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Fuel Extraction Industry Will Get What It Wants

July 15, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I read with interest the latest release from Congressman Tom Reed on the sanctity of private property, and his criticism of, as he calls it, “Big Government. more »»

Congratulations To The Jamestown Jammers

July 12, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: The new Jamestown Jammers are a wonderful addition to this community. more »»

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Genetic Engineering

July 11, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: The recent column in The Post-Journal was called “Make Informed Decisions About Genetically Modified Organisms.” I couldn’t agree more. more »»

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

July 10, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Yesterday, as I was shopping at Aldi’s I heard the cutest (out of the mouth of babes question) from a little bo. more »»

I Won’t Need A Lawyer, You Will

July 7, 2015 To the Readers Forum: While traveling through a local neighborhood recently I saw a sign or two that said something like “If you hit our kids, you won’t be needing lawyer. more »»

Thank You From The Clute Family

July 5, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: To our family, friends and many supporters: You have truly touched our hearts with your love, friendship, offers of help and assistanc. more »»

Children Run Amok During Concerts

July 4, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: We try to enjoy the Jamestown Municipal Band in Allen Park on Wednesdays but find it difficult with the number of children that are left to run wild in the park making so much... more »»

Gay Marriage ... Who Cares?

July 3, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I’m probably going to anger a lot of my fellow conservatives by saying this, but the recent ruling by the Supreme Court is, essentially, meaningless to me. more »»

Grandma And Grandpa Deserve A Raise, Too

July 1, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: I had a train of thought about the minimum wage. more »»

Parent Thankful For BOCES Hewes Center Teachers, Staff

June 28, 2015 To The Reader’s Forum: As my daughter waits to graduate I have realized how lucky we have been to have a wonderful school like BOCES -Ashville Hewes Center in our are. more »»

Falconer School Does It Again

June 27, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Falconer recently held its 26th annual after-prom party at the school on May 9, 2015. This year, over 167 children and 70 adults enjoyed an evening of fun. more »»

Landlords, Tenants Must Take Responsibility For Stray Cats

June 26, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: My response is to JoAnne Brooks’ article regarding the feral cats. I am a strong advocate of ‘‘animal rights.’’ My thoughts and concerns go out to you, JoAnne. more »»

Rev. McGinnis Spreads Christian Propaganda

June 25, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: In his recent commentary, the Rev. McGinnis is more focused on gays selling snacks. He should focus on the fact that he is perpetuating intolerance and prejudic. more »»

Veteran’s Service Agency Thanks Organization For Donation

June 24, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: The Chautauqua County Veteran’s Service Agency would like to thank the Robert P. more »»

Responding To Sexual Behavior Problems In Youth

June 20, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Recent media attention regarding the Duggar family raises numerous issues surrounding sexual behavior problems in youth and provides an opportunity to talk about how parents... more »»

Parents Who Host Lose The Most Reduces Teen Drinking

June 19, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Again this year, during prom and graduation season, CASAC’s Parents Who Host Lose the Most Campaign is underway. more »»

Opinionated Woman Disrupts Memorial Day Parade

June 18, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: This letter goes out to all you people who feel that an appropriate time to voice your opinion, on a subject that you don’t agree with, that the city or government is imposing... more »»

One Party Rule Halts Clean Water Legislation In Chautauqua County

June 17, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: For all the talk about partisan politics, the Chautauqua County Legislature had but one party line vote that I recall in the 2014 Mayville sessions. That single Democratic vs. more »»

What Has Happened To Sunset Hill Cemetery?

June 15, 2015 To the Readers’ Forum: Following a beautiful, meaningful service at Jamestown’s new Veterans’ Park in observance of Blue Star/Gold Star Mothers, I decided to visit family and friend’s burial sites... more »»

Reduce Antibiotics In Your Diet

June 14, 2015 To The Readers’ Forum: Last Tuesday, President Obama directed federal agencies to serve antibiotic-free meat and poultry in government cafeterias. more »»



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