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County Should Work With Local Governments

December 2, 2012 Chautauqua County is still one of the highest-taxed counties in the nation. more »»

A Struggle To Find Peace

November 11, 2012 Nov. 11 is a day to honor all armed U.S. Military veterans. The selfless actions of all the veterans are apparent as they are deployed leaving their families, friends and homes behind. more »»

Busti’s Budget Process Calls For Difficult Decisions

November 11, 2012 I was elected Busti Town supervisor in the November 2011 and currently serving my first term. more »»

Republicans Need To Reach Out To All Americans

November 11, 2012 DENVER — Many states have taken their turns in the spotlight of attention in American presidential elections. more »»

Whose Dream Are They Rebuilding?

November 10, 2012 “The Art of War,” written by ancient Chinese philosopher, Sun Tsu, has been called the concentrated essence on the conduct of war. more »»

Study Shows Hard-Hitting Tobacco Ads Work

October 28, 2012 A recent study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on the impact of graphic, hard-hitting ads that illustrate the many harms that come from cigarette smoking led researchers to a clear... more »»

Stop The Spin On Small Businesses

October 28, 2012 As someone who advocates for thousands of small businesses, I know they want fact, not spi. more »»

Political Jobs Up For Grabs

October 21, 2012 We’re hiring! That’s really what this election season is about after all. Now is the time when every eligible voter in America should be reviewing resumes and coming up with tough interview questions. more »»

Intelligence And National Security Priorities

October 21, 2012 A generation ago, in the 1970s, the U.S. intelligence community possessed the technology to discern whether or not a U.S. consulate was under attack by terrorists or by rioters run amo. more »»

President Obama And The ‘Intelligence Brief’ Scandal

October 21, 2012 The last few weeks have produced many intriguing political moments, but none as shocking as the revelation that President Obama has been absent from the vast majority of his daily intelligence... more »»

Dairy Co-Op Leadership Is Failing

October 21, 2012 For months, U.S. more »»

Continue The County Home Sale Process

October 14, 2012 The long term fate of the County Home is in the hands of the County Legislature. There is much to lose if the legislature does not proceed with the sale. more »»

Remembering Alex Karras

October 14, 2012 Alex Karras, the former Detroit Lions All-Pro defensive tackle and later a successful actor, died on Oct. 10. more »»

Sequestration Budget Cuts Will Hurt Businesses

October 14, 2012 Soccer moms. NASCAR dads. During election season, it seems like we’re not even people anymore — just voting blocks the candidates are carving up or making promises to. more »»

Agree To Disagree

October 7, 2012 The conventional wisdom has settled on the subject of this year’s presidential campaign: It’s about the proper role of government in our nation’s life. more »»

The Anatomy Of A Teachers’ Strike

October 7, 2012 Viewing the recent Chicago teachers’ strike unfold led me to reminisce about another teacher strike. It was the Jamestown Teachers’ strike of 1972 which occurred 40 years ago this October. more »»

Mitt Romney And The Politics Of Virtue

October 7, 2012 When Mitt Romney blurted out his now notorious 47 percent lament, liberal gaffe-o-meters went ballistic, acting as though he were an American Ebenezer Scrooge who had just shoved Tiny Tim Cratchit... more »»

Family Court Has Seen Great Change In 50 Years

September 30, 2012 This month is the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Family Court of New York stat. more »»

Support The Sale Of County Home

September 30, 2012 Editor’s Note: The following was read at a meeting of the Chautauqua County Legistature on Wednesday. County Executive Edwards, Mr. more »»

Strength Of Character, Clarity Of Purpose = Success

September 23, 2012 Since 1885 the Woman’s Christian Association has been providing essential care to the people of our region. more »»



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