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Editor's Note

March 28, 2015 There are currently six pairs of shoes under my desk, including four pairs of high heels, a pair of flats and a pair of leather boots. more »»

There’s Always Juggling

March 28, 2015 The other day, as I was checking out of a big box store, a young cashier apologized to me for being distracted. “The girl I like just moved to a town a whole bus ride away,” he said. more »»

Meet The Breeds

March 28, 2015 The Saturday before the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, two other dog-related events were held at the piers in New York City. more »»

Scuttling In Skivvies Away From Mud

March 25, 2015 As I look over the lid of my laptop and out my front window, I cannot yet see the pavement of the road that curves around our house. more »»

A Jade (But Certainly Not Jaded) Celebration

March 22, 2015 Today, Sally and I celebrate 35 married years togethe. more »»

Can We Dare To Hope?

March 22, 2015 Long before the traditional signs of spring appear, my allergies kick in. That was the case this past week. I have had allergy eyes as well as some congestion. more »»

The Amazing Care And Support Of Hospice Workers

March 22, 2015 Twenty-two years ago, my beloved dad passed away from cancer. Two months earlier, we sat at his hospital bedside. more »»

The Fleecing Of Our Young Adults

March 21, 2015 Imagine this scenario: You decide to co-sign a $50,000 loan for your daughter’s law school tuition. more »»

Editor's Note

March 21, 2015 There is a moment in the 2005 film “Wedding Crashers” in which divorce mediator Jeremy Grey, played by Vince Vaughn, calls his friend and colleague John Beckwith, played by Owen Wilson, into his... more »»

Southward, We Slunk; We Have Repented

March 18, 2015 Yes, yes. I admit it. I am guilty. We escaped. We fled from February, meandered away from March. We spent a few weeks in ... shudder ... Florida. Now, we’re not totally venal. more »»

It Takes An Entire Village To Raise A Child

March 15, 2015 The adage reads, “It takes a village to raise a child. more »»

All Aboard: A Recollection Of Memorable Train Trips

March 15, 2015 Through the years I have heard one conductor after another say the words “all aboard” as I traveled by train. more »»

Editor's Note

March 14, 2015 I have been waitressing full- and part-time for nine years. more »»

Hotel Pennsylvania

March 14, 2015 This is the second year that I’ve stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City when I’ve gone for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. It’s an old hotel, built in 1919, and it’s showing its age. more »»

Getting To Know America

March 14, 2015 I’d like you to take a minute to write down five things you know about Mississippi, besides the fact that it’s a good way to count to 10. more »»

What You Don’t Know Can Bite Your Wallet

March 11, 2015 Whoever said, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is a moron. That is not just my opinion. The “is a moron” part came up on a Google search of the Internet, so it must be true. more »»

Sometimes It’s Better For Some Not To Be Chosen

March 8, 2015 A short time ago, I received a summons to report to Chautauqua County Court in Mayville for grand jury duty. more »»

These Boots Were Made For: Fashion Or Necessity

March 8, 2015 No matter how you roll, boots are necessary when you live in the country. It seems like I’ve worn boots until May some years. First, it was the snow. Then, it was the mud. more »»

Editor's Note

March 7, 2015 New York City is home to nearly 8.5 million residents. That’s Chautauqua County’s population multiplied by 65, all living within 304 square miles. more »»

In Search Of A Real American Road

March 7, 2015 Once upon a time, my family drove to Florida and experienced American life at its finest. more »»



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