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There’s No Business Like ‘Snow Business’

December 11, 2011 With another Western New York winter nearly upon us, we’re reminded that there’s no business like snow busines. more »»

Butterfly Unit Gives Students An Up-Close Look At Life

December 11, 2011 ‘‘Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine.’’ — Jeffrey Glassberg. more »»

Students Thriving

December 4, 2011 ‘‘Did you know that Belgrade Square is a real place? Do you know in what country Belgrade is located?’’ asked Suzuki Strings teacher Pete Lindblom to his Bush Elementary School fourth-grade student. more »»

UPK Students Learn More About Opossums

December 4, 2011 “Can you smell the cat food?” asked Bush Elementary School teacher Terry Smith to her Universal Prekindergarten students. more »»

Bush PTA Provides Opportunities For Kids

December 4, 2011 Bush Elementary School third graders from Mary Neumann-Ceminilli’s class recently met Bobby and Buddy, two horses from Crackerjack Farms in Bemus Point. more »»

Special Services Help Bush Elementary School Students With Their Individual Needs

December 4, 2011 “Let’s practice our handwriting,” said Occupational Therapist Jeanine Dearman to a small group of Bush Elementary School students. “Now, watch me. more »»

Discovering Nature

November 20, 2011 If you drove by 100 Acre Park recently you may have seen rabbits, salamanders, deer, cardinals, chipmunks and spiders photographing, writing, observing, graphing and exploring nature. more »»

Foster Grandparents Help Ring Students

November 20, 2011 ‘‘Heard. Say the word first, and then spell it,’’ said Grandma Joyce Fonti to a second-grader. ‘‘I heard it through the grapevine.’’ ‘‘Heard. H-E-A-R-D,’’ said Emma. more »»

Ring Students Learn All About Honey Bees From American Queen

November 20, 2011 “How many eggs does the Queen bee lay a day?” “1,500 eggs! “How many does she lay in her lifetime?” “Two million!” said the Ring Elementary School students during a recent visit by the American... more »»

Ring Kindergartners Use Technology To Assist Learning

November 20, 2011 ‘‘Today we will work with our word wall words,’’ said Ring Elementary School kindergarten teacher Tessa Johnson. ‘‘First, let’s swipe the iPad board clean with your finger. more »»

Advanced Learning

November 6, 2011 “Take a minute with B and B! Welcome to our show. more »»

Exploratory Classes Incorporate Math

November 6, 2011 “3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39!” yelled Jefferson Middle School fifth-graders. more »»

Local Credit Union Teams With Love Students To Help Them Learn About Math

November 6, 2011 “Does anyone know what it is called when you put money in a credit union or bank, leave it for awhile, and then it makes more money?” asked Vicky Burdick from the Jamestown Area Community Credit... more »»

Benefiting Students

October 16, 2011 A group of Jamestown High School Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP) students recently spent the afterschool hours running the Red Raider School store, which sells food, apparel, drinks and school... more »»

Using Nature Journals To Observe, Sketch And Write In Science

October 16, 2011 ‘‘Ohh, this plant doesn’t smell good! And it also has spiky tongs coming off the middle,’’ said a Fletcher Elementary School fourth-grade student. more »»

Serving Education

October 2, 2011 Walk into any Jamestown Public School cafeteria between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and you will see students eating and socializing. more »»

Facts About School Nutrition

October 2, 2011 JPS CORE PROGRAMS — BREAKFAST?AND LUNCH ¯ National School Breakfast has seen increasing participation in the School Breakfast Program ¯ 9.3 million children served daily nationwide ¯ 1. more »»

JHS Science Labs Enhance Learning Experience Of Students

October 2, 2011 “Let’s get moving and get into ‘photosynthesis’ mode,” said Jamestown High School teacher Doug Foster to his AP Biology students. “All of your supplies are here including the boiled chloroplast. more »»

Mastodon Bones On Display In New Lab

October 2, 2011 If a student or visitor looks up when they visit the new JHS science lab, they’ll see a few gigantic bones in a display case. more »»


September 18, 2011 “Everyone push in your chairs and stand up! Let’s get warmed up!” said Washington Middle School teacher Pricilla Menzies. “Let’s start with sounds. Listen to me. more »»



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