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Focus On Buying Power, Not The Minimum Wage

March 30, 2014 There is a lot of chatter lately about raising the federal minimum wage. more »»

Cuomo’s Property Tax Plan Just Another Band-Aid

March 30, 2014 ‘We’ve capped them — now let’s cut them.” That’s Go. more »»

Congress: Don’t Cut Senior Corps Programs

March 30, 2014 There are several little-known programs around this area and across the country that provide lots of benefit to millions of people. more »»

Does Government Spend Enough?

March 29, 2014 The solution to the problems in America is for government agencies to spend more money. At least that seems to be the widely held belief. more »»

Another Day, Another Calamity

March 23, 2014 Growing old can have its advantages. One is that you can shrug off the latest calamities. Because you have seen so many other calamities over the years. And you know they fizzle. more »»

Outdated Scaffold Law Needs Reform

March 23, 2014 The truth about New York’s Scaffold Law is irrefutable and Cornell University agrees. more »»

Transformational Leaders Made Mark On SUNY Fredonia

March 23, 2014 A good leader inspires others to have confidence in the leader. But, a great leader inspires others to have confidence in themselves. This is the true essence of transformational leadership. more »»

Vocational Training Is Answer For Educating Prison Inmates

March 23, 2014 Yes, Governor Cuomo, prison inmates need education! But free college tuition for prisoners? Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots doesn’t think so! Here’s why. more »»

When Jurisdictions Compete

March 22, 2014 When businesses compete freely, without the use of political favors or coercion, efficiency improves and customers benefit. more »»

Killing GEA Could Further Devastate Area Schools

March 19, 2014 If the single house budget bills coming out of the New York State Senate and Assembly last week are any indication, Chautauqua County public schools are about to be shortchanged ... again. more »»

Busti Residents Must Become Involved?In Government

March 16, 2014 Every year citizens across the country sit down and write property tax checks to state, county, town, schools and villages collecting ever-rising taxes. more »»

Credit Union Would Bring Plenty Of Positives To Busti

March 16, 2014 George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. more »»

Congress Should Look At Effects Of Lobbying

March 16, 2014 Over the past few decades, a disturbing trend has been taking place in Washington, one that threatens the health and viability of our democratic republic. more »»

When Planning Creates Chaos

March 15, 2014 All people do some type of planning, which is simply looking toward the future to determine the steps needed to achieve objectives. Employment is one of the means available. more »»

Cuomo’s College-For-Inmates Proposal Is Not Unrealistic

March 9, 2014 Governor Cuomo announced this past week that he wants to fund college education for prison inmates. more »»

Progressives, Conservatives Must Find Common Ground

March 9, 2014 e rhetoric between progressives and conservatives here in America has been vitriolic at times. Name-calling and demeaning insults are common when the two views come within close proximity. more »»

Civil Rights Battle Continues On In Jamestown

March 2, 2014 Fifty years ago, along heat baked banks of the Lincoln Memorial reflection pool in Washington, D.C., I stood there shivering in the August sun. more »»

Give America A Raise?

March 2, 2014 President Obama said something especially perplexing when he implored Congress during his State of the Union address to “Give America a raise. more »»

A Bird In A Cage

March 1, 2014 Tweety Bird, of Warner Brothers cartoon fame, was an adorable yellow canary with a speech impediment, whose constant tribulations made us laugh. more »»

Let Me Explain Reason For Busti Office Move

February 23, 2014 I would like to explain for those who were unable to attend our recent meetings why the Town of Busti board has decided to move the town offices to the former Tordella’s Building at 125 Chautauqua... more »»



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