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Legislator: Rothner Is Wrong Choice For County Home

February 24, 2013

The following was adapted from the speech I gave on the floor of the County Legislature last mont....

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Feb-25-13 1:44 PM

Stick to your opinions Ms. Cornell. In the end, it is the right thing for you to do or what anyone can do. Everyone is sure that they are right. Only the future will show what was the right choice.

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Feb-25-13 7:22 AM

Please, spread the word and keep reminding other voters this fall of those who showed their true political colors by pledging allegiance to their own self-serving interests. Lori Cornell will run for her ultimate cushy elected office....County Clerk. This stand she's taking is to try and solidify her union voting base as she snakes her way into the job. She even closes her article with the classic union rally word "fight". Let's not reward her disservice to the taxpayers. Anyone who is not outraged at her and Whitney's game needs to pay attention. Pleas get these hacks out of office. Hoyer is a one-term wonder. Not too worried about people voting for that crackpot.

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Feb-24-13 8:11 PM

Mrs. Cornell needs to wake up and quit stopping progress in this County. All she is doing is costing the tax payer millions of dollars. Quit worrying about your Grandmother she has passed on to a better life. If my Grandmother were alive she would be a resident of a higher ranking nursing home than the County Home!! People like you have cost this County so much with regard to your childish actions your political career is over. Get a life!

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Feb-24-13 6:54 PM

The data from the Chamber of Commerce shows that four out of five nursing homes run by William Rothner have a much higher Medicare ranking than the Chautauqua County Home. If our priority is to ensure that our County Home residents have the best possible care, we should move as quickly as possible to improve the care provided by the County or sell to someone with a track record of providing better care. Costing the County taxpayers millions of dollars a year to provide substandard care seems like a disservice to both the County Home residents and the taxpayers!

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Feb-24-13 11:37 AM

Another attempt at a three-hanky presentation by Cornell. I wonder if she was crying when she wrote and mailed it. Her grandmother's situation should never be the basis for an important political decision. And then she closes the letter with an overly dramatic, flag-waving tirade that reads like a B-movie script.

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Feb-24-13 11:18 AM

While Cornell, Hoyer and Whitney continue to procrastinate, we the taxpayers lose another $250K each month this "debate" continues.

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Feb-24-13 11:05 AM

The length of time it has taken to resolve this no brainer is one reason why most people throw up their hands when it comes to politics..sad

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Feb-24-13 10:47 AM

Ms. Cornell, I can"t imagine why the potential buyer of The County Home would not pursue a law suit against you, Mr. Whitney , Mr. Hoyer, for the slanderous, inaccurate statements that you have all made regarding William Rothner who has nothing to do with the operations of His Fathers Nursing Homes. You've purposely taken statements out of context regarding William, the potential buyer and adapted them to suit your own needs. Your Grandmothers stay at The Home is a personal issue for you, not the taxpayers! We have all experienced having someone we love, in a Nursing Home, but the only care the County Home can provide is skilled care. Personally, I would chose to go to an Assisted Living where I still had my freedom and as my as my need for care increased I would chose to go to AN INCREASED level of care. The County Home, as a County Owned facility, CANNOT provide these different levels of care. READ Mr. Tranums factual article regarding William Rother! You May Learn Somethin

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Feb-24-13 9:54 AM

Come November, Bye Bye Lori, Hoyer and Whitney !

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Feb-24-13 9:44 AM

lori : you are still not getting it: EVEN IF CHARLES MANSON wanted to buy the home: it is time, for all practical purposes, to sell the home. What part of "We can not afford this" don't you understand? Are all your constituents people on TANIF and SSI?

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Feb-24-13 9:31 AM

Isn't it funny how these politician's are arguing with their constituents (Cornell here and Hoyer in a different article) about what they should want and not what they do want.

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Feb-24-13 8:30 AM

I guess Ms. Cornell's children should not ever be allowed to purchase a nursing home. Their mother ran a one star facility.

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Feb-24-13 6:22 AM

Once again Mrs. Cornell is dealing not with facts, but lies. These incidents all concern Eric Rothner, not William Rothner the potential purchaser of the CCH. Anywhere that Mrs. Cornell has turned up a partial ownership of a nursing home by William, he is part of a trust along with his four siblings, started by his parents when he was a child. He has no part in the operation of these homes. It's time for the lies to stop.

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