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America Needs To Return To God

March 16, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: President Lincoln believed in the God of the Bible, and did not hesitate to speak about our nation’s accountability to Him or to analyze our problems from a proper, spiritual......

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Mar-16-13 2:29 AM

Didn't we hear this nonsense once already? We understand, some of you like your tyrant love your god who represses women and hates homosexuals and loves your

but..some of us are smarter than that....sorry...

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Mar-16-13 4:16 AM

People like kristina12 are why we are in the trouble this country is in.The NONSENSE is your response to this letter.But as you would say sorry LOL

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Mar-16-13 4:23 AM

You are so correct Randall and we need to pray for people.NICE JOB

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Mar-16-13 4:43 AM

Love God with all your heart, in spite of an absolute lack of evidence for his existence. If you don't, he will burn you FOREVER. Now THAT is Love.

PS: The church needs money.

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Mar-16-13 5:11 AM

Specifically how do we return to God, goodness, and moral sanity, and exactly when and how did we leave them?

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Mar-16-13 6:37 AM

Loving God is a choice. It's recognizing that we can't make it through this life on our own. A tyrant god wouldn't give a choice. As for homosexuality, that is also a choice. People try to disassociate themselves from the choices they make by saying every thing is a condition. Alcoholics, gays, killers, are all "powerless" over these thoughts and actions. The belief that God loves me is no less plausible than the idea that the desire to have a drink or have gay sex is a biological imperative for some.

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Mar-16-13 6:48 AM

Most of the evil done in this country has been in God's name. We need LESS religion, not more. We need more people thinking rationally, not shaking snakes.

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Mar-16-13 7:00 AM

I think they print these just to give the rabid atheists ulcers. It works every time.

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Mar-16-13 7:00 AM

Some of us don't need God. They have the Government. The Government giveth all and when no longer sustainable, The Government will taketh all away. Then people will start to pray. :)

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Mar-16-13 8:04 AM

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself. Perhaps if you choose not to believe in God and practice this then you can just practice the the second part - society would be so much better. As a believer in Christ and what He has done for each of us I would also love to see more believer do as we are admonished to in the book of James - to be doers of the Word. We need to be out demonstrating Christ's love to others - even when we may not agre with different lifestyles.

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Mar-16-13 8:25 AM

The Bible recommends loving your neighbor as yourself. Now some may say thats bad advise or whatever.

The atheist would like to point to those who are sinful and do sinful things which is a reflection of those people and have nothing to do with the Bible.

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Mar-16-13 8:33 AM

Also the atheist like to point to the old testament which is history and J e w i s h law. Jesus was born and the new testament was recorded and fulfilled the law.

Jesus commanded we love our neighbor as ourselves. Since no one is sinless, not everyone will do it.

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Mar-16-13 8:41 AM

Many believe in God and use the teachings of the bible to guide their lives.

Others would rather allow the governor and mayor Bloomberg to control their lives and depend on the government for their safety, food, and well being. "Interesting"

Food for thought--- do you pray regularly

Do you not believe in God--- Don't pray as a rule----but have been in a situation where you were so sick or in trouble so deep you didn't know where to turn and said a little prayer, perhaps with a promise to change if you could just get a little help----just in case there was a superior being?

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Mar-16-13 8:44 AM

Where's the evidence that most of the evil done in this country has been done in God's name?

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Mar-16-13 8:44 AM

I would like everyone to notice the aggression and hate toward those who believe in God.

One says most evil is done in Gods name. Im sure that the hundreds of murders and crimes against others done every day are in Gods name. You must be joking.

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Mar-16-13 9:15 AM

No joke sueanne...just ignorance.

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Mar-16-13 9:46 AM

MacNizzle STFU! Drivel is what you are writing. I believe in God the Almighty but the rest is all of your OPINION! You do not speak ex cathedra nor are ANY of you learned/credentialed enough to write authoritatively on these issues. As a credentialed and certified person I respond: Although this nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles we are not a Christian nor a theist nation in 2013. However, if you stated instead we need to return to the general moral values espoused through religious writings of God/Jesus. I can support this. But the absolute drivel here is nothing except Garbage being spewed. Yes, I am a practicing Roman Catholic, but I am not an uncredentialed conservative espousing beliefs based on my readin' da bible. Learn first, formal education would help.

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Mar-16-13 10:51 AM

A credentialed and certified practicing Catholic with a mouth like that? BS.

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Mar-16-13 10:53 AM

Poor mc used the h word without proper reverence. See what comes unglued?

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Mar-16-13 10:57 AM

If our society had more adherence to the Judeo-Christian way of life, there no doubt would be less violence, murders, crime, debauchery, etc. People no longer teach their children this way. The lack of manners and respect is epidemic.

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Mar-16-13 11:05 AM

Actually, Kristina12, the teachings in the Bible are the exact opposite from what your post says. As Christians we are taught to love and respect EVERYONE, irregardless of their faith, sexual preference, gender, skin color. It follows the teachings in the Bible where God sets the examples for mere mortals to emulate.

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Mar-16-13 12:03 PM

Gods word and the holy spirits teachings will always be above any sinful human word reguardless if its in a class room or not. To believe anything else simply shows ones disrespect for the word of God.

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Mar-16-13 12:21 PM

"The evolution of Man" The oceans swirled and threw some fish on shore. Some fish grew legs and migrated inland. Monkeys were soon born and they threw feces on the ground thus fertilizing the Earth. George Bush was born. If in fact Christ ever does come back the very first thing he will say is: "Hey guys... I really didn't want you to take me literally!!!!"

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Mar-16-13 12:35 PM

Just more hate :)

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Mar-16-13 12:50 PM

The "REASON" this country is in so much trouble is that it believes in the traditional brainwashing by the so called Christian population. They believe in forcing their beliefs down people's throats, no matter how wrong they may be. They spew hatered, treats women like they're second rate people --> If there weren't anti discrimination laws in this country today there wouldn't be any women pastors. And imagine that...a God that has to be a MAN and create creatures in HIS image and gives that creature dominion over others. Why is that? Funny though how our fam has gone without serving a hallucination for many years and we turned out ok. We don't need God, nor do we need to return to him!

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