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County Permit Requests Spike

Sheriff’s Office Inundated With Pistol Paperwork

February 6, 2013

MAYVILLE — The proof is in the paperwork. The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office continues to see a spike in pistol permit application requests....

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Feb-09-13 8:28 PM

Guess you weren't paying attention when Obama ran his campaign for his first election. He twice said the wanted 8 years. But, being a prog, you can make up your own facts.

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Feb-09-13 10:46 AM

Obama had the audacity (nice way of saying it)to run for 8 yrs on his first campaign. I think he knew his party's relentless lies and attack on the opposition through his media (prostitutes) and having a built in race card would pull it off. Those heroes you mentioned were not as great as your history shows them, and I bet they'd like to have a do over.

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Feb-07-13 5:26 PM

Feb 7 2013 Post Journal Editorial is probably the most misguided and unintellegent piece of garbage the Post Journal has ever printed. Since when is the 2nd Ammendment about hunting? New Editor ? Maybe New Janitor would be more accurate. I want Ms. Herbst back.

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Feb-07-13 5:19 PM

Absolute no party line here. I develop my opinions based on logic experience and observation and I'm telling you it's gunna get ugly. This country and society can not possably continue to exist in its current state. It's unraveling piece by piece day by day. It's currently in ecceleration mode

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Feb-07-13 5:16 PM

my greatest defense against tyrany shall not and will not be infringed !

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Feb-07-13 6:30 AM

It's the same as a lot of laws. You have certain rights as a citizen but those rights can be delayed, dismissed or denied by whatever ideologue is in office. monky--what makes anyone think that because they got elected for four years, they get to change the country forever ?

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Feb-07-13 12:10 AM

Monkey I've been telling you it's coming way before this election. I think you may be to young to understand why the people of this country are so up in arms. This government has exceeded the will of the people. Law abiding citizens continue to loose our freedoms and rights because of the actions of a few. Our taxes are wasted and this administration has divided the people by the workers vs the takers. The takers are winning. That's the only reason Obama got reelected. The takers outnumber the hard working taxpayers that don't want your government in our life's. You will wish you were armed

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Feb-06-13 10:57 AM

I got my NY permit several years ago, it took 10 months. I also have my permit in Pennsylvania, it took 10 days. My NY permit is "valid unless revoked". A broken promise by NY with the "SAFE" legislation. Outlaws, people who operate outside the law, do not go through this process. I think "shall issue" is good enough.

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Feb-06-13 9:33 AM

I got mine last year and it took a full 8 months. Ridiculous since I have a spotless clean record. Not even a speeding ticket.

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Feb-06-13 9:30 AM

The revolution has begun.

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Feb-06-13 8:57 AM

turn process over to private firm, cheaper and faster and more thorough.

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Feb-06-13 7:20 AM

We as Americans must Not let misguided, pathetic politicians destroy our US Constitution. We have inalienable rights and Albany and DC should leave us alone. 2/28/13 big gathering in Albany - buses running out of Buffalo area. Our message to cuomo & the usurper in chief --MOLON LABE!!

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Feb-06-13 7:09 AM

Amen to that Dexter. Very well stated, and I agree.

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Feb-06-13 6:26 AM

New York's pistol permit system is a farce and an absolute waste of resources and it is an undue burden on the applicants. I moved out of New York more than a decade ago and since then I have lives in two "shall issue states". A "shall issue" state means that if you do not have a criminal background and your references check out, you get your CCW permit. The incidence rate in "shall issue" states is lower than it is in New York. New York's system is set up to deter people from applying. New York's handgun registration is a prelude to confiscation, in-fact, confiscation was Cuomo's first desire, the SAFE act is that extremists lowest compromise. Make no mistake New York, when they get a chance, Cuomo and Gerace are coming for your guns.

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