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The Dignity Of Failure

August 1, 2015 I think that it is safe to say that nobody likes to fail. more »»

Of Flags And Klans And Commandments

July 28, 2015 The arguments about display of the Confederate battle flag don’t tug at my heartstrings. I have no emotional connection to the American Civil War. more »»

The Great Overtime Rule Debate

July 26, 2015 Imagine this: You’re a manager at a local convenient store. You supervise staff, justify inventory, hire and fire hourly workers, and even share some of their responsibilities. more »»

Overtime Pay Rule Is A Risky Bet

July 26, 2015 President Obama’s recently proposed rule for overtime pay is well-intentioned, but it has the unfortunate potential to harm the very workers it intends to help. more »»

Where The Presidency Is Headed

July 26, 2015 Before the ins and outs of the 2016 presidential contest become a preoccupation for many of us, it seems a good time to step back and look at the office of the presidency for which so many candidate... more »»

Attracting New Businesses Isn’t Rocket Science

July 26, 2015 Instead of doubling down on outdated policy ideas such as raising taxes and increasing government spending, state governments facing budget crises should look to successful states for ideas on how t... more »»

The War On Jobs

July 25, 2015 Governor Andrew Cuomo became the battlefield commander in the latest skirmish in the New York state War on Jobs. Of course, he is not the first or only one. more »»

Trump? Carter Sounded Quite Good, Too

July 21, 2015 I seldom agree with the political viewpoints on the Huffington Post, an Internet-based “news” service that mimics Fox News (except in the opposite political direction) with its slanted headlines,... more »»

Ellery Objects To Outside Garbage In Landfill

July 19, 2015 First off, Mr. Nazzaro, the Town of Ellery is not holding anyone hostage for payment. In 1977, Chautauqua County acquired landfill property. The initial permit was granted by the DEC in 1981. more »»

Project Support Rests On Faulty Premise

July 19, 2015 Your July 5 editorial supporting the Chautauqua Institution’s plan for the Amphitheater rests on a faulty and incorrect premise. more »»

‘The Righteous Mind’

July 19, 2015 Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has cracked the code on why it’s so hard for liberals and conservatives to find common ground. That’s a big deal. more »»

The Attention Trump Craves Will Be His Downfall

July 19, 2015 Folly and surprise insist on their seats at the table in every presidential campaign. more »»

Our Dismal Economic Stagnation

July 12, 2015 The Bureau of Economic Analysis has reported that in the first quarter of this year the U.S. economy declined at a 0.7 percent annual rate. more »»

Greece Should Learn from Ireland

July 12, 2015 Greece missed its $. more »»

We Need Both Insiders And Outsiders In Congress

July 12, 2015 Members of Congress get categorized in all sorts of ways. They’re liberal or conservative; Republican or Democrat; interested in domestic affairs or specialists in foreign policy. more »»

Making Sense Vs. Dollars And Cents

July 5, 2015 It happens often times, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, though it definitely benefits those who create the situations in terms of dollars and cents for them. more »»

Grilling: A Great Way To Cook

July 5, 2015 Since this is the weekend for the Fourth of July, I decided to reminisce about my grilling experiences. They are as different as can be. more »»

Give John Adams His Just Due

July 5, 2015 As we celebrate our independence and astounding development from a fledging nation to the world’s superpower, we should applaud the extraordinary contributions of numerous founders. more »»

Economic Freedom And The American Experiment

July 5, 2015 When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence 239 years ago, he placed equality and liberty at the heart of the American experiment. more »»

Defending Private Property Rights

July 5, 2015 Since our country was founded, private property has served as a cornerstone of our freedoms. more »»



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