just want to say, as Norm said, there is no logical connection here!!! We can block gays from getting married!!! WE CAN. BUT NO-ONE CAN BLOCK US FROM OWNING ASSAULT RIFLES!!!

We love our rights, just not the rights of homosexuals!! So back off!!!

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Mar-24-13 1:12 PM

I'd say it's the pot calling the kettle black, but gio would find that offensive and racist. Old fool.

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Mar-24-13 1:23 PM

Gio, I agree you are an 'old fool'!! And when 50's and I call you an 'old fool', guess what!?!?!?! THAT MAKES YOUR ARGUMENT FALSE!! Cause we are conservatives and name-calling makes the lib-tards argument false!!

OLD FOOL, Gioallie!!

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Mar-24-13 1:26 PM

I'm not a liberal I hate liberals!!!

But yes, you gave me more ammunition!! If we tell someone they are drunk, THAT MAKES THEIR ARGUMENT FALSE!!!

Good thinking loner. Hey, all you liberal goats, you're all drinking out of a bottle!!! There, now your arguments are false!!

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Mar-24-13 2:28 PM

So Norm, who frequently uses vitriol, sterotypes and generalizations to describe liberals, is upset that someone else used vitriol, sterotypes and generalizations to describe conservatives.

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Mar-24-13 2:54 PM

Out of my 7 (so far) disagrees of my post on Mar-24-13 10:26 AM, none have rebutted any of my points. Why? It must be because conservatives just disagree but can't come up with rebuttals (that make sense anyway).

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Mar-24-13 3:07 PM

I know you're out there Norm--care to back up your lipservice--or content with your damage control mouthpieces? "Innumerable lies"--remember?

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Mar-24-13 3:47 PM

I wonder how Normie got to be a self-proclaimed expert on marriage. Or religion for that matter. I'd like to see this letter followed by a reprint of his last challenge to any clergyman in the community to publicly debate him on creationism vs evolution and show the nasty things he had to say about religion. I particularly liked the part where he said liberals were "name callers". As we all know well, Normie would never do that. Finally half of you can expect to have your (our) posts deleted. 8 are already gone because Normie monitors his letters and has the PJ delete any that disagree with him.

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Mar-24-13 5:36 PM

Don't pick on Norm Carlson!! Now that i'm a Born Again Conservative, I think he makes alot of sense. Us conservatives don't like gays, we aren't sure why, we like to say its our bible, but our bible says alot of crap we don't listen to, but when it comes to gays we listen for some reason we aren't sure of, and when two gays want to get married, but think that an affront to us or something about forcing us to accept their marriage that has nothing to do us!


Whats next, you going to force us to eat Soylent Green, you liberal slave-drivers???

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Mar-24-13 5:43 PM

Gee alice, I don't know. why would a lib be so passionate about wanting them to get married? It has nothing to do with them. If they are what they claim....straight.

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Mar-24-13 5:49 PM

When a lib attacks a conser., the lib is wrong according to the conser. When a conser. attacks a lib, the conser. is wrong according to the lib. And this is the reason our country is in the shape it is. Both sides believe the only way to fix the country is to elect a dictatorship from their side so they can force their agenda on everybody. They each want the white house,and a majority of the house and senate so they can not be stopped. And the funny part is that both sides will now disagree with this assessment of their party.

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Mar-24-13 5:55 PM


And furthermore, why were WHITES like Abe Lincoln so passionate about freeing slaves???? And why were WHITES so passionate about letting slaves vote???

Thats IF they were really what they claim they were: white. Mabye Abe was really an African American!!

I DON'T CARE that some people just fight for equality, I'm going with 50's,and I'm going to suggest that anyone who cares about gay marriage IS ALSO GAY!!

How am I doing so far 50's??

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Mar-24-13 5:55 PM

I mean 50's that was an excellent point!!!

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Mar-24-13 6:56 PM

"If need be, conservatives will even resort to the universally available, 100 percent effective, and completely free method of birth control, but nothing infuriates liberals more being asked to do the same."

Sure sounds like a reference to using one end or the other of the alimentary canal.

North or South, Norm?

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Mar-24-13 7:06 PM brought up the subject sweetie.

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Mar-24-13 7:54 PM

50's and I are a team now!!! We don't really understand why we are against gay marriage other than the bible cherry picking I walked about, and WE DON'T CARE!!


That's that.

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