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Rogue President

November 22, 2014 Asserting a legal and constitutional authority he himself said he did not have, President Obama is going rogue, issuing an executive amnesty to 4 to 5 million illegal aliens. He will order the U.S. more »»

Immigration Isn’t The Problem

November 22, 2014 President Obama has proclaimed that he has lost patience with a congress that has done nothing to help him pay back his political favors to the Hispanic population after lending their support. more »»

Bill Cosby Allegation: It’s Oral Rape, Not Oral Sex

November 21, 2014 One evening in 2012, she decided it was time to tell her story. She waited until after business hours to call because she wanted to be sure to get voice mail, not a live person. more »»

Obama Vs. Us

November 21, 2014 Suppose you saw a person driving his car on the wrong side of a highway, against the traffi. more »»

A Legacy Of Liberalism

November 20, 2014 Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said there were “phrases that serve as an excuse for not thinking. more »»

Unfaithfully Executing The Law

November 20, 2014 President Obama is soon expected to issue an executive order that would make it possible for some illegal immigrants, many of whom are the parents of children who are American citizens, to live and... more »»

Mr. Muskie Of Maine

November 19, 2014 In 1976, Rep. Bill Cohen, who was a rising young Republican star, seriously considered running for the U.S. more »»

Lincoln’s Vice-Presidential Switch Changed History

November 19, 2014 CHICAGO—The other day I found myself at the famous Abraham Lincoln Bookshop here, talking about my latest effort, a history on the evolution of the American vice presidenc. more »»

JCC: Beacon Of Hope And Catalyst For Life Transformation

November 16, 2014 I have loved the opportunities during my first year as president of JCC to speak on behalf of the college. more »»

City Council Needs To Review And Revise

November 16, 2014 In this century our country will determine if health care is a right for all or is a privilege earned, as long as the United States continues to be an economically successful and benevolent society. more »»

Obama The Liberal

November 16, 2014 In 2008, an American populace, wary of never-ending wars and tired of the Bush administration showed up in support of a politically inexperienced, young, African-American Senator named Barak Obama. more »»

Avoid Costly Health Care Surprises In 2015

November 16, 2014 With the holiday rush still a couple of weeks off, it’s time to focus your attention on the annual health insurance open enrollment season. This year there are more choices than ever. more »»

A Murderer’s Warped Idealism

November 16, 2014 WASHINGTON — Western reflection about human nature and the politics of the human condition began with the sunburst of ancient Greece 2,500 years ago, but lurched into a new phase 70 years ago with... more »»

Torch Obamacare

November 16, 2014 Republicans, here is a vote-winning idea for you. Create a huge bonfire. On the mall in Washington. Have everybody bring copies of the massive Obamacare bill. Pile them high. more »»

The Oil Weapon In America’s Hand

November 15, 2014 In July of 1941, after Japan occupied French Indochina, the Roosevelt administration froze Japan’s assets in the United States. Denied hard cash, Japan could not buy the U.S. more »»

Good Guys Versus Bad Guys

November 15, 2014 The election season is over, so there is a welcome reprieve from all of the boorish, childish and downright dishonest politicking. Republicans should be happy with the wins. more »»

Trolling For Hollers

November 14, 2014 For last week’s postelection column, I described a piece of artwork that hangs in my home. more »»

Educational Fraud

November 14, 2014 It would be unreasonable to expect a student with the reading, writing and computing abilities of an eighth-grader to do well in college. more »»

Who Are You Calling Stupid?

November 13, 2014 “Stupid is as stupid does” — Forrest Gump Unless you regularly follow conservative media, you may not have heard what one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) thinks about... more »»

What Happened?

November 13, 2014 Just what happened last week on election day? And what is going to happen in the years ahead? The most important thing that happened last week was that the country dodged a bullet. more »»



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