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Withdrawing Help Will Only Cause Chaos

February 12, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: The government should not cut programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for there would be disastrous results, worse poverty, worse crime and worse unhappiness....

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Feb-17-13 5:11 AM

Pat, why the class warfare reference. Got news for you, those rich people who earned their money, it is THEIR money, not yours or mine. I'm glad the US has a safety net for those who need it, but it is out of control. Quit thinking that the rich owe you something and are hoarding their money. The rich give to charities in ways the rest of us can't. Pat, you have probably benefitted from some of those charities.

As I said in my first post, this is an exercise in futility. Because, some of you out there believe that government can provide everything. It can't and doesn't. In the words of Margaret Thatcher, socialism works until you run out of other people's money.(and that day is very close).

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Feb-17-13 5:05 AM

As for Medicare and Social Security that we have paid into for our working lives, this too will collapse. You see, the government, you know the one, Pat, this government that you love and trust so much, made promises it can't keep. People planned their lives around the fact that social security and medicare would be there for them. But, truth is, I probably will not see a dime from either program, even though I pay in. Pat, this government that you look to to solve all of our problems spent the monies from social security on other things and they have expanded eligibility and benefits to include all sorts of people, including those whose unemployment has run out. This government has NO MONEY, until it takes it from someone who has earned it...and in the case of entitlement programs, gives it to others.

The answer is reform, so that those who are now on SS and Medicare can keep their benefits and those close to the age can get their benefits.

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Feb-17-13 4:55 AM

I know this is going to be an exercise in futility for this author, but I just can't let the lies go on. Pat, do you know what unfunded mandates are? These very programs you mentioned are unfunded into the future. Do you know what the unfunded liabilities are? Let me help you, they are at least $130 to $150 TRILLION. In other words, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the United States to keep these programs as they are right now. We can't keep growing welfare programs and giving freebies away to everyone. You see, there is this silly thing called the Law of Economics. And, no matter what anyone does, this cannot be changed. No one, not a country or an individual, can spend more money than what they have without economic reality taking over. As it stands now, the United States will never be able to repay our national debt of $16 trillion. All of this craziness will stop and it is going to be very painful for everyone.

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Feb-16-13 5:46 PM

Estimate up all the dollars put into Chicago in the last 50 yrs. That's why it's so full of law abiding geniuses.

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Feb-16-13 10:52 AM

Another person who ignorantly clings onto the silly idea that these programs work, that the poor will rise up when you give them stuff, and that the rich, despite paying for almost everything, still don't pay their fair share.

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Feb-14-13 10:56 AM

Seadog, you're looking to get into a tar baby scenario....

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Feb-14-13 6:24 AM

riderr--Another attempt awhile back by some race baiter to control the language of the country by pouting and playing victimized. Im afraid pbj believed it because somebody actually apologized for using it. It just gets dumber and dumber. Imagine MLK referring to himself and people as N e g r o e s. I spread that because I think it is a banned word. Actually it is the most correct word for a particular race. We won't even get into the hip hop/rap claims. I'll be lucky if this post isn't pulled...

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Feb-13-13 10:41 PM

First off quit trying to takeaway from the people who have worked hard all their lives and built this country. Your goverment has robbed SS and if thats not bad enough they took people who lived on welfare for any lengh of time gave them a medical cond and put them on SSI. I see people on welfare get a part-time job for a couple of weeks show me a tax check for 15,000 dollars. How do you justify that to a person struggling to make a living and having to pay in every year? The welfare mothers who have many baby-daddys running around making more welfare dependants. I wont even talk about our huge goverment and growing daily I might add. It will end one way or the other I hope Im alive to see it. One day the people will hold goverment responsible everyone will have to work or go hungry and take resposability for the 9 kids they walked away from. Because our nanny goverment will implode its just a matter of time. Then you will see chaos. Let the elderly be they have more than paid .

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Feb-13-13 9:37 PM

I'll help you out 50s4ever. "Poor" is the dumb sap who goes to work 40+ hours per week so that Mr O and his cohorts ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE can "re-distribute" what he has earned to those who have not earned it, so they can sit at home and watch Vanna turn letters all day on the 55" LED TV that they bought with the EIC portion of their tax "refund"** check. NOTE** In 47% of instances, the term "refund" is a mis-nomer. You actually have to pay IN to call it a refund. That's what poor is all about, Charlie Brown.

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Feb-13-13 9:02 PM

I just knew sooner or later that would be a question. Please look up niggardly. Do not tweet Mellissa Harris-Perry for an answer.

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Feb-13-13 8:08 PM

Did she really use the "N" word and the PJ printed it?

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Feb-13-13 7:54 PM

Yes. Techicnally SS is fluid for many more decades.

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Feb-13-13 6:08 PM

Actually, the big problem with Social Security is that money was taken out to fund the government and pay for other things (like, say, tax cuts) and replaced with government-issued IOUs. Technically those IOUs are Treasury Dept. special issue bonds saying one gov't branch owes another, which are essentially worthless. It's like someone with multiple personalities having one personality promise to repay another since it's from within the same government.

If they had been replaced with publicly held bonds, that would have been fine because those have actual value. But the special issue bonds? None. So SS was essentially robbed and replaced with meaningless pieces of paper that they're still trying to claim have value.

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Feb-13-13 5:51 PM

Yes sueanne, and it wan't just the dems either. Washington has become exactly what the founders feared it might.

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Feb-13-13 4:39 PM

Social sec has been expanded far beyond its original purpose, now were broke, thanx gov creeps.

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Feb-13-13 4:27 PM

If they couldn't transfer funds and collected the billions in waste/fraud in SS plus refused to send one thin dime to a foreign nation or foreign national until we were out of debt, we could afford universal health care.

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Feb-13-13 3:51 PM

Im a boomer and i wont be retiring any time soon, i simply cant afford it. The problem arises when a young person wants a job which normally would be there but i can not retire. Sorry.

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Feb-13-13 11:06 AM

here comes my free entertainment for today: the hate radio and fox news crowd .... keep the posts coming..

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Feb-13-13 10:43 AM

Would somebody desribe "poor" so I know we are on the same page?

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Feb-13-13 8:11 AM

With more and more boomers set to retire in the next decade, the strain on Medicare and Social Security will be too much for these programs to handle without putting undue burden on other areas of the Federal budget, unless something is done now keep them financially viable for years to come. Reforming them now can be done without hurting those currently receiving benefits. But our Gov't is too afraid to make those tough decisions for fear of losing votes.

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Feb-13-13 6:24 AM

Patsy, let me esplain something to you, k? You don't need religion for morals. If by now you don't know da diff between right and wrong, you lack empathy, not religion. Quit pushing religion down our throats. And I personally don't like the idea of someone that's elderly referred to as old. That is so wrong..Many of our elderly are as young and vibrant as we young people are.

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Feb-13-13 12:55 AM


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