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Sheriff Supports Stricter Gun Laws, Second Amendment Rights

January 16, 2013

Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace knows a thing or two regarding gun laws in New York stat....

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Jan-16-13 1:21 AM

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." - George Washington

Chew on that Gerace. I used to have A great deal of respect for you, sadly it has now deminished.

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Jan-16-13 3:34 AM

First I am NOT your people Joe. It's a sad day for law abiding NYS gun owners when we are punished by big daddy NYS.Can't pass budget ever but they can take away your rights in record time.

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Jan-16-13 4:20 AM

He was referring to his officers as 'his people' not the general public. And I have a feeling Washington didnt inted 'sufficient arms' to include assault weapons. That being said, these laws wont change a thing. Murders will still happen and law abiding citizens will still keep their guns.

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Jan-16-13 5:45 AM

Besides which, Yankee, your quote is bogus--Washington never said it. It's just another example of the intellectually challenged trying to make a case for their crazy ideas. Here's the actual quote from Washington's address to Congress: "A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well digested plan is requisite: And their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories, as tend to render them independent on others, for essential, particularly for military supplies. ---George Washington's First Annual Message to Congress (January 8, 1790)

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Jan-16-13 5:45 AM

Just what is "high-powered"? There are many rounds more powerful than a .223

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Jan-16-13 6:27 AM

The new law will make no difference. Criminal-types ignore the laws.

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Jan-16-13 7:03 AM

They don"t seem to get that part of the logic CharlesK. But then they all have money, live in a nice area and have guards for their kids. They need to live our lives for awhile.

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Jan-16-13 7:28 AM

Sheriff Joe is right in the same circle as Obama and Cuomo. You can easily add Hitler, Stalin and Mao to his circle.

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Jan-16-13 8:06 AM

the hand grip is the difference between assault rifle and rifle Hek just change stock keep same gun with new description. Wow surprised Joe luvs this , reason to build on his empire to put tax-payers in for having handgrips on their rifle, you go joe.

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Jan-16-13 8:23 AM

Vote him out folks It is your right! You cant touch the senators or governor because of nyc voters but you can sure vote out our local sherrif.

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Jan-16-13 8:30 AM

Word on the street is that Gerace will have an opponent in this years election for sheriff.

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Jan-16-13 8:58 AM

Cuomo sounds like babbling fool with the silver spoon syndrome, give me power i'll give you my will.As for the local sheriff people don't dare run against his Chicago style dirty champagnes, he an his minions will get you or make you look really, really bad, it's the power he and his family has had here the last 40 years, they are entitled they think.

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Jan-16-13 9:18 AM

You folks that believe in the purpose of the 2nd amendment are just being blind sighted. First, Even if you wanted to protect yourself, other than some crazed neighbor what are youing to protect yourself from? 2nd, I would love you second amendors to stand on the street firing your gun like they do in foreign countries. You would be thrown in Jail, which leads to what? You keep arguing about our independence. Independence from what? We will never see a civil war in this country, so just take your hunting rifle and kill bambi!

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Jan-16-13 11:06 AM

This is ridiculous. Outgunned by someone who has a .223 semi-auto? I'd expect more knowledge out of a law enforcement guy. A .223 round can't even be used to hunt deer because it's so underpowered. Most police/sheriff departments go with a .308 fully auto as their tactical weapon. MUCH more effective than a .223 semi-auto. I'm so glad I no longer live in NY. Cuomo is such a grand-stander.

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Jan-16-13 11:24 AM

Time for a new sherriff. Thats all I have to say about that.

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Jan-16-13 11:31 AM

a perfect example of idiocy..

PleaseWakeUp Jan-16-13 9:18 AM

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Jan-16-13 4:07 PM

What part of "keeping guns" does not the NRA and right-wings understand. No one is taking away our "right to bear arms". But even Gerace believes assault-type weapons have no place in any home ~ as do I believe this. Oh, whoa, before you starting calling me a "leftist", I am a gun owner, pistol permit holder, and hunter. If someone breaks into my home, he/she will get a shotgun with heavy shot right square in his chest. I don't need that weapon and I gladly give up that "right" to see if I can make a difference in this crazy world.

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Jan-16-13 4:24 PM

spoken like a true democrat, take a lesson from Sheriff Tim Mueller, Sheriff Denny Peyman and Sheriff Joe Arapio. They will not allow their deputies to enfoce illegal gun control laws. They truly believe in the Constitution and the 2nd amendment.

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Jan-16-13 5:32 PM

Democrats love to pass laws but redtricting law-abiding citizens but are pathetic when enforcing them. All across this country, illegals are committing crimes and not only not being deported but turned loose on the streets and given sanctuary. 33,000 gangs, 1.4 million members in 2500 cities, many armed with assault weapons and Obama shuts down the task force that co-ordinated efforts by different law enforcement agencies. Then you've got "Fast and Furious" and not a word out of the media. Pathetic bunch of hypocrites.

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Jan-16-13 6:50 PM

You can't compare Sheriff Gerace to Hitler. He is not Republican nor Tea Party.

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Jan-16-13 7:08 PM

the declaration of independence states that government derides its power from the people and when the government no longer represents the people then the people have the right/duty to over throw it and put into its place a government that they believe will represent them. I here by declare that we NY'ers rise up and march on Albany and demand chance even if we have to use our guns to do it. If we can take over NY then the Federal Government will take notice. This state/cuomo no longer represents the people. Attend local meetings enforce and lets tell our politicians what we really think!

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Jan-16-13 9:56 PM

First, let's get this straight, ANY WEAPON USED TO KILL OR HURT SOMEONE IS AN ASSAULT WEAPON!!!!!! I am sick and tired of the "progressives" using scare-tactic language to pass meaningless laws.

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Jan-16-13 10:00 PM

To support this legislation is to equate law-abiding, legal gun owners with the murderers who committed these horrendous crimes! It is despicable, that our law makers put citizens in NY state, who have gone through rigorous background checks, fingerprinting, etc in the same category as the killers of Newtown, Webster, Aurora or Arizona.

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Jan-16-13 10:06 PM

The legal gun owner is not the problem, it is the person who cannot and should not legally have a gun that is the problem, not just to law enforcement, but to society. I think Sheriff Gerace knows that. The only part of a federal law I support is one where thorough background checks are conducted. NY state already has that, but some other states don't. This NY state law is ridiculous. 7 bullets in a magazine for the law-abiding citizen. Guess what? The bad guys will have bigger magazines with lots of bullets. That being said, none of this will curb the type of violence that everyone is so emotional over right now!

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Jan-16-13 10:09 PM

It's interesting loneriderrr, these Sheriff's took an oath to uphold the same Constitution as the President, Vice-President and all of our law makers.

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