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Speaking Of Birds

February 16, 2013 Bird talk. It seems to pop up everywhere. As a naturalist, people often come up to me with bird questions, but bird talk is around me even when people don’t know me. more »»

Sally Cunningham To Speak At Native Landscapes And Gardens Day

February 16, 2013 Gardening and home landscaping sound nature-friendly, except that so many people do things that thwart or harm the natural systems that could be working for us. more »»

Celebrating Voles — Yes, With A ‘V’

February 10, 2013 Snow reveals the hidden lives of animals. It is fairly easy to follow their tracks and find hidden lairs, out-of-the-way trails, nests, beds and bathroom. more »»

Falling In Love With Nature

February 9, 2013 You do not have to be a nature nerd like myself to enjoy being outside. more »»

Dead White Birch Tree Still Gives

February 9, 2013 By Ann Beebe The top of my dead white birch tree toppled over. The cause was rotting. Folks also call this tree “canoe birch” and “silver birch. more »»

Turtles Of The Watershed

February 3, 2013 Any time I’m walking around in winter and feel chilled, I can’t help but wonder how our native fauna are managing to make it until spring. more »»

Let It Snow

February 2, 2013 It seems to me that our society is polarized on so many issues — Democrat or Republican, Microsoft or Apple and this weekend Ravens or 49ers. I am a firm believer in the “gray. more »»

Learn About Rainbows, Light Years At Your Community Library

February 2, 2013 Sunlight heats the Earth and oceans to create weather. Sunlight powers photosynthesis in plants to grow trees and vegetables. Sunlight lets us see. more »»

Watershed Actions Determine Lake Plant Growth, Part II

January 27, 2013 In last week’s column, I talked about how some species of aquatic plants grow excessively and seriously impair the use of Chautauqua Lake for recreation and affect the use and value of adjacent... more »»

American Kestrels

January 26, 2013 I think it was the coloration of the male that made me fall in love with this little falcon. more »»

Sharing A Walk With A Small Bird

January 26, 2013 Let’s talk about little birds. The smallest in our area is the hummingbird, which is about 3 3/4 inches long. more »»

Watershed Actions Determine Lake Plant Growth, Part I

January 20, 2013 Chautauqua Lake is a biologically productive lake known for its outstanding muskellunge and bass fisheries. more »»

Electricity: Enormous Homegrown Power Downtown

January 19, 2013 Who cares where electricity comes from; just plug in the TV, DVD player and coffee maker; sit down and enjoy life? I must confess electricity generation never crossed my mind since I studied high... more »»

Season Of Wonder

January 19, 2013 There are so many things that happen in winter that cannot happen in other seasons. There is no other time of the year that you can glide down mountain and slide across the snow on skis. more »»

Backyard buzz

January 12, 2013 I will never forget the summer the bees came to the yard. A goobery mass of bees hung off a branch on the red maple tree in the backyard near the bird feeder. more »»

Rare visitors from Canada

January 12, 2013 The white-winged common crossbill ordinarily does not migrate. It is quite content in the Canadian provinces and the northern Great Lakes. more »»

More Going On In Winter Than Meets The Eye

January 6, 2013 This time of year when the days are short and often cloudy, I feeling like curling up with a book in bed all day, waiting for spring’s return. more »»

Birding characters

January 5, 2013 Birds are strange and bizarre animals. Perhaps they are no stranger than people, but birds are entertaining to watch. more »»

Dead Sea region supports bountiful life, business

January 5, 2013 The Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan, appears like an accidental geographic feature. more »»


December 30, 2012 “Myco-what?” “Mycofiltration,” I said. Blank stare. “Mushrooms. Using mycelium to filter runoff from — you probably don’t know what mycelium is either ...” Blank stare. more »»



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