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‘Gay’ Debate Is Damaging To Boy Scouts

March 22, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I’m an Eagle Scout. I’m also a Scoutmaster. I’ve also remained silent for too long. Issue number one “gays in Scouts” first off don’t make this about the kids....

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Mar-25-13 12:09 PM

If the solution were to start another young men's organization that allows gay people in then the BSA should just say "Thank you very much but no thank you" to the corporate donors who are pressing for the change in their policies. But they aren't doing that, are they? If they want the funding then she should respect the wishes of their donors. Money talks, remember?

I'm not calling anyone evil for supporting prejudicial and harmful discrimination against LGBT people. I just think they are terribly misguided and driven more by irrational influences than evil. Can the effects of their belief be harmful? Yes, of course they are, and that makes those beliefs and actions evil but that doesn't make the holders of those beliefs evil people.

See, I hate the sin and love the sinner.

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Mar-25-13 12:19 AM

i basically already said that bluesman. i agree.

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Mar-24-13 5:42 PM


And here's another hard one: Our forefathers owned slaves and felt that blacks shouldn't have a full vote FOR ALL THEIR POLITICAL CAREERS!!

So, what, did they think African American freedom and voting was wrong?? THAT MEANS ITS WRONG!! IF SOMEONE THINKS SOMETHING IS WRONG FOR A LONG TIME, then dagnabbit, that makes it WRONG>>>

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Mar-24-13 4:21 PM

Sigh. Yet another phobic letter filled with distortions, inaccuracies and straw men. All in service of prejudice against people who are romantically attracted to members of their own sex.

Many gay men have testified that they knew of their attraction to their own sex by the time they were 6 or 7 years old so eleven is not too young to come out. Nobody is being programmed. That's ridiculous.

As I've written elsewhere, I think the BSA are damaging their organization with hypocrisy when they say they support equality and serving young men by teaching them to grow up into responsible men and then excluding those boys and adults who simply happen to have a different sexual orientation from the norm. times change, attitudes evolve and the BSA should start evolving with them.

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Mar-24-13 3:36 PM

bluesman-with all due respect, your "hard question" was answered in the 2:22pm post--but please continue-----

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Mar-24-13 3:21 PM

I'm glad that someone else picked up the "hard question" of why toddler Hillary was opposed to gay marriage.

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Mar-24-13 2:27 PM

That's right, you scared libs. Bluesman and I are asking this 'hard' questions about people opposing things we don't like since they were babies. Why? Because these questions are hard.

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Mar-24-13 2:22 PM


Because if someone opposses something for awhile, that means THEY CAN'T CHANGE THEIR MIND!!! Why didn't I see this before??? Once something is opposed by a person, that makes it WRONG!!

And yes, Hillary opposed it for 65 years, which means she opposed gay marriage since she was FIVE MONTHS OLD. She opposed it even while she was drooling in a crib, you dumb liberals!!

And when someone opposes something while they are still drooling in a crib, then darnit, THAT MAKES THE THING THEY ARE OPPOSING WRONG!!!

Why?? Well, because we don't judge things based on their own merit. Heck no, we judge things based on whether someone else opposes them since they were 5 months old, THATS WHY, dumbo libs!!

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Mar-24-13 1:17 PM

does that make alice trans-ideological?

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Mar-23-13 10:14 PM

50s I hate to say it but I told u so

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Mar-23-13 9:14 PM

i don't care if gays wanna get married. go for it. if the BSA wants to ban gays then so be it. there's plenty of other cliques, gangs, & crews to join. the BSA has strong religious influences & if they wish to not include gays then that's that.

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Mar-23-13 8:56 PM

AGREED 100% Phil. Its sad that these gays want to FORCE ME to accept their marriage!!! FORCE THEIR MARRIAGE RIGHT ON TOP OF ME!! Gays wanna marry? There's plenty of room on Mars!!

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Mar-23-13 8:55 PM

Oh, and before any of you lib-tards say it, I don't care that psychiatrists have actually known for decades that sexuality exists on a continuum, with some people attracted only to same sex and others only to opposite sex, and everything in between, I DON'T CARE, I'm still going to just gay everyone gay or straight, because its less complicated in my mind, and much easier to discriminate against the gays!! If we muddle this up with facts, it makes it harder to know what to do with someone who's attracted mostly to opposite sex but also sometimes to same sex!, and how would be screen for this?? Forget those facts, they befuddle the whole thing!!

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Mar-23-13 8:49 PM

lotta sadness here...

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Mar-23-13 8:49 PM


I Just converted to conservatism, and you gays start your own club!! Why? Just because. Just because the boy scouts don't want you!! Discrimination is okay as long as its a long standing policy!! They have to allow blacks and that should be enough!!, but we WON"T STAND FOR THE GAYS IN THE BOY SCOUTS OF 'MERICA!!

Not in my America!!

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Mar-23-13 7:03 PM

there's another--same old-same old--who's next?

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Mar-23-13 6:57 PM

That letter was right and perfectly written. So right. If you want to start your own organization for gays that want to be leaders. I want to see how many of you want to send your boys there. Then will see just how many of you that say its ok let your boys join the gay troop.

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Mar-23-13 6:15 PM

WELL SAID 50's....

Thats right, 50's and I are together on this one, you lazy liberals! When someone disagrees with us or criticizes our viewpoint, we call them trash!!

You liberal pieces of garbage!! We call you garbage even though our god tells us to love one another, and this type of behavior goes totally against our religion!!

And when we call you trash, that makes your arguments false!!!

How am I doing, 50's?

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Mar-23-13 5:15 PM

oh, there's one------with nothing to say.

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Mar-23-13 5:08 PM

I always thought Jamestown was full of trash. I wasn't aware of how many could type.

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Mar-23-13 4:44 PM

Ask Alice when she's ten feet tall.

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Mar-23-13 4:42 PM

I think the rightwingers are keeping quiet because deep down they realize most of their statements are as stupid as alice is making them out to be.

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Mar-23-13 4:01 PM

There's another thing I want to tell you lib-tards!! My new god that I'm just now getting to know told me that you gays are sick. In fact the bible told me to kill you. He didn't tell me you can't marry, he just demanded your death. Now, I'm not going to do that, because like all conservatives, I don't really listen to what my bible says, I just change the instructions a little to something that seems more socially acceptable. So instead of killing you, I'm just going to sneer at you when I see you, and I might yell "hey you gays, quit holding hands! And don't push your lifestyle on me!" if I see you way way down the street. Then loner and I will high-five.

Thats the closest I can come to following my bible, as a good conservative.

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Mar-23-13 2:47 PM

FACT: Prefacing a false statement with the word "fact" in all caps is mighty annoying.

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Mar-23-13 2:09 PM

FACT: Gay is a choice!!! You have to choose gay or straight when you start college, on the application!! I don't care if I know nothing about genetics or biology, and am completely ignorant of is a choice, because I want it to be!!! I'm a conservative now!!

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