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Minimum Wage Is Killing Capitalism

January 20, 2013

To the Readers’ Forum: Shovel ready jobs have gone the way of the dinosaur in the U.S.A. These jobs can be brought back. however, to do so, the shackles must be removed from capitalism....

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Jan-28-13 5:26 PM

Actually Scallywag I was commenting on your assertion that all you have to do is give 100% and you'll be a success. It's not true. And I hardly believe that you worked for 30 years for free. " You want what I worked 16 hours a day 7 days a week for 30 years for free." If you did who fed and clothed you? I'm retired now worked my ass off until my body gave out. Did your employees do anything to help you in your business? Did your business grow because of the hard work of your employees? If not why have employees? Were you sucking off the system while you were "working for free"? Every employee who works hard for an employer for 30 years has a vested interest in the success of the company,but in the end it's the employee who is left with nothing for all their hard work.

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Jan-25-13 11:58 AM

But, but, owe me!!! (snark)

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Jan-25-13 11:21 AM

And actually I have no idea how this joker thinks I'm a millionaire to some folks a person that owns a house a vehicle and a business is huge I'll let u in on a little secret pb. I make the least salary in my company. New guys bring home more than me. Ya know why. Think about it and get back to me. If your so smart as to how small business works the answer is crystal clear

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Jan-25-13 6:44 AM's called life. Not "who wants to be a millionaire".

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Jan-24-13 11:21 PM

Pb sorry I must not be as smart as you but I read your post three times and still have no clue what you are babbeling about. Suggestion if you don't like your job. Quit and get another or go into business for yourself. Put your house and everything you own on the line everyday or shut up and get back to work your what I call I wish I would have. You want what I worked 16 hours a day 7 days a week for 30 years for free. Come and try to take it. You will loose as usual. Sorry Phil. These people don't understand anything else

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Jan-24-13 9:26 PM

I'm not worried about you Scallywag (although pride is a sin) I was just wondering where you managed to make your millions and now that I know that you have employees that work hard do you pay them enough to become millionaires too or should they move along to better employers who will let a man give 110% in return for the high income? It doesn't really matter what job you do by your account if you give 100% effort into your job you will be successful right? So even the guy working two jobs giving 100% at both should be twice the millionaire?

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Jan-24-13 3:39 PM

It was just a matter of time before the "community organizer" talking points appeared post election. The audacity of the twice elected president, to hope that huge capitalist profit takers would perhaps hire someone, or add a few cents per hour to their employees checks, or benefit packages.

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Jan-24-13 11:12 AM

Capitalist money pays for socialist programs. Socialsm is killing capitalism as the goose that layed the golden egg.

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Jan-23-13 8:17 PM

You have to look at China because are the world largest exporter by far. Additionally we keep mentioning taxes, but what will happen if the minimum wage doesn't keep pace with the minimum standard of living. More welfare, medical assistance, prison inmate costs, in general a further disincentive for honest people to work.

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Jan-23-13 7:52 PM

Also, why do you use China as your example? boobybull, I said countries, so an honest person would consider Canada, Japan, South Korea, the U.K. and Germany as to the validity of the statement.

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Jan-23-13 7:32 PM

Really boobybull? You would only need a little effort to find out that Obama has orchestrated many thousands of new regulations each year resulting in tens of billions of dollars in red tape costs to business. And a lot of that comes out of what they can pay workers. And you want just one example of Obama attacking "greedy employers" of the many, I specifically remember him noting how American worker productivity was increasing, companies are showing profits and companies are saving the money instead of giving it to the workers. Then most strikingly, Obama continued "that is something we will address in the future". Really, think about that for a moment. Obama is going to force people to spend their money the way he, Obama, wants it spent. Spoken like a true community organizer who's spent his adult life spending other people's money.

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Jan-23-13 5:47 PM

"White men of conservative Christian belief"...You mean like the ones who started this country and turned it into the greatest experiment in freedom the world has seen? I'll take it.

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Jan-23-13 6:40 AM

PERHAPS what we need to do is adopt EVERY single Republican proposal, completly eliminate welafre-nothing at all, eliminate every single regulation on wall street & business not even a licence nor its's associated fee, eliminate all gun laws-every single one, eliminate jobs programs, eliminate federal support of education, eliminate EPA, eliminate Social Security, medicaid, and evidently medicare and lastly lets physically remover every single illegal alien. Let's see what happens to our society? Perhaps then we can really see the objectives and view of this WHITE Mens' party. It is not about America, it is about white men of conservative Christian belief. I would even say it is not American becasue what they believ is not about The uSA Citizens it is about CORPORATE America. Business First!!!!!!!!!

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Jan-23-13 12:34 AM

oh scally i'm L'ingMAO over here but dang that's harsh!

also bob i want you to know that my 1:28 post was not meant to be disparaging. maybe the MCs question meant regulations placed on you by superiors. i only say because i don't think production managers are aware of or even concerned with the wide, broad range of business regulations.

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Jan-22-13 8:11 PM

It's not just minimum wage that kills capitalism. The excessive tax monster is doing the same. If there were not so many taxes, fees, etc. we wouldn't be in this mess. I could live off of a minimum wage job maybe if taxes and fees did not apply.

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Jan-22-13 1:57 PM

bob as i'm sure you're painfully aware....i miss out banter lol.

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Jan-22-13 1:28 PM

HA! great one dog!

.."went to a production managers meeting.."

that's just it. you're not an accountant, or a business owner. you're a shift boss. you're not the plant manager. you don't deal with purchasing & regulations. you're not in quality control. you're a production manager. your job is to get the most efficiency out of what you already have. you're apples to oranges comparison seems weak. would you even know how to answer the question if you were actually in a position to answer it? maybe this is why nobody else in the room put their hand up. all shift managers.

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Jan-22-13 12:04 PM

An audience of procuction managers who look at each other and shrug their shoulders? yeah,'re part of the brave new world of Obama.

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Jan-22-13 12:02 PM

Any household cleaning product made in this country costs so much because of government regulation, agencies who have to write more regs annually or it looks like they haven't done anything to earn their pay raises, or awards heaped on them. Every department head must claim he is better than the previous one.

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Jan-22-13 10:53 AM

10:15am-10:21am and 10:23am, all great on topic points. Point already made,I believe- who working for less than minimum can afford the products they produce? Result, more unemployment, less profit for owner--everyone loses.

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Jan-22-13 10:23 AM

"other countries gain advantage over us because their companies don't have government sticking it to them like ours loves to do" right fedup, like in china where the surround the factories with barbed wire (not to keep people out, keep them in) where you have to wear a mask over your face because the pollution is so bad. Why aren't we free to do that? Darn Gbbmnt!!

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Jan-22-13 10:21 AM

Gerogia did a great job passing laws for immigrant labor in their great state. Kept all the fruit and vegetable pickers out and let all those minimum wage jobs go to REAL citizens. except no body would do the work for the pittence offered. Fruits and vegetables rotted on the vine.

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Jan-22-13 9:05 AM

oops...bad fingers

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Jan-22-13 7:24 AM

A low minimum wage didn't prevent people from buyig products. The higer uninon wages caused it and the outsourcing. Talk about disparity between the 1% and the rest....the real impact was from unions making too much for their actual worth. You can't afford unino makde products unless you have union wages. That's the game.

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Jan-22-13 12:55 AM

I just love how so many spout the Obama mantra of "greedy employers". How about considering the ever increasing costs of complying with the tax code (over 70,000 pages) and tens of thousands of new regulations just passed in the last several years. In a global economy, other countries gain advantage over us because their companies don't have government sticking it to them like ours loves to do. For instance, Coppergoat's 9:08AM post sounds like a perfect definition of Obamacare to me. And just to be clear, I never said I was against "minimum wage" all I meant was there comes a point where it causes more harm than good.

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