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A Hiatus For Common Core ... Practical Or Political

February 16, 2014 Before the very recent Board of Regents decision to modify Common Core, (and I haven’t had the chance to study the new proposals, so I reserve judgment on that part of the issue) there were news... more »»

Overcoming Paralyzing Adverse Effects Of Panic Attacks Is A Team Effort That Begins With You

February 16, 2014 Panic attacks, part two. A recent article provided a rich yet simplified down-to-earth overview of panic attacks and how the traditional psychiatric approach operates on the medical modal. more »»

Olympic Memories

February 16, 2014 When you live in the country and cannot get away the coverage on the Olympics provides a window on the world for you. In the days that my husband was farming we did not often leave this area. more »»

What Brain Drain? A Regional Business Success Story

February 16, 2014 Last week, you read about the perceived brain drain issue in our region, and what might be contributing to the loss of our skilled, educated workers who seek more opportunity elsewhere. more »»

1986: A Look Back

February 15, 2014 ‘‘What could be more hopeless than a madwoman, marrying a drunk?’’ That colorful quotation is the first sentence in the novel ‘‘Curranne Trueheart,’’ by novelist Donald Newlove. more »»

Editor’s Note

February 15, 2014 At least 20 million Americans suffer from a fear of flying, according to an October ABC News report. I had a membership in that group for most of my life. more »»

Be Good To Your Furnace

February 15, 2014 The other day I opened up my basement door and yelled down to my furnace, “Everything okay down there? Can I get you anything?” My furnace deserves some sort of lifetime achievement award given to... more »»

Shred Of Hope

February 13, 2014 The second half of season 4 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has premiered, but I have yet to watch it, and I’m not sure when I will. Honestly, I’m much more excited for FUNimation’s “Attack On Titan. more »»

Why Getting An ‘A’ In School Is Not Good Enough

February 12, 2014 Dear Grandchildren (All 16 of you), I am edified to learn that most of you are getting outstanding grades in schools, ranging from elementary schools to college. A thought crossed my mind. more »»

Services To Help Seniors With Tax Returns

February 10, 2014 Q: I hardly get any money back when I do my taxes, it hardly seems worth doing. I have a relatively simple tax return. more »»

Is Your Heart At Risk?

February 9, 2014 I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was Thursday, Oct. 23, 1969. I stood motionless, in a state of panic as I watched the EMTs perform CPR on my dad — but it was too little, too late. more »»

Love Letters

February 9, 2014 This is a perfect time to reflect on love. With Valentine’s Day — the day for lovers — just days away, love letters provided the perfect palette. more »»

God, I Love Baseball

February 9, 2014 Have you ever heard a line in a movie and know that you’ve said it before, but it seemed to sound better when the actor/actress on the screen said it? The title of this piece is a line from the... more »»

Be An Informed Consumer

February 9, 2014 This long snap of cold weather has a lot of people feeling a bit stir crazy. more »»

In Pursuit of Patience

February 8, 2014 If there is one guiding principle that seems to steer my life, it would certainly be patience — or in my case, the lack thereo. more »»

Editor's Note

February 8, 2014 In late January and early February, the Super Bowl dominates headlines across the nation. more »»

More On Westminster

February 8, 2014 They’ve added something new to Westminster this year. There’s a master’s agility championship running all day today at the piers. more »»

From Screen To Page

February 8, 2014 We are a community with an unusually large pool of talent in the art. more »»

Taking Accountability: It’s Easy, Right?

February 7, 2014 From the day we were born we had expectations placed on us as individuals, both boys and girls. more »»

Two Places At Once

February 6, 2014 As luck has it, I’ve been able to secure an in-person interview with Jim Brickman on Friday before his performance at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts. more »»



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