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Young Bluebirds Blossom In Spring

April 19, 2014 “A bluebird comes tenderly up to alight And turns to the wind to unruffle a plume, His song so pitched as not to excite A single flower as yet to bloom. more »»

Tourists Of The Feathered Kind

April 13, 2014 There are some things every traveler needs, regardless of where they are. more »»

A Bird In The Hand

April 12, 2014 When I was a child, I thought my family enjoyed playing cruel jokes on me every time we drove along Route 60 on the way to Grandma’s house. “Look at the deer,” they’d say. more »»

Coming Soon To A Garden Near You —Hummingbirds

April 12, 2014 One of the things I look forward to each spring is the northbound migration of ruby-throated hummingbirds. Until 1997, that meant waiting until one showed up at my feeders. more »»

Happiness Is The Spice Of Life

April 12, 2014 My third daughter and her fiance are planning for their wedding in early June this year. It follows as natural in her excitement about marriage that she is overflowing with happiness. more »»

Taking The Offensive On Erosion

April 6, 2014 Mud is the largest non-point source pollution problem facing our lakes, rivers and streams. more »»

Fare Thee Well, Winter

April 5, 2014 Dear winter, Well, it was a good visit this year. Your strong presence was both a joy and a pain, I have to admit. There were great days of skiing, snowshoeing and playing. more »»

Peregrine Falcon At Dunkirk Power Plant

April 5, 2014 How exciting that a peregrine falcon was seen at the Dunkirk power plant on March 2. Ok, here’s the dope about this super-fast member of the hawk family. First, as I prefer, we’ll cover behavior. more »»

The Many Benefits Of Planting Trees

March 30, 2014 Spring is finally here! As we begin thinking about tending to our yards, consider adding more trees and shrubs to it. Trees and shrubs add beauty, comfort and value to your yar. more »»

The Rites Of Spring

March 29, 2014 We hear about the rites of spring. These rites are ephemeral, just as spring itself is. more »»

Bird Songs Everyone Knows

March 29, 2014 Early migrants began returning several weeks ago. Turkey vultures, killdeer and phoebes were probably as befuddled by the late winter weather as we were. more »»

Swimming Pools Provide Fun, Exercise

March 29, 2014 During retirement I discovered the physical and emotional benefits of swimming laps in my local high school swimming pool several mornings a week. more »»

There’s No Place Like Home

March 23, 2014 It’s true. As much as so many people want to be somewhere else, there is no place like home. more »»

Nature Camps

March 22, 2014 As a member of the education staff, I have the privilege of going into local schools and teaching kids of various ages about natural history. more »»

Food, Glorious Food!

March 22, 2014 Humans eat meat, vegetables, fruit and sweet desserts. They wash those down with milk, water, coffee or tea, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. more »»

Environmental Protection Fund At Work In Chautauqua Region

March 16, 2014 Despite perceptions that Albany doesn’t fund initiatives in our region, New York state, through the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and its predecessor, the Environmental Quality Bond Act (EQBA)... more »»

Winter’s Icy?Hands Are Leaving

March 15, 2014 Winter is a monster with icy claws, wrapping itself around the roof of the earth for months at a time. Winter’s icy breath chills the bones and chases animals and retirees to the south to escape. more »»

Waxing: Today It’s For Skis

March 15, 2014 In Western New York this winter has been a welcome gift for outdoor sports enthusiasts. more »»

The?Earliest Wildflower

March 9, 2014 As winter stretches into March, with its seemingly endless cold and snow, walking outside and encountering blooming wildflowers seems like a dream that will never come true. more »»

Pay It Forward

March 8, 2014 Have you heard the CBS news story about the little boy who finds a $20 bill in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel? Like many of us, he first he imagines what he could buy with it. more »»



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