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Southwestern Board Discusses Tax Levy Increase

March 13, 2013

With the gap elimination adjustment hanging heavy over its budget, the Southwestern Central School District’s tax levy now has the potential to increase 5.93 percent more than the 2012-13 tax levy....

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May-28-13 1:26 PM



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May-28-13 1:26 PM


Yes I do have some stats from the State of NY Health department for LIVE Abortions. In other words, the baby was alive before entering the clinic and was murdered and then tossed in the garbage ( so to speak)

There were 270 abortions in our Abortion Clinics from 2000-2009.

There are NO LAWS stating that clinics need to report how many abortions are performed. By some estimates they believe only 1 in 10 abortions are reported. So 2,700 in a 10 year period is believed to be accurate.

Doing the math, consider that number to be static then over the past 30 years there have been over 8000 abortion. (This does not cover the Day After Pill either).

If the average woman has 2 kids by the time they are 30 then the number of missing kids escalates to a staggering 810 kids MISSING or not being born. (averaging 270 abortions a year times 3) I multiplied this by 3 because the Baby was aborted (1) and never had the (2) kids.

Enrollment is down because 10,000 students ne

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Mar-14-13 11:50 AM

No one seems to be addressing the fact my theory as to why enrollment is down by 400 is due to abortion.

It's a mathematical equation that gets worse as time goes on to.

If Jenny is 18 and has an abortion then jennies kid number 1 is not born and so 5 years later you have no student.

so in a period of just 18 years at 10 abortions a year your down 180 students right there. However the average birth rate is around 2 so your really cutting down on twice as many students in a 25 year period and abortion has been legal for 40 years with over 5 Million students no longer in schools.

How many students would the aborted students created in 40 years?

Statistics show that the population of the usa is to grow by 24% in 40 years. So we have lost 5 million to abortion and another 1.5 Million to population growth for a total of 6.2 Million students lost in the usa.

This alone should be alarming but for some reason no one factors the loss of students to abortion. Not politica

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Mar-14-13 11:40 AM


Ok lets not argue over semantics and use your numbers for 50K for a teachers salary and say age 55 for retirement.

Assume tier ONE retirement and the retired teacher has been retired since...say the year 2013.

In retirement at tier 1 the teacher gets 3800 a month for 45,000 a year retirement. There are teachers that get this - not management- teachers

My point is, they are paying your wife 50,000 a year and they are paying the teacher 50,000 a year. That is 100,000 combined that the TAXPAYERS are paying.

My point is, for every ONE Teacher's Job at Southwestern the taxpayers are paying for ATLEAST 1 retired teacher and sometimes 2 if someone moved into our area from another district shortly after another teacher retired. IN that case were paying 150,000 for the teaching spot.

See my point? We as taxpayers must honor our agreements that the politicians made previous to our birth. Were in Debt Before were even born at least until teachers pay their retirem

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Mar-14-13 8:07 AM

george and his wife make a total of @$255,000 per year for part-time work. it is way out of hand for these blood sucking leeches. fire the school board for allowing this. the president of the school board works in the chautauqua county welfare fraud dept, maybe he should look at himself.

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Mar-14-13 3:19 AM

time to cut, these jerks are so overpaid it aint funny. corrupt unions, and more corrupt board members and administration has led to this. i will never pay more than im paying now, NO MORE TAXES'

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Mar-13-13 10:52 PM

My wife teaches and is 46 and would retire if your facts were even correct. She has taught 20 years and is making 50 k so I have no idea where the 100,000 dollars teachers are...must be administrators that you are talking about...

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Mar-13-13 10:50 PM

So misinformed black watch that you are really in the dark......a teacher can not collect on a pension until they are 55.... The taxpayer is paying nothing after they retire .....learn the facts before you spout about things you know little about

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Mar-13-13 8:15 PM


Are you aware that there are 8 wonderful places where the very kids your trying to teach in the schools can go for these abortions in the Jamestown area?

Abortions are more readily available to teenage girls than any other procedure.

So, there you have it, just 20 abortions a year for 20 years and your down 400 students.

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Mar-13-13 4:55 PM

The reason they have 400 less students is not because abortions it is because people are moving out of new york the taxes are way out hand here.

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Mar-13-13 3:16 PM

So, after 3 "Cycles" of 25 years = 75 years the first retired person and the second retired person should be dead.

That means there will be 140,000 bucks for every teaching position in the state of NY to reintroduce for the benifits of the students again. But as I said before, we will not see that until every one in the NY State retirement program is transferred to the 401K program. that will take, 75 years.

So for the next 75 years our taxes need to increase to cover inflation and pensions.

IF your looking for someone to can't find it. This is just the mess were in because of abortions. Yeah I said abortions. That's where askwhy's comment comes in regarding the drop of students by 400. So there are no new students if you abort them all and then there are no more taxpayers to pay their taxes....

So in recap, every state employee should be on a 401K program and stop the abortions so there are more students. 5 Million abortions since it became legal 40 year

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Mar-13-13 3:10 PM


children that they are teaching. So the pensioner retires and they hire someone else to do their job for 50K and they are paying 70K for the retired person. Then the person working retires after 25 years and you need another teacher to pay 50K to and 70K for the first retired teacher still living, and then another 70K for the second retired teacher still living.

So the teacher's job that was for 50K a year is now costing taxpayers 190,000 doing the SAME work.

And who is going to pay for all of this? Taxpayers and Students. tax payers in the form of MONEY in taxes and the students from programs dropped or no longer offered.

BUT thing are changing because this is no longer sustainable and they know it. SO now the state should be offering 401K's and making the teachers responsible for their own retirement funds. The effects of this is the teachers need to pay into their funds. Taxpayers do not pay into my pension, why should I pay into theirs?

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Mar-13-13 2:59 PM

First off, the taxes have not gone up for 6 years the article said and a 6% tax increase is not unreasonable.

ru4real you really think that Southwestern is spending money wildly and its out of control, maybe you need to get real. You do know that the gas price for the school buss' alone increased 3 bucks a gallon.

Pensions are another reason but they are scaling them back with different "Tiers" although there are teachers pulling in 6 figures in our area in retirement funds from NY State Pension and their Social Security Pensions. Retirement age for collecting needs to be addressed as well cause you can make 70K in pensions after just 25 years of service. So by the time your 48 you can live off of taxpayers until your 62 and then really live off of taxpayers even more doing nothing after just 25 years until you die at age 90 of old age? How is that fair? that's almost 45 years of being paid over 3 MILLION DOLLARS of tax payer funds. That's a burden on the childrens

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Mar-13-13 1:17 PM

Take a look at the salaries of the teachers, principals, and administration . This is where the problem takes place. I would like to see a posting of these salaries or how do I find them so that i can post them

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Mar-13-13 8:26 AM

So let me understand. The Southwestern School district student population is down more than 400 Students since 2008, but the school taxes keep going up? We saw no savings from the campus consolidation and closing of two schools? Why does the district keep using property taxes as a open check book and find nowhere to cut unless it affects the children? How about contributing to your own pensions instead of making propery owners do it?

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Mar-13-13 6:51 AM

starting with the superintendent!!

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Mar-13-13 6:50 AM

This school system is out of control with the tax dollar , the union needs to go and pay cuts are in reason for the over blown budget with a declining populus class c school that was B.

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