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Sen. Young Responds To Accusation

Pays Back STAR Rebates In Full, Plus Interest

March 9, 2013

ALBANY — State Sen. Catharine Young, R-Olean, is responding to some of the backlash she received following a paperwork error....

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Mar-11-13 6:34 AM

Take *NOTHING* for granted in life. 101.

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Mar-10-13 7:52 PM

Bustiparty I don't want to sound rude,but I know of no other people who work harder than our area farmers. One of the few voices our area farmers have in Albany happens to be Sen.Young. I grew up on a farm and know first hand the struggles the farmers face. The things she has brought about for area businesses in the many years she has been in office are many. It helps to know your topic before you type! As far as others than farmers struggling to get by,how about the welfare to work program she helped initiate,or don't you agree with that either? If hand outs are to be given out, they should go to the small businesses to help build the work force and make a stronger economy.Then and only then a minimum wage increase. Don't put the cart before the horse!!!!!!!

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Mar-09-13 11:17 PM

You cannot expect Young to support a increase in minimium wage. She is against anything that helps those who struggle to make a living. She needs to be voted out.

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Mar-09-13 12:17 PM

Lets make this even more of a political football, since libs and conservs have to stray off topic. Young a Republican pays the money back with interest,,, Whitney a Democrat still owes back taxes from several years back !

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Mar-09-13 11:56 AM

I accept Senator Young's explanation. End of story. I sent a release to the newspapers when the story broke stating I accepted her explanation, but the newspapers didn't print it. I hope we can quickly turn our discussion to raising the minimum wage so our working poor are not so poor, increasing state aid for schools so we can lower county property taxes and fixing what's wrong with the Safe NY act.

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Mar-09-13 11:53 AM

Crooked Politicians = redundant.

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Mar-09-13 10:41 AM

And of course the Albany area assessor is HARKIN , not Howard.

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Mar-09-13 10:37 AM

kcw007 contin" "It's like the quilty party in a multi car accident trying to blame the innocent half for failing to take effective EVASIVE ACTION."

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Mar-09-13 10:35 AM

America is correct, in the case of the "regular" (basic?) STAR program (for persons under age 65 and with household incomes of less than $500,000) you sign up for it ONE (1) time only. The exemption will remain on the property UNTIL IT CHANGES HANDS. In the case of the "Enhanced" STAR program (for persons OVER age 65, which provides an added/additional exemption over the amount provided for in the "regular" STAR program), you need to renew that each year. The Albany assessor confirms that NEITHER of the Young's applied for a STAR exemption and that it was he who failed to remove the previous owner's exemption from the property at the time that his office received notice from the County Clerk that the property had been transfered to new owners (the Youngs). I take issue with assessor Howard's statement that the matter was BOTH parties fault. It's like the quilty party in a multi car accident trying to blame the innocent half for failing to take effective e

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Mar-09-13 9:53 AM

If I were Young, I wouldn't pay it. I'd make the assessor accountable. I think she took the wrong path trying to do damage control on this. When someone accuses you of something you didn't do, go on the attack. Start an investigation on this assessor and see if he is competent. Attack, attack. That's how to handle this situation. Young is just too nice a person.

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Mar-09-13 9:52 AM


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Mar-09-13 9:50 AM

I am not a fan of this gal but in this case she has done nothing wrong.

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Mar-09-13 9:49 AM

Howard - The Buffalo News reported that Harkin is a Democrat. Enhanced Star for senior citizens is the one you sign up for every year, not regular Star. Young never signed up for either.

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Mar-09-13 9:42 AM

This whole thing falls completely on the assessor. Young had nothing to do with it, As stated in another article. Holcomb (who does most of the assessing around here) does not have problems like this. The assessor should have taken the exemption off when the property changed hands and didn't. If the tax bill went to a bank, no one would be aware of the issue except the assessor.

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Mar-09-13 9:26 AM

ASSUMPTION101. Never assume things are in place. All is well. Nothing needs attention. Cover all bases. Honest mistakes. Good lessons learned. Make sure to cover your a(( so you aren't treading water at some point in time.

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Mar-09-13 8:58 AM

It's not hard to pick out the left wing nut comments on this item. I wonder if all the mistakes found on the STAR program get press publicity, or is it just those that create "news"?

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Mar-09-13 8:37 AM

I was under the impression that you had to go personally every year to sign up for the STAR program. I have a relative that does this yearly. Also, why was she so quick to blame her husband? Nobody has mentioned this. Like most politicians it sounds like she was quickly trying to cover this up. I would like to know what party affiliation Harkin belongs to, and irregardless, yes, there should be an investigation on how many other properties have falsely claimed STAR - might find out some interesting data.

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Mar-09-13 8:08 AM

All of you who are beating the gun control drum here's a reality check GUNS DON"T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! If guns are taken,then it would be knives used by people to kill other people!The list of things that people could use to kill people goes on and on. Gun control aside, Cathy Young has done a very good job for this area. This mistake wasn't even her fault,But all those who vote party lines shoulder the blame for the mess this country is in now.and that includes gun control. When are the these people going to wake up and abandon their respective parties and create a third party[independent party]inorder to put a third spoke into the wheel then and only will real change come about.You socialist be careful of what you wish for,you just may get more than you bargained for!!!!!!

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Mar-09-13 8:00 AM

Those who are so critical, I can only say step up to the plate and run for office, I am certain you have never done anything wrong - intentionally or unintentionally. I sure dont agree with everything Sen. Young does or votes on I believe she does it with a sincere heart and the majority time with valid reasons - even when I do not agree with her reasons. If we all had to agree with our politicians 100 % of the time we would live in a pretty scary world. He who is without fault please cast the first stone!!!

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Mar-09-13 7:26 AM

Sure am glad that I never made a mistake!!! Geesh!!(Democrat, by the way!)

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Mar-09-13 7:00 AM

If the Senator had a mortgage on the property, she nor her husband would ever see the tax bills because they go to the bank for payment. Give her a break. Look at all the good she has done for the county.

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Mar-09-13 6:42 AM

Harkin is responsible for the error and he should be removed from his job. His county has probably lost money because of his errors. It should not be called a honest error. I will not support Young anymore because of her positions on gun control. She was not even available to explain her position against gun control and yet in this incident is she ever available. I will encourage others to vote against her. Innocent people will be killed because of her stand. VOTE HER OUT. People who have had loved ones killed by guns should go to her meetings and have her explain her position to them face to face. Can you do that Kathy Young?

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Mar-09-13 5:27 AM

shes just another corrupt leech who will never get my vote. fire her.

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