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Officials Split On Decision To Close Area Schools

Parents Upset With Districts Staying Open

February 2, 2013

For the second time in as many weeks, an abundance of overnight snowfall forced area school superintendents to make a difficult decision....

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Feb-06-13 2:55 PM

I guess I meant that for whatever not blanchard

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Feb-06-13 2:51 PM

To Blanchard, I went to Jamestown schools back in the 60's and we had school when all others had snow days because we were a walking district. Schools were called off because of the road conditions and it was dangerous for the buses to run but we had school. Have things changed or are you misinformed.

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Feb-04-13 1:58 PM

Nice job by all schools that do not risk our kids well being.

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Feb-04-13 1:52 PM

Sherman made the correct call to close.What some people don't seem to get is on the west side of chautauqua bridge it's a different world then in the Jamestown area.So what Jamestown -VS- the west side of the lake may do mean's nothing weather wise.We get different weather then Jamestown areas do you may have a dusting in Jamestown and those of us on this side of bridge are getting pounded.The number one priority is the kids safety and as always great job Sherman School Dist.

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Feb-02-13 9:05 PM

There are snow days built into the schedules...Use them, that's what they are there for!

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Feb-02-13 6:20 PM

softballdad that was the right decision to keep your kids safe, however when you do that the kids can end up taking guff from teachers and staff and other kids for not showing up when everyone else did. Been there done that and the kids suffer the repercussions. Even though the school must honor their not being there as a legal excuse there is no law saying that the school staff has to show respect for a parent's decision. And believe me there are staff at many levels that feel they have the right to tell your kid that you as a parent made the wrong decision.

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Feb-02-13 5:46 PM

You could see at 6am that it was bad out and the roads were dangerous. For Falconers Super to say that this weather band came unexpected is a bunch of crap!!! I drive my kids to school and it was terrible!!! Shame on you for putting these little people in danger!!!

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Feb-02-13 1:49 PM

Thats why I had my daughter stay home "oldlady". I dont trust Panama to make a decision on whats best for my kid.

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Feb-02-13 11:43 AM

Ok I was on the Rt 474 and several back roads of Panama at5:30 in the morning and returned on same roads at 8:30 am. They were treacherous the entire time. At 5:30 there was drifted snow, whiteouts and the roads at certain places were very slippery. Sherman had the common sense to close but not Panama! We must demand more accountability for the safety of all the kids and staff at our schools. These reckless decisions from arrogant people that love to say "oh well that is western New York" cause stress, accidents and show students that nothing is more important than proving how tough you are. Arrogant nonsense.

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Feb-02-13 11:34 AM

Jamestown closes more because it is a walking district. The school is just under 2 miles away for my kids. I do not care what the superintendent has to say, if its nasty out mine do not go. If the school has a problem with it then they can provide the transportation.

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Feb-02-13 11:08 AM

Glad our daughter goes to Jamestown and they had the brains to close

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Feb-02-13 10:42 AM

Great post by nonew at 7:18. I think the real answer is found by the 'random' post at 9:52. That is usually the deciding factor in our world. :(

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Feb-02-13 9:52 AM

The problem is snow days are tied to money. If a district takes too many snow days then the great state of NY penalizes them with a reduction in state aid.

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Feb-02-13 9:02 AM

I heard the Randolph superintendent didn't even make it to school pretty sad lets not cancel school but I can stay home what a joke.!!!

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Feb-02-13 8:02 AM

Oh, come ON, PJ! Really?

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Feb-02-13 8:01 AM

It's one of those "damned if you do, and*******if you don't" scenarios. Probably better to be cautious, but I still think we're getting soft!!

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Feb-02-13 7:18 AM

He added: "We try to make our final decision by 6 in the morning, and we make it based on the fact that we think we can get our kids in (to school) and back home safely. Our reason for (holding school) today was that we believed we could do that."

"we think we can get our kids in (to school) and back home safely."

I would be very surprised if there are any parents who feel that we should not err on the side of caution, especially when dealing with our children.

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