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Boy Scouts Consider Retreat From Exclusion Of Gays As Leaders, Youth Members

January 28, 2013

NEW YORK (AP) — The Boys Scouts of America is considering a dramatic retreat from its controversial policy of excluding gays as leaders and youth members....

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Jan-30-13 7:12 AM

Sez you. I don't want you educating anybody. Once again, The sex of victim and predator were the same in asll the cases mentioned. That's homosexual in case ou missed it in our education. You people are not harmless. You should have to pay a tax for aids and ER visits for removals.

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Jan-30-13 5:36 AM

50s4ever, Educated you are not. Straight men molest children and gay men molest children. They are all pedophiles. Homosexual and pedophile are not interchangeable except in your world which is why you are not very educated in this area of human behavior. There is no way to educate you because you think you are right and everybody else is wrong. Hey wait a minute, are you a conservative toooo????????

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Jan-29-13 11:10 AM

I say we go to one bathroom for all and save a lot money in construction. Polygamy? Fine. Incest? Why not? Anything that feels, good, legalize it. Imagine the society we'd have. Imagine. John Lennon would be proud. Any change in society has to be good if it meets the wants of the few.lololol

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Jan-28-13 9:24 PM

Why don't the gays form the Gay Scouts and quit trying to force themselves in to a group where they are not wanted? No, that would make too much sense.

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Jan-28-13 7:34 PM

I'm intolerant because I believe in equality for all?

Tell me more about this world of delusions you live in.

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Jan-28-13 7:26 PM

Wow. Great speech. Makes me even more determined. We have somethnng in common. I want to see you take your beliefs to the grave and America be a better society for your passing. You seem so happily intolerant. Good luck avoiding that bug.

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Jan-28-13 6:32 PM

The colonial days are long past. Slavery, segregation, and the oppression of women are no longer acceptable. I choose to live in the present, and society will continue to change for the better — against your wishes if need be.

If you must, take your hatred to the grave. Let it die with you. You are an enemy of liberty, freedom, and the American Dream. This nation has no future for those who think like you.

Sleep soundly knowing you are among the last of your kind. Your friends and family may some day mourn your passing, but history will remember neither you nor your false sense of superiority.

There is no place in America for those who hold their dated opinions over the liberty of others.

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Jan-28-13 6:22 PM

What? Annual Register. I'm losing it.

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Jan-28-13 6:21 PM

Oops. National Register. Yer writing history your way. The colonial days would not have been kind to you if you came out with all this stuff.

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Jan-28-13 6:07 PM

Oppressor? lol. Sounds like a good screen name. Maybe I will use it.

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Jan-28-13 6:05 PM

I dind't see that. And I have an edition of 1776 national Register. My people came here 1621. My claim is you never admit hnomosexual rape. It's always a priest or a criminal. Gay is not a word I use. You cannot stop my thoughts regardless of what stupid laws you get passed. I have no business to interrupt, no hiring to claim discrimination against, nada. It must hurt you terribly to know I sleep very well and could care less about you. Bigot? So what? Does that pull my library card or something?

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Jan-28-13 5:43 PM

Molesting children is a crime.

Homosexuality is not.

I resent your belief that my defense for the rights of others makes me a criminal child molester.

This nation was founded on the principles that all men are created equal. That nothing — not race, religion, gender, nor orientation — may be held against another. It is this right to live your life openly that drew your ancestors to this nation.

You seem to have no compassion for those who are different from you. You would stand between others and their right to live life to its fullest. You, 50s4ever, are among the oppressors; the worst that humanity has to offer.

Shame on you.

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Jan-28-13 5:27 PM

Let's see...priest are men. They molest boys. Scoutmasters are men. They molest boy scouts. What part of that do you not get? It's 100% homosexual crime.

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Jan-28-13 5:20 PM

Not religious beliefs here sweety. You're just a bunch of pervs who want sexual deviate intercourse to be accepted by all as normal. Forget you and your high and mighty noble causes. I will not accept it, and there is nothing you can do about it. Stomp.. slam!

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Jan-28-13 5:14 PM

@50s4ever: I can play the assumptions game, too. Perhaps the funding from the Catholic Church is linked with the few, rare, allegations of child abuse within Scouts. It's not like they don't have a record for harboring and supporting child molesters.

Honestly, though, I feel bad for you if you believe others deserve less because they live their life differently from yours. I hope you find religion or something that will teach you tolerance and acceptance.

This is an equality issue. Leave your hate speech out of it. If you need to be educated in the difference between a homosexual and a child molester, please let me know. It's not a difficult concept, but it seems you can't tell them apart.

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Jan-28-13 4:50 PM

They're protesting no gays being allowed to offically partake of the scouts. Obviously those molesting scoutmasters weren't straight. But when it's offical it will be okay. Besides they will have their own stable of like thinkers. Who pushed this, NAMBLA?

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Jan-28-13 4:43 PM

That you Nancy?

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Jan-28-13 4:17 PM

Here's hoping the Boy Scouts of America take a much needed step towards equality.

Of course, if you're a bigot, I expect you to Disagree.

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Jan-28-13 4:14 PM

What's to disagree about nancy? Didn't you read the article?

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Jan-28-13 4:02 PM

Makes sense. Embroiled in scandal of homosexual molestation, they decide to officially let gay men be scout masters.

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