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Cuts To Meals On Wheels Are Outrageous

March 24, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: I hung my head in disbelief. In our local Post-Journal paper, the headlines read ‘‘Cuts Could Impact Progra....

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Apr-04-13 4:28 PM

I guess mel and the other loving men of the cloth don't read this site---hmmmm.

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Apr-03-13 9:11 PM

90+ comments and I have not seen a single word from our resident men of the cloth on this topic. RATHER STRANGE, DON'T YOU AGREE?

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Apr-03-13 4:47 PM

the "compassionate conservative" wing isn't very talkative. God bless.....

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Mar-31-13 10:56 AM

have a great Easter Sunday...

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Mar-30-13 8:57 PM

Back to the original subject. The cuts are here and some people don't like them. It shows that we (as a people) have become so numb to creeping socialism that we revolt when asked to SLOW the pace and actually do something for ourselves. "What do you mean I have to be responsible for my own life? Why doesn't Uncle Sugar love me anymore? Waaaa. Waaaa. Waaaaaaaa!" It is a VERY rare day when I don't have at least one of my staff call in "sick". The reality of it is, Uncle Sugar makes it much more lucrative to just sit at home. Whatever you don't EARN, the gov't will gladly hand you on a silver platter. Public service announcements literally BEG you to sign up for "benefits" (entitlements). Every gas bill comes with an insert advocating LIHEAP. WAKE UP PEOPLE. SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY! Those for big gov't are happy to let SOMEONE ELSE pay. It's going to end, soon. I promise you it is not going to be pretty.

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Mar-30-13 5:00 PM

These cuts are awful

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Mar-30-13 9:40 AM

FedUpL8ly, you can talk about the thirty-some countries and the UN resolutions all you want. The fact remains that the invasion of Iraq would not have happened if it were not for two people - Bush and Cheney. Period. So many times I have been asked how to prove a negative. Please tell me. Please tell me how Hussein was supposed to prove the destruction of WMDs that were not there? Plenty of UN inspectors went there numerous times and found nothing. You are still trying to convince yourself and others that one of worst mistakes this country has ever made was invading Iraq. My whim remark was referring to how the world felt about us after the fact - that we could not be relied on to use caution with international affairs. It was not that long ago when most countries did not want U.S. tourists and it was advised that we not travel abroad - all because of that insane war. Does this jog any of your memory or are you conveniently forgetting. History will prevail.

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Mar-28-13 2:39 PM

new definition of ""quoting""--from the lonerider dictionary--"distorting see dog's words." Where do they find these characters?

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Mar-28-13 12:53 PM

ya riderrr don't say democrats were for the iraq war! lol they didn't vote for it. it was their evil clones.

howard the duck logic.

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Mar-28-13 12:31 PM

see dog--I agree with your 11:26pm on 3-27-13, the "moron" label you gave gw would be argued by some........

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Mar-28-13 12:03 PM

On a whim,Howard? You certainly are consistent in proving your ignorance of recent history. Thirty-some countries went into Iraq with the U.S. and the UN vote was unanimous in condemning Hussein for violating 18 UN resolutions. You also seem to conveniently forget that the onus wasn't on Bush but that all of the UN resolutions demanded Hussein PROVE that he had destroyed the WMD's. The biggest mistake Bush made was not going on TV everyday, like Obama, and reminding America of those facts. And let's face it, the mainstream media is all to happy to not report any facts that make GW or any other non-liberal look good unless they're forced to do it.

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Mar-28-13 10:06 AM

OMG Seadog, pay attention. Bush and Cheney knew the information was false! That is the whole point! The "back alley" meeting that they convinced everyone of WMDs never took place! Besides, the Iraq government was on our side concerning Al Qaeda - they hated them as much as we do. Now the country is an Al Qaeda breeding ground. And America is now known as a country that will invade another on a whim. This war will go down as one of its blackest times in history.

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Mar-28-13 8:12 AM

"not knowing it was false?" Brain washing is quite effective after all....

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Mar-27-13 2:33 PM

PhD--ever hear about Saint Susan's kitchen? Really?

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Mar-27-13 1:11 PM

Nice to be able to forget Bill Clinton and Al Gore also claimed Iraq had WMD's before W ever was in the running. But, that's what dems do.

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Mar-27-13 12:37 PM

"khulumzurug Mar-24-13 6:30 AM time for the churches to step up, not the taxpayers. if the idiots that run the catholic church can afford 100's of millions in lawsuits, they afford a few meals." Sorry Khul, can't do it. There's this little thing called "separation of church and state". Remember? Long ago America decided to make the gov't their god, to have it supply all their needs. Now it (socialism) is failing, as we knew it would. So what now? Return to the one, TRUE God for help. Sorry, you can't serve two masters. Pick one and live with the blessings, or the misery.

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Mar-27-13 10:32 AM

Seadog, you spin spin spin - aren't you getting dizzy? One more time - yes W had false info that he used to convince the democrats to vote for the war! Proven fact. How have I been proven wrong? Because democrats voted for the war? Show me where I said they didn't. What a farce you can be - you just can't stand it that your beloved W was a bad president and should have been impeached for war crimes. Ever hear of the Geneva Convention? Apparently W hasn't. Any more wild accusations?

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Mar-27-13 3:16 AM

To one and all who trumpet poll results. Polls are often manipulated and unscientific. A much better indicator is the fact Harry Reid and other Democrats wouldn't support Dianne Feinstein's efforts for stricter gun controls. Now to Howard who sadly clings to his incorrect version of history. Just weeks before the March 2003 Iraq invasion, the French said that they had proof positive of Iraq having WMD's. Shortly before that, the German Intelligence said the same thing. Several Iraqi generals said that WMD's were truck convoyed to Syria shortly before March 2003. Since Obama is convinced that Syria has WMD's, it will be interesting, in the future, if Howard thinks Obama lied if they're never discovered. And if they are real, their origin should prove interesting, as long as someone other than the Obama administration does the verifying.

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Mar-26-13 10:54 PM

oh seedog--I always try to respond--I guess the dems were "stupid" to believe gw's lies referencing HIS invasion of Iraq,before HE signed the orders. But thanx for pointing that out for us. Nite all.

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Mar-26-13 10:51 PM

OK FOLKS EVERYONE TOGETHER HERE--NO MORE INSULTS "TO SEEDOG." We're with ya lonerider, but what makes you think that seedog warrants ANY insults?

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Mar-26-13 10:35 PM

let's look closer at the "new poll." "17% of Americans believe there should be no restrictions on owning guns. 38% want only minor restrictions for a total of 55% who want minor or no restrictions. 31% support major restrictions and 12% want guns illegal for anyone for a total of 43%. Isn't the full story much clearer than in the 9:34pm post? I've always preferred the REST OF THE STORY..........NITE ALL.

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Mar-26-13 3:25 PM

Maybe the government should stop sending money over to the other countries that don't appreciate it and leave it here for the people here to have programs. Should help here first and elsewhere after this country is taken care of.

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Mar-26-13 1:47 PM

actually gw could, could have told all those war mongering senators that he was not about to invade Iraq based on that made up intelligence about weapons of mass distortion, mushrooms, and dick's orders. GW, WOULD TODAY BE LABELED our "HERO," instead of pres. Obama.

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Mar-26-13 12:41 PM

OMG, Seadog, do you even bother to read other people's posts? Everyone now agrees the information leading to the Iraq war was false. A made up lie. On Purpose. By Bush and Cheney. In an alley. Far far away. A meeting that never took place. Do shorter sentences help? Google General Powell. See what he has to say. Or stay in your fantasy world. Makes no difference to me. Just do no harm. That's all I ask.

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Mar-26-13 11:19 AM

signature on the invasion order--G.W. BUSH........the end, well soon.

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