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Coming Together

Maple Grove Votes To Merge Football Program With Chautauqua Lake

January 15, 2013

ELLERY — What do you get when you cross a Thunderbird with a Red Dragon? In the case of Monday’s Bemus Point Board of Education meeting, plenty of disgruntled parent....

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Jan-15-13 8:03 AM

I can only hope that the first game of the 2013 season will be a non-league match up between Randolph and Maple grove/Chautauqua Lake. Even combined you boys are going to have your hands full!! With Randolph only graduating four seniors off that team It should be one for the record books! By the way,It was the right decision.Kudos to all who supported it.

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Jan-15-13 9:06 AM

You know what they say about compromise, "If it's a good comprise, neither side is happy"

It's a positive step towards saving Football for both schools in a way that is as fair as can be expected, given the circumstances.

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Jan-15-13 9:20 AM

Looks like we have a challenge redbird. You might be suprised what the young athletes at MG are capable of.And whith the help of Chaut Lake...

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Jan-15-13 10:14 AM

When Chautauqua and Mayville merged their school districts some years ago, somebody, I think it may have been the kids, came up with the truly inspired team name of Thunderbirds. This brilliantly combined Mayville's Eagles with Chautauqua's Indians. Maybe there could be a movement to come up with a similarly inventive new team name.

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Jan-15-13 10:43 AM

I think people are getting ahead of themselves this is a one year trial. I think MG/CL is fine for now. I can’t speak for everyone but I know most of the MG kids don’t want to be known as anything other than Red Dragons. I know from conversations the CL kids want to keep their identity intact as well. Personally I don’t want to see any cute combination name. When most teams combine (Westfield/Brocton) one team plays under the other’s identity so this is a unique situation. At MG home games we are Dragons and at CL home games we are Thunderbirds I guess. Any one confused yet?

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Jan-15-13 10:44 AM

I wish the new combined team well in 2013...I think parents, fans and the new team members need to put differences aside and make new memories...Even with all of the talent loss due to graduation, I believe the new staff will put a good, quality team on the field...I would love to see a MG/CL-Randolph non league game...That rivalry must continue and maybe a new one can be created with Southwestern...Good luck to all, a new chapter begins!

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Jan-15-13 10:59 AM

School mergers need to be discussed more than just sports teams merging. But this is strange especially for the,kids who play football and wrestle. There will be kids from Chautauqua Lake who will be teammates.with kids.from MG, then during wresting season they will be on different merged team with Ripley and Westfield.

My other question is.does merging the team put MG into class C due to combined enrollments of.both schools?

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Jan-15-13 11:52 AM

This will be a class C team for 2013. If other class D teams decide to merge it could change the face of HS football in Chautauqua co. I don’t want to see class D go away because we have great small school football in this area. Merging schools sounds like a good idea to some but we chose a small school for our kids. As someone said on another thread many of these small towns count on these schools for jobs and a feeling of community. If you take the schools out of some of these towns there could be some damage.

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Jan-15-13 12:24 PM

Things end. But memories last forever. Thanks for all the great ones Maple Grove Football. It was a blast while it lasted. Family Forever.

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Jan-15-13 1:07 PM

Ironhorse.... In the other combinations (Westfield/Brocton and Sherman/Ripley) one of the schools did not have football at all. Here , if MG and CL did not combine they both would still have football programs. That's why we have this unique situation as you called it.

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Jan-15-13 1:31 PM

Forestville/Silver Creek will combine this year. Forestville will play for SC but had a team last year. All I was trying to say was this combination for our area is one of a kind so far. What will happen in the future is anyone’s guess. There tons of rumors of other possible mergers.

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Jan-15-13 3:35 PM

They should be county wide school system have four football teams a north team south team west and east team. This is the only way to save money...****bining in little pieces will probably add cost to the teams...this is really forward thinking ...four teams for the whole county south could be SW,panama,mg...north fredonia ,Brockton sc and forest west could be cl,Ripley Clymer Sherman west. East could be falc,frewsburg,cass...interesting?

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Jan-15-13 4:02 PM

18 Schools districts all operating separate from each other, there should be be more like 8-10 High schools County Wide. Even if it means building additions and new classrooms need to be added to existing schools to accommodate this.

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Jan-16-13 12:33 AM

Section6fan, Man, it has been a great ride...Thanks to all of the coaches, fans and especially the athletes over the years...I have met many great people because of Maple Grove Football and wish everyone nothing but good luck and hope everything works out for the new team...I think times have changed and like I have said for a couple of years,I doubt Maple Grove High School will even be around in a few years...This whole merger is bittersweet!

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Jan-19-13 7:12 PM

As for the identity problem-it doesn't have to be a problem. Westfield, Ripley and Chautauqua Lake have merged their wrestling teams to become WRCL and it has gone very smoothly.

The merger has been outstanding for the kids from all 3 schools. The kids have really MADE the team and I'd expect the football teams will do the same. This is definitely a positive move in many ways. The only thing that concerns me is what is the plan for if the proposed tuitioning of the Ripley Students to CLCS happens-then what?

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Jan-20-13 10:40 PM

You are missing the point MG doesn't want a new or changed identity. This may be something that has to happen for now because of numbers. The future of class D is in jeopardy.

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