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Examining The Function Of Ears In A Variety Of Animals

October 24, 2015 Ears, unique to mammals, are a strange-looking appendage, especially human ears, which have irregular contours and may stick out. more »»

Autumn Energy

October 17, 2015 The fall to-do list looms. Finish scraping and painting the house. Put the garden to bed. Clean the register vents. Check the furnace. Clean the chimney. Mulch the leaves and put them in the compos. more »»

Respecting Crows

October 17, 2015 Several times each year I’m pleasantly surprised when I get a letter or email from a reader asking how to attract more crows. Such letters make me smile. more »»

Make Time For Autumn

October 11, 2015 Sometimes, I don’t take time to appreciate what is happening outside. September was a stellar month. Blue skies and abundant sunshine accompanied days of warm, dry weather. more »»

Apples To Apples

October 10, 2015 Apples. I would say that they are one of the first foods humans experience. Applesauce is a common baby food and only seems to get more popular as children add years to their lives. more »»

Man Can Rest With The Birds In A Treehouse

October 10, 2015 In the evening shortly before sunset my prehistoric ancestors in Africa where the savannah progresses into woodland walked up tree trunks to spend the nigh. more »»

A Marbled Murrelet Rap

October 10, 2015 Social media has become an effective way for interest groups to reach new audiences. So I wasn’t surprised when a Facebook feed sent me to a YouTube video promoting conservatio. more »»

Adventures With Bird Feeding

October 3, 2015 My daughter and I have a bird-feeding station in our backyard. We can see it from the kitchen windows or from the back porc. more »»

My Favorite Bird Feeders

October 3, 2015 When readers ask for help selecting a bird feeder, I’m happy to oblige. I bought my first feeder in 1978, so I’ve had lots of experience evaluating them. more »»

Marsh Secrets

September 27, 2015 There is something about a foggy morning that is utterly relaxing. The cool fog seeps into your bones and brings a calm with it unlike any other kind of weather. The world changes in the fog. more »»

Nature’s Stress Relief

September 26, 2015 There is really no way to get around stress in your life. Truthfully, there should not be. Stress is what helps us grow and change and learn new things. more »»

Home Gardeners Can Expect A Cornucopia Of Vegetables

September 26, 2015 This summer, I learned how abundant vegetable and apple crops can be produced on a community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm near North East, Pennsylvani. more »»

See Pennsylvania Elk Live Or Online

September 26, 2015 Most people know that elk, the second largest member of the deer family, roam widely in the West. Images of elk from western national parks immediately come to mind. more »»

The October Skies

September 26, 2015 Beginning in the second week of October, Mercury can be spotted low in the eastern predawn twilight. more »»

Leave The Leaves For Healthy Waters

September 20, 2015 It’s hard to believe that fall is here. But the leaves have already started to drop, and that means we’ll soon be pulling out our rakes. more »»

Book It!

September 19, 2015 Books are emotional objects. They can be associated with so many things. A treasured children’s book can fill your memory with happy moments from your childhood. more »»

Home Invasions Have Begun

September 19, 2015 Every fall, shortly after nighttime temperatures turn chilly, deer mice seek refuge from the coming cold weather by moving into our homes. more »»

Goldenrod And Ragweed

September 13, 2015 Fields throughout the Chautauqua Watershed are ablaze. One of nature’s spectacles, the fall blossoming of goldenrod is underway and will continue until the first hard fros. more »»

Nature’s Mystery

September 12, 2015 There was a nest on the ground up ahead of us on the trail. It was nestled next to a tree and hidden by ferns and flowers, but only a foot or so off of the trail. more »»

Boy Scouts Teach Science And Nature

September 12, 2015 I feel my job writing in the Family section of this newspaper is to act as a teacher to encourage the study of science and nature. more »»



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