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Recognizing And Celebrating Earth Day

April 23, 2016 On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day, 20 million Americans launched the modern environmental movement. more »»

April Showers Bring ... Snow?

April 17, 2016 First, because it is mid-April and a few days ago it was 20 degrees and snowing, I feel that I need to apologize to everyone who spent the long winter in Chautauqua County. more »»

Sign In, Please

April 16, 2016 “How many people will be impacted by your project?” As the primary grant writer at the Nature Center, I have to answer that question a lot. For some of our projects, it’s easy to find that number. more »»

Nest Boxes For Cavity Nesters

April 16, 2016 Cold weather like we’ve had in recent weeks rarely deters early cavity-nesting birds. I already have a Carolina wren nest with four eggs about to hatch and several complete bluebird clutche. more »»

Do Coots Fart?

April 10, 2016 “What would you like to know about coots?” I asked my kids, as I started to write this article. “Do they have a butt?” my kindergartner asked. (Yes, they do.) “Do they fart?” asked my second-grader. more »»

Wash Of Green

April 9, 2016 “I wish I had spent more time learning what is out there,” a volunteer mentioned to me recently. One of a group of active hiking and biking people, she has sped through nature at breakneck speeds. more »»

Why Eat Whole Grain Food?

April 9, 2016 For a healthy diet, called “MyPlate,” the United States Department of Agriculture recommends that Americans consume enough vegetables to fill 40 percent of our plate, fruits to fill 10 percent,... more »»

Reliable Signs Of Spring

April 9, 2016 So far this spring, the weather has been totally unpredictable. One day, the high temperature reaches 70 degrees and the next it reads 42 degrees. Meanwhile, low temperatures dip into the 20s. more »»

In Their Words

April 2, 2016 Throughout our community, many people choose to give of their time freely to assist other people, organizations and projects. At Audubon Nature Center, we have a wonderful group of volunteers. more »»

Understanding The Voices Of Birds

April 2, 2016 On March 10, the first eastern phoebe of the season perched on a red maple branch outside my office window. It sang its buzzy song, “fee-bee,” repeatedly for several minute. more »»

Springtime Synchronies

March 27, 2016 A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of winter’s chill for cuing spring bud break of our region’s iconic trees and other native woody plants and expressed concerns that climate change and... more »»

Birding Fever Has Arrived

March 26, 2016 Birds. One type of animal and yet it stirs such a reaction in me — immediate, excited. The ducks are here. A flash of white from the Conewango overflow off Riverside Road — hooded merganse. more »»

Invasive, Non-Native, Alien Plant And Animal Species: How Bad Are They?

March 26, 2016 In February, I listened to Andrea Locke, the coordinator of the Western New York Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (WNY-Prism), explain that invasive plants and animals have taken... more »»

Carolina Wrens Prefer ‘Up And Under’

March 26, 2016 Since the beginning of March, dawn’s first rays of sunlight have been accompanied by loud, ringing, musical whistles. It’s the voice of a male Carolina wren, and it’s a reliable harbinger of spring. more »»

The April Skies

March 26, 2016 During early April, Mercury can be spotted low along the west-northwest horizon in bright twilight. It will rise higher each day until the 20th, when it will begin dropping lower toward the horizon. more »»

Snowshoe Hares Are Changing Their Look With The Onset Of Spring

March 20, 2016 The snowshoe hare is one of those charismatic wildlife species you think about when the snow is deep with visions of them bounding effortlessly through the drifts. more »»

A Warm Rainy Night

March 19, 2016 On any other rainy night I would be inside listening to the drip-drop, comfortable, cozy and grateful for the warmth. more »»

Watching The Hidden World Of Nature

March 19, 2016 Two weeks ago, I described vernal pools, ephemeral bodies of water that can range in size from puddles to large shallow ponds. more »»

It’s Spring Cleaning Time

March 13, 2016 The winter snowpack has melted, exposing all the litter, debris and winter traction grit that has accumulated on and along our streets, roads, parking lots and sidewalks. more »»

Spring Is Flying In

March 12, 2016 Spring is an easy season to get caught up in. The sun comes out and warms skin that has not been exposed outside in months. more »»



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