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Editor’s Note

June 14, 2014 Some days, I wish I lived in an earlier time. A time without a cellphone in my pocket, social media posts to check or emails to read. more »»

Our Fathers Are Cowboys

June 14, 2014 When I was growing up, it wasn’t unusual for me to be seated at my dining room table across from a man with a turban on his head, or a Chinese national who was eating meatloaf for the first time. more »»

Some Chickens Cackle; Others Just Sit There

June 11, 2014 There are stupid chickens. Then there are really stupid chickens. This year, we have been introduced to the really stupid kind. more »»

Who’s On The Guest List?

June 8, 2014 A few weeks ago, I had the honor of spending part of a Saturday morning talking to two men whom I referred to as “Mr. Jamestowns” in a previous piece in this forum: Mr. Jim Roselle and Mr. more »»

Fashion Statements Change Frequently

June 8, 2014 The style of shoes changes more quickly than you can hope to keep up with. When you are my age you do not care. You wear what feels good and what you think looks goo. more »»

A Dear Old Friend

June 8, 2014 A dear old friend called me recently to discuss current events. We hold to similar opinions on many subjects including politics and religion. more »»

A Human Resources Startup Guide

June 8, 2014 Let’s be honest, for most small business owners or entrepreneurs who are starting a new venture, human resources isn’t at the top of their priority list. more »»

Editor's Note

June 7, 2014 I like to take a drive on a sunny day and enjoy the sights and sounds of the road. From the scenery to the gentle purr of the engine or the sounds of the radio, I find a nice drive relaxing. more »»

When Everything Falls Apart

June 7, 2014 We usually learn how to take care of things right after they first fail us. Dishwashers, relationships and cars come to mind. I promised to take care of my mother when she came to visit recently. more »»

Past Stars Can Shine As Brightly As Current Ones

June 4, 2014 Whose voice was purest: That of Placido Domingo or Enrico Caruso? We will never know. The musical heroes of my grandparents are lost. more »»

The Rest Of The Band

June 1, 2014 I have become a huge fan of satellite radio these days, especially while on long drives. more »»

Take The Opportunities That Come Your Way

June 1, 2014 Life is full of opportunities. We must learn to recognize them and take advantage of them. Often we see things come our way, but reject them. We need to learn to be more open. more »»

Editor’s Note

May 31, 2014 Through the years, I’ve become a fan of greeting cards. I like to give them to people, and I like receiving them — particularly if they make me laugh. Growing up, cards put me to sleep. more »»

In Favor Of The Family Road Trip

May 31, 2014 There is my picture of me and my brother in the back of a station wagon in 1964 on our way to California from New York. We had no seatbelts on, no car seats. more »»

Write-In Euphoria On Election Day

May 28, 2014 I love the act of voting. For most of 50 years I had to write newspaper stories about every election, so going to vote was no great patriotic march. more »»

Remembering And Honoring

May 25, 2014 It was a long winter and, so far, a short and sloppy spring, and even though the official beginning of summer is weeks away, Memorial Day seems to bring out the grills, the wearing of brighter... more »»

The Prom

May 25, 2014 Around here it is prom season or soon will be. more »»

Defining Selective Empathy

May 25, 2014 Selective empathy. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines empathy as projecting one’s personality into another’s personality to best understand the others emotions, thoughts and feelings. more »»

The Black Hole Of A Transactional Business Mindset

May 25, 2014 Perhaps hundreds of times throughout a typical workday, you are presented with an opportunity to develop relationships that will serve as a conduit for your business’s sustained growth beyond your... more »»

Editor's Note

May 24, 2014 When my father asked us to watch his dog this week, he said we should know the family beagle doesn’t hear very well anymore. That’s to be expected. more »»



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