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Many Memories Involve Cherries This Time Of Year

July 10, 2016 When the beginning of July rolls around, I cannot help but think of cherries. My love of cherries goes back many years. When I was young, we always bought our cherries. more »»

Midway Through The Summer

July 9, 2016 If you’ve spent a lifetime here then you must remember what it was like to sit in the backseat of your parent’s car and make your way to Midway. more »»

Editor's Note

July 9, 2016 For nearly two years, I’d been driving around with a car trunk full of random items and finally decided to execute a complete cleaning Thursday. more »»

Rhiannon Celebrates 14th Birthday

July 9, 2016 Rhiannon celebrated her 14th birthday the beginning of June. She’s an old lady now and isn’t very active. She has a heart murmur. more »»

Walk, Don’t Run To This Week’s Performances

July 7, 2016 It was a marathon weekend, to be sure, but now I’m finally starting to see summer taking a more relaxing turn. more »»

Today, Mowing Is Much Less Hard Work

July 6, 2016 It takes about nine hours to mow all the grass we cut. I don’t mind. It’s easier than the hour or two I spent as a kid trying to shove a reel-style push mower through high grass. more »»

Watching The Fireworks In The Eyes Of Children

July 6, 2016 Ever since I was a kid, the Fourth of July has been one of my favorite holiday. more »»

Watching The Fireworks In The Eyes Of Children

July 6, 2016 Ever since I was a kid, the Fourth of July has been one of my favorite holiday. more »»

Day 185 (Or 186): Happy Birthday, America!

July 3, 2016 We have a habit of counting the days until this will happen, until that will happen, or until a special day will arrive, evidenced by a child telling everyone of his or her friends and/or relatives... more »»

Dairy Month History — The Industry And Personally

July 3, 2016 Before I could write about June being Dairy Month I had to find out about its history. The information that I provide here came from the site of the International Dairy Food Association. more »»

Pregnant Women Need Better Health Care

July 3, 2016 A study by the United Nations World Health Organization states that the rates of women dying from pregnancy and childbirth is rising. The study cites obesity and older-age women as main sources. more »»

Reflecting On The Memories Of My Cousins, My Friends

July 3, 2016 We look back on our childhoods and remember days when the sky and the earth seemed to be in perfect unison, certain times when life was perfect. more »»

We Pledge Ourselves To The Cause Of Human Freedom

July 2, 2016 I challenge you to read the following speech with a dry eye. It was read by President Ronald Reagan on July 4, 1986, at New York harbor. In it, he expounded on the hope that was and still is America. more »»

Editor's Note

July 2, 2016 Jim Riggs’ memory stays on the golf course. When I read his column from the ’70s about using colored golf balls when they first arrived on store shelves, I bought some mysel. more »»

Food And Fundraising

July 1, 2016 One fundraising activity of many different organizations here and around the country is and has been the production of cookbooks containing recipes contributed by the members of that organization. more »»

Don’t Stop Me Now

June 30, 2016 This weekend will present me with the opportunity to fulfill one of my all-time musical goals: the thus-far elusive “double-header. more »»

Let’s Actually Try To Herd Our Cats

June 29, 2016 Last week, I herded cats. I know, I know. Herding cats is well-nigh impossible. Our cats are usually barn cats. They are difficult to see, let alone control. more »»

Running, The Paris Review And Happenstance

June 29, 2016 I had the privilege and opportunity to meet Lorin Stein, The Paris Review editor-in-chief, Tuesday. more »»

Analyzing The Causes Of Depression

June 26, 2016 I caught part of an interview with a psychiatrist. The radio talk show subject matter was on depression. He answered questions on the subject of depression from the interviewer and call-ins. more »»

The Final Out

June 26, 2016 In 1967, at 14 years old, trying to stay out of trouble on local corners and being a big baseball fan, I heard about a 13-15 year old City Rec Baseball program starting in Jamestown that was looking... more »»



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