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Taking The Lead

TRC Employees Achieve Advanced-Level Certification For Support Professionals

March 16, 2013

Although there are roughly 75,000 direct support professionals in New York, only 14 have achieved an advanced-level certification through the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals....

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Mar-19-13 10:28 PM

I do work in direct support and have worked in different departments as well. If TRC did not put on big events like Street Jam and do events like the Walk for Autism they wouldnt be able to raise the $ they need to support the consumers. Right now they are going thru huge state funding cuts so it is a good thing they do have fundraisers to fall back on.

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Mar-17-13 9:16 PM

No, indeed STEL and Aspire haven't had their fair share of articles, I actually had to do some digging on both of them. Neither one, however, puts on big lavish parades every year nor do they put on big basketball tournaments. Both smaller organizations focus only on one thing, not lining their pocketbooks with a million different services. TRC in my opinion is too big for their britches.

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Mar-17-13 6:15 PM

MV2307, if you truly worked with some of the people, as in direct support, the TRC has to offer, like I have, you'd be amazed. They're the reason I DON'T work there any more. But of course the "negatives" are something that never get reported because it would be scandalous. Any time I ever tried to talk to administration about problems within TRC, I was accused of harassment.

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Mar-17-13 8:27 AM

I'd bet that most who complain of praise given to the accomplishment of others do so out of envy and spite. And the people complaining here easily show this trait with their history of comments.

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Mar-17-13 6:22 AM

Congrats. The naysayers are just that and will someday hopefully account for their attitudes and actions or lack there of. Organizations need publicity to allow the public to know and understand what they are doing so they can get their needed support.I believe most organization, even STEL and ASPIRE, have had their share of articles in the PJ. Keep up the good work TRC and staff; as well as STEL and Aspire.

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Mar-16-13 10:24 PM

How terrible to see all the negativity on an article like this. TRC does amazing things for people with disabilities. If you have ever worked there you would not be making negative comments, and also have no clue as to what all of their Staff do to support the people with disabilities. Congrats to these 4 ladies, I know some of them and they are amazing people! This achievement just goes to show how big of an advocate each one is for the agency as well as the people they serve.

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Mar-16-13 5:03 PM

I also know Aspire and STEL provide better services for their DDs...TRC is too big and always looking for media exposure.

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Mar-16-13 5:00 PM

I got a god education and don't need to be "Awarded" anything but the job I selected to be. Why would I be a jealous jerk because I don't stand for media exposure for doing my job? Horray for them.

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Mar-16-13 3:45 PM

Shame on you naysayers! Ever organization needs PR and if you think what they do is EZ go try it for a few years. Think YOU could pass the course? What is it with mean spirited people when others are working to make the world a better place?

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Mar-16-13 12:57 PM

1) Create an organization.

2) Create award as the organization.

3) Give award to yourself.

4) Contact PJ for publicity.

5) Call chiropractor because hurt shoulder patting self on back.

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Mar-16-13 10:00 AM

Congratulations to the 4 awardees and TRC.

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Mar-16-13 9:42 AM

What Beened said!

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Mar-16-13 9:34 AM

Congratulations and thank you for your ongoing efforts to provide top quality care for our citizens with developmental disabilities. You are shining stars.

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Mar-16-13 8:54 AM

And you are nothing but a jealous jerk.

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Mar-16-13 8:47 AM

Looks like another "Look at me, Look what I done, I'm better than you because I am an over acheiver" moment for TRC. They're nothing more than money grubbing hogs.

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