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‘Trick Or Treat!’ At Eastertime? Well, Sure

April 23, 2014 I emptied the bag of chonk’lits, all 4 pounds of them, into the decorative wooden bowl in our front room. “You should not eat such stuff!” said my wife. I looked at her in wide-eyed innocence. more »»

‘Girls Mess With Your Head’

April 20, 2014 Fathers and daughters. After the birth of our first child, a girl, I asked an older, wiser male friend, father of many children, for advic. more »»

From Halleluiahs To Sorrow, Then Elation

April 20, 2014 Yesterday as I sat in church I could not help but think of all of the events of Holy Week. more »»

S&H Green Stamps ... They’re Still Around (And Other Deals Like Them)

April 20, 2014 Remember S&H Green Stamps? Remember getting them after certain purchases depending on if the business participated in giving them out with those purchases? Remember the box or drawer they were store... more »»

How Graduating College Students Can Stand Out In A Tough Economy

April 20, 2014 This is a piece that was originally printed in April of 2013. more »»

Editor’s Note

April 19, 2014 Today is a time for celebration in my home. It’s not technically Easter, but it’s as close to a holiday gathering as we’re going to have this weekend. We print this newspaper every day of the year. more »»

What’s In Your Purse? Money, Credit Cards, Lipstick ... A Pontoon Boat? It Could Be

April 19, 2014 I’ve never understood women and their purses. I know we need to carry a few things when we leave the house — some money, a credit card and our driver’s license. more »»

The Pit-A-Pit-A-Pat Of Easter

April 16, 2014 Whoosh! Pit-a-pit-a-pat-a-pit! That was Cody. Cody is 2. Cody was zooming from the front room through the middle room and into the kitchen. Pat-a-pat-a-pit-a-pit.... Whoosh! Ye. more »»

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Truth

April 13, 2014 The adage above seems to be appropriate (to me, at least) in view of recent discussions regarding next year’s state budget educational funding section, and connections to Common Core Learning... more »»

The Tax Man Cometh

April 13, 2014 The April 15 tax deadline is fast approaching. Every year it is the same. I start my taxes early enough, but at the last minute I am running around to get everything in the mail on time. more »»

Robotic Surgery Could Be Best Option

April 13, 2014 I can still recall my first operation in 1981. more »»

Start Your Day In A Good Way

April 13, 2014 Patty Hammond leads Family and Consumer Science Programs at Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County. more »»

Succession Planning — Building Your Talent Pipeline

April 13, 2014 Your business seems to be running smoothly. All of your key positions are filled with dedicated, hardworking peopl. more »»

Editor's Note

April 12, 2014 More often than not, I’m dumbfounded by what people find entertaining. This week, I learned a song called “#Selfie,” which I find unbearable, made a rapid climb up the Billboard charts. more »»

Chicks And Bunnies

April 12, 2014 “Ninety-five percent of all rabbits and chicks that are given as Easter presents will be dead before their first birthda. more »»

Saving The Past

April 12, 2014 My neighbor’s house is an old queen. more »»

Ask Not For Whom The Ringtone Clangs

April 9, 2014 Lawmakers have passed two do-not-call laws, one from Harrisburg and another from Washington. more »»

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Finding What Works For You

April 6, 2014 The double standard better known as ‘‘Do as I say not as I do!’’ This is a subject area many couples that I see in counseling express emphatically. more »»

Can Spring Really Be Around The Corner?

April 6, 2014 There is always a day in the spring when I notice robins everywhere. I know they do not all leave the area, but it seems like all at once they reappear. That day was last Monday. more »»

Tum, Ta Tum Tum ... Part Two

April 6, 2014 Last week I spoke of some of my favorite Lenten and other alternative meals we enjoy at home or out, many of them containing some sort of red sauce, prompting us to make sure we have an ample supply... more »»



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