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Almost Everywhere A Raccoon

October 9, 2016 Raccoons. Make a sandwich or so, stow it far back in the Havahart and wait. Quillow never saw the first of the three I trapped, set up a huge ruckus with N. more »»

A Change For The Better

October 9, 2016 What do you think of when you hear the term metamorphosis? My mind immediately goes to the change that a moth undergoes to become a butterfly although Webster’s defines it merely as a change in shap... more »»

Give It Your Best Shot

October 9, 2016 This picture entitled “Catch of the day,” was taken by Robert Ormsby from his deck near Burtis Bay. more »»

Do You Dare Shut Out A Nice Neighbor?

October 9, 2016 I want to tell you a story. When I’m finished, I invite you to close your eyes to visualize this talk of two families. One family lives relatively securely in a nice comfortable home. more »»

Writer Gets Her Kicks On Route 66: Part Six

October 9, 2016 Editor’s Note: This is the fifth column in a series featuring the author’s travels along Route 66. Our beloved Route 66 had become mostly frontage roads in the State of Texas. more »»

Factories And Forebears — My Grandfather Carl Forsberg

October 9, 2016 When I was a little girl living on Ivy Street, I could hear the rhythmic pounding of metal on metal from factories down along the Chadakoin River. more »»

Two Books To Read For Fall

October 8, 2016 I recently received two books to review, one featuring a dog, and one a cat, both published by St. Martin’s Press. The first is a paperback, selling for $7. more »»

Editor's Note

October 8, 2016 There’s a lot to worry about as a parent. It’s never what’s happening to you as a result of your actions, but what’s happening to your children because of them. You just don’t want to mess them u. more »»

Preserving The Past Amid High Taxes

October 8, 2016 My neighbor’s house is an old queen. more »»

Busy Jamestown Mom Is Catching Up On Missed Time In The Kitchen

October 8, 2016 Tonya Taber of Jamestown may not have had a lot of cooking experience as she was growing up, but once she got started there was no holding her bac. more »»

Early Commercial Travelers

October 7, 2016 Many fraternal organizations began during the last half of the 1800s. The Masons and the Oddfellows had earlier beginnings. more »»

The Rule Of Thirds, Dynamic Symmetry And Other Tools

October 7, 2016 Welcome to another edition of Let’s Talk Photography! As we move from one topic to the next, you’ll find me bouncing between basic camera information for beginners and more advanced topics for those... more »»

Understanding Facts And Myths About Sexual Assault

October 7, 2016 Many myths still exist about sexual assault. Quite often these myths place the blame on the victim. These myths are just that, myths, and understanding that may help recovery. more »»

Time Table

October 6, 2016 “The sands of time are eroded by the river of constant chang. more »»

Detroit Band Jeremy Porter, Tucos To Perform At Wine Cellar Oct. 14

October 6, 2016 A Detroit-based band will return to Jamestown in the midst of its tour of the Northeastern U.S., this time in a different downtown venue. more »»

A Sitdown With Dr. Henry Jekyll ... And Mr. Edward Hyde

October 6, 2016 I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Switala as he prepares to perform the role of D. more »»

Computers Make Me Waste Time

October 5, 2016 We have bought into the fiction that computers actually save time. This is not true. Some time-wasters are inherent in computers. Others are our own fault. more »»

Defeating Goliath: It’s A God Thing

October 5, 2016 There are many times in our lives when we face what seems like a huge problem — and we feel tiny in comparison. “But how can I ever overcome this?” we ask. more »»

Effective Family And Community Engagement, A Priority At JPS

October 2, 2016 “Our main focus at Bush Elementary School is to have family engagement rather than just involvement,” said Bush Elementary School fourth grade teacher and Family & Community Engagement team member,... more »»

JPS Staff Learns How Family Engagement Is Different From Family Involvement

October 2, 2016 “The biggest takeaway from the Family and Community Engagement summer workshops is that there is a difference between engagement and involvement,” Persell Middle School teacher, Lisa Stahlman-Colby,... more »»



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