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Private Colleges May Not Survive Clinton’s Free-Tuition Plan

October 16, 2016 Hillary Clinton has her heart set on fundamentally transforming higher education in the United State. more »»

At Debate, Clinton, Trump Offer No Solutions For U.S. Debt Crisis

October 16, 2016 “Locker room talk,” rape allegations, 33,000 missing e-mails and the war with ISIS were the hottest topics during the second presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donal... more »»

Destruction Doesn’t Help The Economy

October 15, 2016 With the destructive force that Hurricane Matthew has hurled at the southeastern states, crews will be working for many months to rebuild homes, businesses, and infrastructure that took the hit by... more »»

TPP Would Help Cummins, Manufacturers

October 9, 2016 After years of negotiations, the 12-nation trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership is facing its toughest challenge yet: election-year politics, which was evident in Monday night’s... more »»

ACA-Related Insurer Bailout On Shaky Legal Ground

October 9, 2016 If Donald Trump is elected president, he may seek to build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. more »»

With Clinton-Trump, Typical Americans Can Save Us All

October 9, 2016 Spare a moment for this week’s 2016 Nobel Prize announcement. more »»

Election Doesn’t Mean We Have To Be A Nation Divided

October 9, 2016 There is less than a month remaining until the nation elects its next President. more »»

Competition Is Beautiful

October 8, 2016 Living in a rural area, I know a lot of farmers, but I actually know more former-farmers. more »»

Executive: County Is In A Time Of Growth

October 2, 2016 This past Wednesday I delivered my 2017 Tentative Budget for Chautauqua County. more »»

Trump’s Economics Don’t Work For The Rest Of Us

October 2, 2016 Just last week, a friend confessed that they were “saddened by the way in which honest, hard working, country folk were being duped by a rich, petulant, New York City kid, who had never done manual... more »»

Reader Makes Case To Elect GOP Candidate

October 2, 2016 Regarding the article “What It Would Sound Like If Trump ‘Told It Like It Is’. I found the article twisted, short witted, offensive and incendiary. more »»

Adhering To Zoning Code Is In Best Interests Of Lakeview Avenue

October 2, 2016 Many thanks to The Post-Journal for its continued objective coverage of the sale of the Sheldon House and the decision by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to issue a use variance permitting... more »»

Cultural Appropriation Is Awesome

October 1, 2016 I heard a new one recently. White Americans should not do yoga, because that is cultural appropriation, as though that is a bad thing. more »»

Privatizing VA Health Care System Makes Sense

September 25, 2016 I would like to suggest some changes to the VA Health Care system and encourage my fellow citizens to contact their senators and representatives to make the following changes to veteran’s health care. more »»

The Unsung Heroes Of Sewer Systems

September 25, 2016 I have always thought that the least appreciated part of public infrastructure is what is buried underground, i.e. sewer and water facilities. more »»

What It Would Sound Like If Trump ‘Told It Like It Is’

September 25, 2016 Whether it was at church, a family gathering, or in the break room at work, I am sure you have heard a Trump supporter repeating, verbatim, one of his campaign’s most consistent talking points; “He... more »»

U.S. Government Needs A Crash Diet To Balance Its Budget

September 25, 2016 When the next president settles into the Oval Office, the federal debt will be just shy of $20 trillion. more »»

Miser Madison Gets No Respect

September 24, 2016 “The Music Man” was a hit Broadway musical, first opening in 1957, but it has been a favorite for generations since. more »»

This Year’s Most Consequential Senate

September 21, 2016 GLENOLDEN, Pa. more »»

Donald Trump’s ‘Alleged Christian Faith’

September 21, 2016 In recent presidential years, Catholics and white evangelical Christians joined in favoring the Republican candidate. A key reason was a shared opposition to abortion. more »»



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