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JPS Was Right In Rehiring Ricker

February 14, 2013

The Jamestown Public Schools District has made the right decision in giving Ken Ricker another chance to coach basketball in the district....

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Feb-17-13 10:29 PM

And as a school baby-sitter (AKA "supervisor of in-school suspension"), he pulls a full teacher salary and benefits. Must be great to sit around and read magazines (or play on his school-issed iPad) all day.

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Feb-16-13 2:39 AM

Many of the parents complained about him to the board and Mr.Drake. But because of his winning record, the packed gym for games, and friendships with the "boys" of JPS he would be slapped on the wrist and allowed to continue coaching. Finally with the incident last year he had , the board had no choice than to let him go because it happened in front of a crowd. If people really saw what he was like at practices the would have fired him long ago, These players were high school students that should be having fun, and not be stressed out and ridiculed by a coach on a daily basis.My daughter is now in college playing sports.. and I hope she never has another coach like Ricker and the JPS board should be ashamed to have him coaching our kids again.

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Feb-16-13 2:29 AM

My daughter played for Ricker for years. He is a great coach as far as the game goes.He knows his stuff and knows how to get his players in shape. But.. she often came home from practice telling me about the ridicule and rude comments he would make to her and the other players. They had a great team yet the players couldnt stand him. He would try to motivate by pressuring the girls, and saying mean degrading things to them. It wasnt just at practice either. During games he was often carded by officials and was rude to parents. I would volunteer as a active member of the booster club and then witness his abuse. Yes he won games, but at what costs. Many girls quit because of him. I for one was thrilled when he got into trouble last year and felt he finally got what he deserved. I am not the only making such comments on this site but even if I was , wouldnt that make you wonder. This has nothing to do with playing time.He should not be coaching.

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Feb-15-13 5:22 PM

But it would have been ok for a female coach to shove a player? Would she have made headlines for the same thing? Probably not

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Feb-15-13 4:38 PM

In this case the coach would have been better off letting the girl be removed from the game then he should have removed her from the team. He would have sent a hard lesson early on in her life that she cannot disrespect the rules and get a free walk.

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Feb-15-13 9:16 AM

Madman did I touch a nerve? Maybe it is ok to me and how I speak? People like "me" like to blame everyone else for the way youth act. Your statments are very ignorant and do not make any sense because at no time did I make any reference to what you said. Despite whether you agree with me or not, he was the adult and he was supposed to show more control. No matter if it's a male or female coach and adult should never put their hands on a player. Yes we were there and yes I know the what the player said. That does not excuse what he did he even admitted it, yet your in denial that it happened. You do know it was video taped by different people right? Either way, judging by your blind unwavering support for the this coach I can see your biased to all the facts. Why dont you just have the atheltic dept. Just re-write the code to better fit you and the coach since what he has done at that game and in the past has already been accepted anyways. Facts are facts.

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Feb-15-13 7:36 AM

Wakeup you are a joke. Were you there? Because if you were apparently you did not hear the language coming out of this girl's mouth. Maybe that is ok to you and how you speak. This coach did not "shove this player hard" as you say. She had just been given a technical foul, was showing the ref no respect, and a coach is trying to get the player off the court, and difuse the situation. If this was a female coach you would have had no problem with this. It's people like you that like to blame everyone else for the way the youth act today. Keep making excuses.

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Feb-14-13 11:58 PM

Pleas show the parents who have childeren in sports, were the heck it say's "while protecting a player from recieving more fouls, a male coach has the right to shove any player." Sounds ignorant when it's put like that right? An adult is the one who is supposed to be in control at all times, especially when their the coaches. If any player is out of line, that is still never an excuse to ever cross that line and put your hands on them in any way period.

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Feb-14-13 11:52 PM

Madman you cannot be serious?? The player didn't act very lady like on the court or in front of the fans? Oh but the coach showed his manhood in front of them when he shived the player hard as*****right? What a joke. It's only a matter of time before this man's true colors come out again. You'll see!!

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Feb-14-13 9:03 AM

The Coach: a mediocre guy but a guy who has no particular agenda. Not a bad guy. The player...giver her a pass...just a teen who like any teen "goes off" once in awhile. The mom: I suspect she is some type of reprobate or social miscreant who thinks it is ok to create a Jerry Springer Moment whenever she does not get her way. I am getting tired of this human debris...

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Feb-14-13 7:32 AM

Wow, there goes Aaron again changing the subject and making his usual ignorant remarks. As for this coach, lets remember, he was trying to protect his player from further technical fouls as this young lady did not act very lady like on the court and in front of all the fans that night. Were it not for a hot headed mother who reacted unreasonably, he would not have been in that position. Welcome back coach Ricker!

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Feb-14-13 5:50 AM

The real loser is the one who would not give a repentent sinner a second chance. Apparently, he like our present leader has never made a mistake for which to ask forgiveness!

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Feb-14-13 4:49 AM

born loser

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