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Of Mice And Milk

September 24, 2016 Hear me out for a second. I’ll never be convinced milk, or any perishable product for that matter, can be used past its expiration date. more »»

Protect Wildlife, Animals

September 24, 2016 Anyone can be a conservationist. It requires no special training or education. A few dollars or a little time is all it takes. more »»

An Attempt At Rekindling A Childhood Pastime

September 24, 2016 Editor’s Note: The Post-Journal was lucky enough to have once published a monthly column by Nick Dean called Nerding Out, a roundup of comics book breakthroughs and cinema-related content. more »»

‘RHR’ To Feature Riales, Smilo

September 22, 2016 The dying days of September will provide the backdrop for a brand new season of WRFA-LP 107.9 FM’s “Rolling Hills Radio. more »»

Illusionist Jason Bishop Returns To Jamestown In Saturday Performance

September 22, 2016 America’s hottest illusionist will make his second appearance in as many years at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts this weekend. more »»

Don’t Pass Me By

September 22, 2016 Within the dying days of summer was held a culminative event that provided a snapshot of all that is good about outdoor entertainment in Western New York. more »»

Writer Gets Her Kicks On Route 66: Part Three

September 18, 2016 Editor’s Note: This is the third column in a series featuring the author’s travels along Route 66 If you have never considered a road trip on Historic Route 66, especially if you are 50 years old... more »»

Where Genius Bloomed: Herman Melville’s Arrowhead Farm

September 18, 2016 Herman Melville’s vast and enigmatic creative mind led to some of the best novels in American Literature, “Moby Dick” at the top of the list. more »»

JPS Commits To Differentiated Learning Professional Development

September 18, 2016 A television interview show, posters, letters and a rap song are just some of the ways members of the Jamestown Public Schools’ Leadership Team used to describe what differentiated instruction is,... more »»

What Is Differentiated Instruction?

September 18, 2016 We know all students learn differently. The best teachers have always found ways to reach individual students — this is nothing new. more »»

Why Implement Differentiated Instruction?

September 18, 2016 “We know that even though all children might be at same grade level; brain development differs. more »»

To Stand Or Not To Stand

September 18, 2016 Well, I’ve remained silent (which, in itself, some would call a miracle) about the situation and comments surrounding San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and his decision to not stand... more »»

The Magnificent Magnolia Warbler

September 18, 2016 There’s a reason I have a difficult time with warblers. They won’t come to my feeders. Cherry trees surround most of the house while various apples fill in much of the rest. more »»

Grape Country

September 18, 2016 I grew up in grape country close to Lake Erie. Every time I see the commercial for Welch’s on television it reminds me of hom. more »»

Give It Your Best Shot

September 18, 2016 Kailey Durow, granddaughter of Shirley and Don Fiasco of Jamestown, recently visited Celoron Park for a picnic and decided to try Lucy’s “Vitameatavegamin. more »»

Get Off The Couch, Get Off The Tech Toys

September 18, 2016 Pope Francis, the oustpoken spiritual leader of the Catholic church, recently spoke of a subject near and dear to many parents. more »»

Standing At Ground Zero

September 17, 2016 I volunteered at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11. more »»

Ellington Mom-And-Pop Earns Rave Reviews

September 17, 2016 Even though my husband and I seek out mom-and-pop restaurants, we’ve driven by Dave and Bev’s Diner at the four corners in Ellington more than once without giving it much thought. more »»

Editor's Note

September 17, 2016 When I’ve consumed a lot of fluids my body tells me it’s time to visit the lavatory. It’s a simple concept, listening to what your body tells you you need to do. more »»

How To Balance The Light In Your Camera, Prevent Silhouettes

September 16, 2016 Welcome to another edition of Let’s Talk Photography! Today I’d like to tackle a subject that was suggested by my good friend Don Armstrong who is a member of the Chautauqua County Camera Club and... more »»



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