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Jamestown Resident Raising Funds For Brother’s Defense

February 15, 2013

A decorated combat veteran and Chautauqua County native has made national headlines after being arrested a month ago for possessing empty 30-round magazines. His brother is now lending a hand....

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Feb-16-13 1:13 PM

Minuteman where can we get on the bus? The people need more info on the bus and rallys going on. It should be posted at every gun club and shop in the area we need to send a hundred busses to Albany to wake up commrad Coumo and let him know that we will fightfor our rights. Give me liberty or give me death!!!!!

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Feb-16-13 1:04 PM

A decorated vet are you kidding me? Sheeple wake up and smell the tyrany. The Dems and left are dancing in the street.Obama using exc power to sidestep congress Obama giving our most advanced fighters and tanks to terrorists.Obama stuffing socialist agendas down your throat every day. Coumo passing laws behind closed doors at night. Sheeple if you ever needed your gun rights its now. The Dems are on a mission and if you cant see that then this country is in big trouble. Its time for the tea party and every other group that is willing to fight for your rights to come toghether and stop this tyrany before its to late..If you read the constitution the 2nd amendment rights are not to be infringed on. If you dont believe in your rights just do nothing like we have been and Obama and Coumo will continue on the Socialist republic of America.

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Feb-15-13 6:53 PM

There are a few inaccuracies in the article. (big shock) That said, I've known Nathan for over 20 years. I was his Sunday School Teacher. He has served in the Army many places in the US and abroad and this is the only place he has lived that 30 round mags are illegal. He bought them when he was living in other states and had no idea they were illegal in the Evil Empire State. He has been cooperative with the sheriff's dept. Is this really worthy of ruining someones life with 5 felony counts? If convicted he will lose his job. Yay, another person on the NY dole because of a stupid law. I'm also puzzled how being ignorant of a law in one state can be a felony and the same action in every surrounding state isn't even a misdemeanor.

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Feb-15-13 4:22 PM

We need more effort from the disabled and retired folk to fight Albany. The working guy has little time or energy.

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Feb-15-13 4:12 PM

Larry1- yes, pre-ban mags are/were legal at the time of the reported arrest. The story makes no mention of the mags' age, but *many* pre-ban mags are undated (or if they are date-coded, it is sometimes inside the magazine, making it more difficult to determine age). A 1994 or newer 30-round mag IS illegal, but they pretty much have to have a date stamp to prove their age, otherwise how can it be *positively* ID'd? Up until the recent round of "cram it down our throats" legislation takes effect on 1/15/14, pre-ban 30's are still legal to possess. Until 4/15/13, you may load ten rounds into those 30-round mags. After that day, and until 1/15/14 (when you aren't allowed to possess the mags anymore), you are only allowed 7 rounds. The brilliance is astounding, isn't it?

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Feb-15-13 2:29 PM

I have some empty beer cans out back to donate.. just take them to Tops for cold hard cash

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Feb-15-13 11:40 AM

The 6 MILLION dollar communications grant, as well as the 400,000 dollar command center/Recreational Vehicle, will help us get these bad guys!

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Feb-15-13 9:50 AM

I thought the 30 round mags were legal if they were manufactured before the 1994 ban. Is that not true?

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Feb-15-13 9:29 AM

Rep. Ortiz from NY Assembly District 51 has introduced legislation requiring ANY gun owner in NY to purchase $1 million of liability insurance. They are doing everything they can pull out of their butt to confiscate law abiding citizens guns. Look it up.

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Feb-15-13 7:31 AM

Time for Everyone to Wake Up----when the 2nd Amendment is gone, what guarantees the others will be honored. Way too many people with their heads in their ***. What happen to American self sufficiency?? Seems we folks that work for a living and supporting the people that only vote for a living...Join us in albany 2/28/13 to pay cuomo a visit. the SAFE must go down!!!!!!!!!

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Feb-15-13 7:24 AM

Although I agree in this case, no weapons, no ammunition, reduced charges are reasonable. But charges still must be brought as the law was broken. Laws are in place to "protect" the general public. If you do not agree with the laws, then work towards changing them, but they must be followed. Suppose a rifle was found, and the magazines were fully loaded with ammunition. Would this be a different story?

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Feb-15-13 6:44 AM

"when the people fear the government you have tyranny, when the government fears it's citizens you have liberty,"

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Feb-15-13 5:08 AM

Chalk another good American up to Coumos list of felons. Truly sad.

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