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County Is Obligated To Find Better Buyer

January 20, 2013

After three years at the leadership table, I recently resigned as minority leader of the Chautauqua County Legislature and have proudly passed the torch to the talented team of Bob Whitney of......

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Jan-20-13 10:28 AM

Ms. Cornell, you needed to resign as chr. Your attitude and views regarding The County Home are not acceptable, neither are those of Mr. Whitney, who is a Union Rep. and has tunnel vision when looking at the sale because he choses to save CSEA's control of the Home, Mr. Coughlin (who was terminated from County Government because of sexual harrassment issues, I would say that neither of them represent the taxpayers of Chautauqua County. Mr. Hoyer, YOU, and the rest of The Legislature who do not favor the sale, should read the facts stated in todays paper by Ms. Wright, Financial Officer for The Home. Those are the facts, The County Home can't survive as a County owned and operated Facility. Who would know better than Ms. Wright. The Home needs to be sold to preserve jobs and have it remain viable. You and your constituents are not doing The County Home any favors by voting against the sale! BE INFORMED READ THE FINANCIAL REPORT AND MAKE AN EDUCATED DECISION!

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Jan-20-13 12:05 PM

It might also be noted that Ms. Wright may lose her job when a new owner brings in his own financial people, unlike the CSEA employees that are guaranteed to retain their jobs. Ms. Wright has given a straightforward and honest assessment of the CCH finances despite what releasing those reports may mean to her personally

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Jan-20-13 12:23 PM

Lori, why don't you buy it since you so much about running a nursing home.

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Jan-20-13 6:25 PM

Maybe I missed something, but I don't think she said anything about not selling the home, but rather not to sell it to this potential buyer.

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Jan-20-13 6:26 PM

Stall tatics being used to keep the sinking ship in the water. These politicos are just putting the final touches on their legislative careers before they are voted out. Losing $8,000+ dollars PER DAY! Would you feel that there would be anyone worthy of buying this white elephant?

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Jan-20-13 6:53 PM

"Would you feel that there would be anyone worthy of buying this white elephant?"

The first thing a private owner will do is cut wages. Then they'll put in assisted-living which, as we've been told, makes money (but the county isn't allowed - by the State - to do that). So, yes, it would seem like there should be more potential buyers out there because the other facilities out there all turn a decent profit.

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Jan-21-13 9:34 AM

You are clearly not representing your district, because a straw poll would clearly show that a majority of you constituents would want the home sold to his buyer or any buyer rather than see already high property taxes increase to pay the $8K a day losses.

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Jan-21-13 10:24 AM

Ms. Cornell is simply a small-time career politician who is trying to appease her labor union centric Democrat support base so that she can run for more lucrative positions. She really doesn't give a rats behind about the quality of the buyer or the long-term viability of the Home. She is playing the game. This is her way of trying to insure party-line votes for her political career. At least we can figure out what she's doing, unlike Hoyer who is simply fuzzy-minded and unfit as a policy maker. All it takes is a few of these nuts in the Legislature to keep the County from moving in a positive direction. Nice representation, don't you think?

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Jan-21-13 12:57 PM

Residents are obligated to find a better legislator.

These union owned legislators need to be voted out of office and replaced with legislators who will do the peoples business.

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Jan-21-13 2:47 PM

Both Hoyer and Whitney won the last election by just a few votes against quality candidates. This shows that either republicans didn't bother to vote or democrats blindly voted for the democratic candidate without knowing who he was, or both.

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Jan-21-13 5:00 PM

Kabob, we know about them now...

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Jan-21-13 5:07 PM

I think hoyer, runkle and whitney are in big trouble next election, kabob, you are right about the last election being close for some of them, theres no doubt the home will be sold, either now or later after these extreme, out of touch legislators are replaced.

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Jan-21-13 6:42 PM

There's one thing that really bothers me about the Cornells. Both made a lot of noise during their campaigns about how Chautauqua County was the fifth highest taxed county in the country and something needed to be done about it. Now she has a chance to vote for something that will make at least a minor impact on that issue and she won't do it. She'll never vote to sell. She'll find fault with every potential buyer. News flash Lori: your constituents arent stupid. Enjoy your final year as a legislator.

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Jan-22-13 9:09 AM

I don't know if any of you actually read the piece. Ms. Cornell isn't saying no to the sale of the home, she's simply saying that the ONE BID received isn't good enough, especially since elected officials, democrat and republican alike, in areas where this man already owns homes say he is a major problem and they worry for the people inside those homes. This man runs the worst of the worst homes. Would you trust your family members in there? As a republican in a neighboring county with a grandmother in that home, I have to say that I am uncomfortable with this. I understand the fiscal constraints in the county keeping the home. I'm not saying the place should never be sold. I'm simply saying we owe it to the generations that took care of us to have a responsible owner take over. I don't see what's so crazy about that desire, honestly. Did any of you watch that video? Would you want your mother or aunt or grandmother living like this? I think it's a question you all need to look at.

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Jan-22-13 9:51 AM

MP1244, I can't speak for the others, but I've read the article and paid attention to the entire process from the very beginning. I understand that you're in a unique position with family in the home. And in that position you were the intended audience for the Cornell, Whitney, Hoyer and CSEA propaganda that is the video. That's a tactic in the game. They can't argue against the deficit numbers so they sling a biased view of the proposed owner to try to win support when there is little. I don't think it's fair to the people working at that home to be pre-judged that their care will somehow become substandard. You will have an option. Move your relative. The County taxpayers are running out of options, and money.

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Jan-22-13 9:55 AM

Ok, Hacksbgone, I have a question for you then. If there were a construction project in the area, and only one bid was received, yet that bid seemed a bit high or suspicious... wouldn't you seek additional bids? That isn't a good sign, and frankly, no responsible person should ever take the one bid. I know that personally that always rings suspect to me. Wouldn't the responsible thing be to take the time to attract additional bids to make the system competitive and also get the best care possible for those people?

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Jan-22-13 9:59 AM

MP1244, That is not of her concern. Cornell does not represent the residents of the county home. SHE REPRESENTS THE VOTING TAX PAYERS! She is stepping way beyond her responsibility and she stepping further away from her district. The home is already 1 star home. A change to private owners would be best for everyone.

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Jan-22-13 10:14 AM

Mr. Rothner is a good owner as evidenced by the other homes he owns. Mrs. Cornell is trying to link him to other members of his family that have had problems in the past. Mrs. Cornell is attempting to play both sides of the fence. While not saying she would vote to sell the home, she safely stands behind a position of finding another buyer when she knows that there isn't another buyer.

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Jan-22-13 10:15 AM

Whitney is an IBEW president so we know where his loyalties lie.

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Jan-22-13 11:01 AM

We all answer for the choices we make at some point. Let's hope your loved ones are never in the position mine is. But if we know anything, it's that things always come full circle.

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Jan-22-13 11:24 AM

As an avowed and unapologetic Socialist I really have an affinity toward folks willing to go against the grain and stand up for their principals. In this case however even if Satan himself wanted to buy the County Home it would still be a very clear "no brainier" My hunch is that Ms. Cornell and her spouse have never had a real job. A very wise man once said "politics is the last resort of a scoundrel" hmm

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Jan-22-13 12:28 PM

Duckster, you would be correct on the job question. Both Cornells have only had political jobs.

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Jan-23-13 6:15 AM

Everyone would be better served if bloggers were made to sign their names. Hiding behind blog names to carry out grudges or vendettas doesn't help any issue.

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Feb-17-13 11:43 AM

I feel all the legislators that voted against the sale of the county home should have to pay for the losses it has on a weekly bases.

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