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Gun Owners Are Just Like You

January 24, 2013

To The Reader’s Forum: I am just an average working guy, like most of you. Not too many thing would would make me write to the paper. I like to hunt and fish, I own guns and like to shoot them....

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Jan-24-13 1:25 AM

I feel for the author, but the problem is that the letter is a straw man. No one is after the 'average joe' who owns a gun. Guns are a right, and should remain a right.

We are talking about high capacity magazines and such. Its a different discussion. You don't need a high capacity magazine to hunt, or to fish, or to protect yourself. And the technology was hardly invented at the time of the 2nd Amendment.

So, lets just try to use sense here, from both sides of the argument. Lets not construct straw men, lets just look at the issue. Citizens don't need these high capacity firearms. They just don't. And the 2nd Amendment argument is weak because they didn't exist then.

Why allow a greater amount of people to be murdered in a small amount of time, just to protect an ideal that isn't even valid?

Lets be responsible, folks.

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Jan-24-13 4:08 AM

I know Dan good honest man. You know if you pass the "AVERAGE" gun owner at the store or any where in public,you would never know. Some of us wear shirts and cap with the brand names on them. Other then that we are just like you!

In schools teachers can tell special needs or problem children and they should be flagged right there and then from future gun ownership.

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Jan-24-13 4:11 AM

You know I am so sick and tired of people in this country believing that they have some justification in making laws that pertain to others. If you really think that a 7 round magazine is going to make anyone safer than a 10 round magazine, you are a fool. If you think that a criminal gives two craps about a law, you are an even bigger fool. But worst of all, if you think your fellow Americans will ever respect your overall opinion when you want to limit their freedom, you are just downright stupid.

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Jan-24-13 5:50 AM

Dan, Great letter I applaud you. The issue that everyone seems to be missing is that we the people have a right and a duty to protect ourselves from our own government that is what the secound amendment is all about and if the government has high capacity magazines then we should as well. If you dont agree with the 2 amendment fine, forfit your right but dont try to take mine because I will and have a duty to fight to protect it.

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Jan-24-13 6:08 AM

Here we go discriminating against the "special needs" children or "problem" children. I wonder what it would be like if you were labeled as such as a child but grew up and became a normal, productive member of society but couldn't own a weapon because you were different as a child.

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Jan-24-13 6:13 AM

Boy if I can say something about the PJ though...they're slow to publish certain other kinds of letters but always #1 to collect your money, even if they feel they have to double dip...nice going. Nice way to run a paper.

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Jan-24-13 6:48 AM


When are you getting your drone?

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Jan-24-13 6:59 AM

My problem is that gun enthusiasts won't admit there's a problem and offer no REAL solutions.

People like to say "drunk driving kills people so why not ban cars?" Well here's the difference. When DWI deaths were becoming a problem, Bar owners, beer and liquer companies didn't come out and lobby against making stiffer regulations like lowering the legal level, upping law enforcement. And the majority of the people who drink didn't come out and protest these new measures to try to prevent DWI deaths.

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Jan-24-13 7:54 AM

First of all .. NONFICTION you are a fool for thinking there is any real solution crime has been around since the birth of mankind and no civilization can stop it ever you're dreaming of a Utopia the fact is human nature can never allow one, did anyone bother to look at the kids in school getting stabbed in china? Of course not because it was with a knife and its happened multiple times at elementary schools there. And as far as the question for the need for high capacity magazines and military grade weapons, when the inevitable civil war breaks out in this country because us patriots have tired of the tyranny... I don't want to shoot at our military with a single shot. Get it? The second amendment gives the people the power and ability to retaliate against tyrants effectively so that may restore the balance and power to the constitution. You go ahead and bring your knife and you're anti-American and anti-gun ideas to my doorstep and try to take my guns we'll see who wins.

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Jan-24-13 7:58 AM

Furthermore if you don't believe in our ENTIRE bill of rights move back to England where a homeowner gets in more trouble shooting an intruder than the INTRUDER. Think I'm making that up... Look up morons. Don't tread on me.

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Jan-24-13 8:29 AM

the author may be just like me, but the gun fringe are not.They support what the majority of Americans do not prescribe to, as I have made very clear.

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Jan-24-13 8:31 AM

the 6:54am comment bolsters my opinion.

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Jan-24-13 9:58 AM

DontTreadOnME74 (and others in here): good luck with that fight you fantasize about having with the U.S. Marines, Army, Air Force, etc.

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Jan-24-13 10:59 AM

I had a question for the gun-righties. Can any of you name a specific case, or give a link to a documented case, where a high capacity rifle was used by a private citizen to protect himself, where a different gun would NOT have worked???

This questions sparked almost 100 posts of temper tantrum from the righties on the other thread, but no one provided the answer.

I thought maybe i'd have better luck here.

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Jan-24-13 11:08 AM

No citizen including cops and politicians should be any safer than any other. Nor should it be more of a crime to shoot a cop or politician than any ordinary citizen.

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Jan-24-13 11:15 AM

JamestownFan your question is not relevant that is why nobody has answered it! I said in my first post and I will say again If the government has one so should I be able to if I want one. There is a very prominent jamestown citizen who owned a fighter jet.. Its the same thing.

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Jan-24-13 11:25 AM

Actually yesterday in Rochester two armed intruders were pursued out of an apartment by a tenant with an AR-15, regardless the 2nd amendment exists to fight tyranny and restore power to the constitution and the people. Nowhere in the constitution does it say you have a right to hunt or self defense. Jamestownfan you're entitled to you're opinion and I would defend to the death your right to express it however, the day you decide take it further and try to take my 2nd amendment rights away, you'll be the first person whose mouth I fill with poop to take away your 1st amendment right. and Howard to answer you're question no standing military has ever been able to defeat guerrila warfare, so I don't think the 1 million people that are currently part of the American movement will have an issue.

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Jan-24-13 11:46 AM

I own a Mosin Nagrant, Win 243 and beretta pump 410. I shoot them regularly and enjoy responsible ownership. Having said that (as a vet): If you are fantasizing about your own personal "Red Dawn" moment... note to self: a Black Hawk Gunship or Half Track with .50 cal machine guns can ruin your whole day.. hmm

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Jan-24-13 12:04 PM

I don't need a constitution to tell me I have the right to defend myself. As for taking on the military....rag tag peasants have been making us look bad for decades. I'd rather have a high cap semi auto for insurgent purposes than my snubby Colt but it will do to obtain a saw from some misguided GI fighting his own people.

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Jan-24-13 12:12 PM

Right on 50soever, duckester they'd have to find everyone first and where are they gonna park that half track? Main st in Jamestown? And a Blackhawks isn't gonna fire at anyone if they might hit innocent noncombatant Americans, because then everyone would fight. Look how long it took to find saddam in a country not much bigger than Texas? And there's still insurgency happening in Iraq so hmmmmmmmm.

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Jan-24-13 12:53 PM

poor mrinbetween. He's 'tired' of hearing opinions different from his. Tried and true righty lol.

"Actually yesterday in Rochester two armed intruders were pursued out of an apartment by a tenant with an AR-15,"

Sorry Seth, my question was a time someone defended themselves where another type of gun wouldn't have worked. You forgot that pesky part.

But great talk about poop. It almost made sense.

So, I guess this thread is no different. I asked a simple very relevent question, and I get insults, temper tantrum, and rhetoric.

Yep, true colors from the righties today. Questions are like kryptonite. Well, I'll check back later and we can count how many posts of ranting we have, and how many posts actually attempted to answer the question lol.

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Jan-24-13 1:07 PM

There is no problem with the guns or the mags or clips they have been around for hundreds of years .it's the criminal the ones that buy guns knifes dope off the back Allie these are the people you sholud be after but our government feels the need to go after legal gun owners instead make the laws harder on them .I don't see theme going after apple for making the phone that lets you text while driving or all the beer co. That make the beer that makes drink drivers that kill kids everyday,stop infringing on our wrights if you don't like guns that's fine but stop telling me what I can and can not do or have some of us have been around the world protecting the rights of outhers and you why do you feel the need to condemn what I have and what gives you the right to do this

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Jan-24-13 1:09 PM

Hey Jamestown fan don't stop with guns how bout knives like the guy on broadhead ave who stabbed the two guys that broke into his house. I could kill someone with a .22 but I think I'd still rather have a nice AR-15 with 30 rounds just in case it's dark and I miss. But hey if and when a civil war ever breaks out you make sure you volunteer to fight with your side with your pitchfork or your butcher knife and those of us on the side of the people will bring our rifles, then lets see who survives on the battlefield, ok? Well since you already have no pride or patriotism you'd probably hide in the bathroom of your trailer expecting everyone else to fight for you.

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Jan-24-13 1:10 PM

& right on que we've got our resident expert on all subjects which are subjects...

the one....the only.....

mike (lamestownfan).

i've gotta tell you mike, on behalf of every other PJ poster who is obviously nowhere near a genius as you are, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for granting unto us your infinite, divine wisdom.

in mike we trust!

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Jan-24-13 1:12 PM

can anyone else remember such a breakdown in response to such a simple question. I almost feel sorry for phyllis.

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