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Eastern Towhee Passing Through My Yard

April 20, 2013 An eastern towhee is back on my property. I didn’t see it, but heard its distinctive song, “drink your tea.” Before we talk about this bird’s behavior, let’s discuss its family, the Emberizids. more »»

Treasure Hunting

April 14, 2013 Two cars pulled up and out piled a handful of people ranging in age from grandparents to elementary school kids. more »»

Call To Duty

April 13, 2013 It was raining on and off all day, typical of a spring day in April. But despite the rain there were over a dozen people pulling invasive garlic mustard in the arboretum. more »»

Feed The Soil, Not The Plant

April 13, 2013 Early civilizations in Greece, Rome and Israel recognized crops grew better when soil was supplemented with animal blood or manure. more »»

Snowshoe Hares Are Changing Their Look With Onset Of Spring

April 7, 2013 The snowshoe hare is one of those charismatic wildlife species you think about when the snow is deep with visions of them bounding effortlessly through the drifts. more »»

Master Gardener Program Seeking Fourth Class Of Participants

April 6, 2013 The Master Gardener program of Chautauqua County, offered through Cornell Cooperative Extension, is happy to announce that they will once again be offering the Master Gardener Core Training and are... more »»

Leading Discovery Walks

April 6, 2013 I was told when I started training people how to use computers that the burnout rate for instructors was about 18 months. more »»

Grebes, Some Of The Earliest Birds On Earth

April 6, 2013 Once upon a time the Earth was mostly covered with water. Then, loons arrived. The water loving grebes were the next birds. more »»

Who’s Who In Lake Organizations?

March 31, 2013 “Why do we have so many Chautauqua Lake and watershed organizations?” This question is often asked by people living around the Lake. more »»

Go Hiking

March 30, 2013 Goal No. 1 in Audubon’s Education Master Plan is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to have positive experiences outdoor. more »»

Hocus Pocus Reverse Osmosis

March 30, 2013 Maple syrup is nature’s magic. Magic implies illusion. Prepare yourself to learn scientific explanations for three illusions regarding maple syrup. more »»

City Jewel

March 24, 2013 I’ve lived in the Jamestown area since fall of 1999, say 14. more »»

An American Woodcock

March 23, 2013 It is a ridiculous looking animal. A bill as long as its body with huge, dopey saucer-like eyes set far back on its head. It stutters when it walks, like there is a short-circuit somewhere. more »»

Rare Geese Stopping At Dunkirk Harbor, Buffalo

March 23, 2013 Canada geese are not the only geese out there. Birders have carefully checked the usual large flocks of these birds for rare species. This seems to be the year of those unusual sighting. more »»

The Ugliness At Winter’s End

March 17, 2013 Here it is yet again: the brown season. It’s perhaps the ugliest time of year. A few weeks ago, winter covered the world with blankets of white. more »»

Deer Exclosure Creates Plant Life

March 16, 2013 If you are walking down the Yellow Trail near Big Pond you might have noticed a fenced rectangular structure 8-feet high about 100-feet off the trail in the woods. more »»

What Animal Has Been Walking In My Woods?

March 16, 2013 Three weeks ago I discovered animal tracks in the snow in the woods behind my house that made a straight line under beech and maple tree saplings. more »»

Frequently Asked Questions

March 10, 2013 The staff and board of the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy get asked numerous questions about our region’s watersheds and water quality. more »»

When Cucumbers Grew On Trees

March 3, 2013 One of my favorite idle musings is pondering the way this landscape looked to the European settlers when they first arrived here. more »»

Hawks On The Road

March 2, 2013 It started last Tuesday when I saw one at Jamestown Community College. Driving back to work I saw two more. Wednesday, I spotted three along Route 62. more »»



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