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Sen. Young Claims STAR Exemption For Two Homes, Blames Husband

March 7, 2013

ALBANY — Since 2001, New York state Sen. Cathy Young, R-Olean, hasn't followed the rules for the STAR program, according to an Albany Times Union report....

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Mar-08-13 9:54 AM

So where's the rest of the story PJ? Late yesterday the town assessor revealed that the Young's NEVER applied for the Star exemption on the Albany property. Rather the assessor failed to immediately remove the exemption at the moment that he was informed by the county that the property had changed hands,as was HIS responsibility. His office did send out a new application to the address, something that's not done unless the office knew that the property had changed hands. The application was returned uncompleted, again giving the assessor yet another opportunity to make certain that there was no Star exemption on that parcel, but again he failed to act. At worst, the Young's are idiots for blindly trusting a public office by simply cutting a check for the amount requested on the tax bill without 1st fully researching it.

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Mar-08-13 9:04 AM

Hobby, you are correct. This could very well just be a bad mistake by the senator, but Bob Whitney did not pay his taxes for two years, had it published in the PJ and still hasn't paid them.

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Mar-08-13 8:05 AM

I honestly don't know why anybody would ever want to go into politics, whether local, state or national. No matter how much effort youve given to do good, you'll get burned at the stake when you make a mistake. I'm sure Young wouldn't risk her reputation and long state career by knowingly saving a few hundred bucks a year through STAR. Give her some grace; she's been a good ambassador for our corner of NY. Yes, it's too bad she is laying this at her husbands feet but perhaps that's a media embellishment too. Let he who has not sinned, or ever made a mistake, cast the first stone.....

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Mar-08-13 7:53 AM

Shame...Shame on you Cathy. I guess all politicans are crooked and all play the blame game. Was a sure way to lose most of your loyal supporters.

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Mar-07-13 11:24 PM

such a shame shes embarrassed and has to throw her husband under the bus for a mistake she made. doesnt want to look bad as a politician. too bad your caught. time to pay up. glad she has to payback everything she owes. take responsibility for your own actions Cathy!

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Mar-07-13 8:31 PM

That BLACK EYE has gotta sting. Don't you go to be involved with the journey ? Hard lesson .

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Mar-07-13 7:22 PM

We should fix the problem by funding schools in a different way anyhow. School tax based on property ownership is crippling this State. Get rid of STAR and the flawed school tax system.

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Mar-07-13 7:16 PM

We know her much better now. Everyone does.

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Mar-07-13 6:20 PM

Typical woman, blame it on the man. Typical politician, hand in the cookie jar. Typical Republican, crocked as the day is long....

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Mar-07-13 6:11 PM

All of you must have perfect lives..Really?? If you don't know her, just shut up and don't judge her. Politician or not...

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Mar-07-13 5:55 PM

BWAWAWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I couldn't make this stuff if I tried. TWELVE YEARS with a glaring cheat on the "family's" taxes and no audit or questions? Adding fuel to the fire had to be throwing her husband under the bus for it. Just a feign.


Oh, I had to file TWICE for my STAR in the last 12 years...

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Mar-07-13 5:03 PM

Hmm, I bet the check has already been written. Too bad Bob Whitney the county legislator hsn't written a check to cover his over due taxes. Don't you love it when they get caught. Mistake or not.

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Mar-07-13 4:31 PM

I wish we would stop voting in "nice" people and find an honest one that says it the way it is .This is our own pansy fault ....all of us.

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Mar-07-13 2:52 PM

Echo, where have you been? This paper is a very conservative republican based paper.

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Mar-07-13 2:34 PM


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Mar-07-13 2:31 PM

Wow, half a million a year, why any exemption at all. Thats crazy.

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Mar-07-13 2:07 PM

A Republican politician who abuses the law? I don't believe this. Next you're going to tell me that Iraq didn't attack us on 9/11.

Stupid liberal media.

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Mar-07-13 1:32 PM

Wow, She was the only Republican i ever liked............

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Mar-07-13 11:59 AM

What, Cathy Young screwed up? Thats what she gets for hiding the boyfriend in Albany!

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Mar-07-13 11:46 AM

always knew she was a crook

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