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Invite Beneficial Insects Into Garden

May 18, 2013 In 2012, Cornell Garden Based Learning revived the tradition of focusing on a yearly garden education theme through our CCE county network. more »»

The Floral Reserves Beneath Us

May 13, 2013 Most of us can appreciate the value of the full complement of plants present in a diverse and varied forest. more »»

Watch A Nest

May 11, 2013 I think we should all take a vacation in spring. There is so much change each day that I feel we miss all the action sitting inside at work. more »»

Ferry Is A Gigantic Jet-Ski

May 11, 2013 Last week, a bird-watching trip with two friends, Fran and Ranjit, and 120 other birders started with a 35 mph boat trip from Port Clinton, Ohio, near Sandusky, across Lake Erie to Point Pelee... more »»

CWC Sets 2013-14 Conservation Projects

May 5, 2013 The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy has set its organizational objectives for 2013-14, which will focus on actions to address the root causes of the pollution, algae and plant problems in our... more »»

The Root Of It All

May 4, 2013 The Bloodroot is the first to make its appearance. Its fragile and ephemeral bloom is protected from the chickens by a hoop of wire and is the gateway to spring enthusiasm. more »»

The Finch Family

May 4, 2013 The finches, family Fringillidae, are seed eaters which display an undulating flight pattern. more »»

Fullfilling Needs

May 4, 2013 The Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners of Chautauqua County were recently given a substantial donation of equipment and supplies from Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play. more »»

Spring 2013 — Where Are You?

April 28, 2013 Has this been a month-long “April Fools’ Day” joke, or is spring finally here? I was a little unsure of the answer to that question when I saw my daffodils covered in snow the other morning, but... more »»

Classes Begin

April 27, 2013 “April showers bring mud” proclaimed the bulletin board in a local school. What a great take on the time-worn phrase “April showers bring May flowers. more »»

Why Do Onions Cause Teary Eyes?

April 27, 2013 When my four daughters visited this recent Easter weekend, the oldest suggested I investigate the reason chopping onions makes her cry. more »»

A Day In The Life Of An Incubating Hen Turkey

April 27, 2013 At about 7:15 on Monday morning I settled in to a comfy spot about 20 yards from the edge of the woods. My intent was to experience the migration by sight and sound from a single spo. more »»

A Frog’s Perspective

April 21, 2013 Hi! I’m Pip! I live here in the watershed with you and happen to be an expert on watershed health. We probably have not been formally introduced, but I am a Leopard fro. more »»

Birding For Bucks

April 20, 2013 I never really understood birders. Maybe it’s because I could never make binoculars work properly (or never had a really decent pair to use. more »»

Eastern Towhee Passing Through My Yard

April 20, 2013 An eastern towhee is back on my property. I didn’t see it, but heard its distinctive song, “drink your tea.” Before we talk about this bird’s behavior, let’s discuss its family, the Emberizids. more »»

Treasure Hunting

April 14, 2013 Two cars pulled up and out piled a handful of people ranging in age from grandparents to elementary school kids. more »»

Call To Duty

April 13, 2013 It was raining on and off all day, typical of a spring day in April. But despite the rain there were over a dozen people pulling invasive garlic mustard in the arboretum. more »»

Feed The Soil, Not The Plant

April 13, 2013 Early civilizations in Greece, Rome and Israel recognized crops grew better when soil was supplemented with animal blood or manure. more »»

Snowshoe Hares Are Changing Their Look With Onset Of Spring

April 7, 2013 The snowshoe hare is one of those charismatic wildlife species you think about when the snow is deep with visions of them bounding effortlessly through the drifts. more »»

Master Gardener Program Seeking Fourth Class Of Participants

April 6, 2013 The Master Gardener program of Chautauqua County, offered through Cornell Cooperative Extension, is happy to announce that they will once again be offering the Master Gardener Core Training and are... more »»



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