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Tax Dollars Well Spent

October 26, 2016 There sat Greg with a cardboard ‘Birthday Boy” crown on his head, his tongue attempting to lick the orange glob of pumpkin colored birthday cake frosting at the corner of his mouth. more »»

This Is A Wonderful Time Of Year

October 26, 2016 This past Sunday, my pastor played the last few minutes of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which sent me into a spiral of wishing it were Christmas. more »»

Recollections Of Bemus

October 23, 2016 Sometimes a pretty place is more than a place. Irish poet Seamus Heaney wrote, “I was there. Me in place and the place in me.” Place stays with us. It’s a part of us. more »»

Julie Adams Revisits The Black Lagoon

October 23, 2016 How much mileage could a studio expect from a 1954 film starring a biologist with a fascination for a secluded fishpond? Quite a bit, when the scientist is beautiful Julie Adams wrapped in a... more »»

Our Chief Executives

October 23, 2016 Well, we are living in calendar year 2016, and it marks another leap year, another Summer Olympic Games come and gone, some thought of maybe another World Championship for the San Francisco Giants... more »»

Beauty Is Only How Deep?

October 23, 2016 I acquired a pup with a skin problem. It was one of the conditions of my accepting him — “as is,” as it were. I figure we’re all a little different — unique, strange if you will. more »»

Jeans — The Original Work Clothes

October 23, 2016 I must admit that a pair of jeans is my go-to outfit. I have a drawer full of jeans in all colors to blend with my wardrobe. more »»

In Defense Of Stuff

October 22, 2016 I went up into the attic the other day, and if attics could talk this one would tell you that as I climbed the stairs, I had this look on my face that told all the stuff up there that I meant... more »»

Celebrating Halloween With Your Pets

October 22, 2016 I love fall and decorating with Indian corn, and pumpkins and I love the Halloween decorations of jack-o-lanterns, and black cats. more »»

I Came For The Food, Not The Dancing

October 22, 2016 I don’t like to dance. I’m not very good at it, so maybe that’s why I don’t like to. When I go to a wedding it is the elephant in the roo. more »»

Games Without Frontiers

October 20, 2016 We may not always realize it, and we certainly don’t always know how to see it, but there is some definite movement happening in our underground music scene. more »»

Childhood Slavery Freed By New Tools

October 19, 2016 I was an enslaved child. We all were, back in the 1940s. At Grandma’s house, we wee ones picked rocks, tugged at weeds, held stuff and moved stuff when the older folks harvested crops. more »»

Trick Or Treat: Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

October 19, 2016 In the spirit of the season, I recently introduced my daughter to the Harry Potter Trivia game my dad got me for Christmas many moons ago. more »»

Winnie And Me

October 16, 2016 Perhaps my earliest memory is of a stay at Chautauqua’s Hotel Atheneum with my cousin and our grandmother. more »»

A Brush With Poverty

October 16, 2016 Those of you who have followed this column for years know that there were numerous periods in my life when there were hard times. I grew up in a single parent home when that was anything but the norm. more »»

Stories My Father Told Me

October 16, 2016 My father died in Crystal River, Florida, on April 7, 1999, from a long battle with Parkinsonism. He was just shy of 80. In his eulogy, I called him “the Cary Grant of fathers. more »»

Going To School At Walgreens

October 16, 2016 This past summer I attended the 45th year reunion of my graduation from Jamestown High School. more »»

An Open Letter To The Town Of Busti Board Members

October 15, 2016 Sometimes the best use of this column is to give others a voice. more »»

It’s Time To Fill The Feeders

October 15, 2016 Chilly temperatures and shorter days mean it’s time to fill the bird feeders, so let me review the best foods to offer backyard birds Sunflower Seeds (best feeder - tubes). more »»

A Different Lifetime

October 15, 2016 Not too long ago I came across an old, dusty box here at The Post-Journal that contained newspaper clips of fire-related stories from June/July 199. more »»



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