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The Church And State Debate

December 30, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: With current court cases against crosses and nativity scenes on public land, the courts have consistently sided on the side of seperation. more »»

Hoyer Is Clueless About Business

December 29, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: After reading Chautauqua County Legislator Timothy Hoyer’s article I have to respond. more »»

Reckless Spending Spells Doom For U.S.

December 29, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I read the Readers’ Forum article about “Bankers Which I Fear” and the U.S. deb. more »»

State Should Crack Down On Smokers

December 28, 2013 To The Readers Forum: I recently read where a city in California wants to pass a law to ban smoking in apartment complexes, citing smoke can travel through electrical systems, ducts, venting... more »»

TEA Party Members Are Concerned Citizens

December 27, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: “My Grandma and Grandpa are terrorists?” Our grandchildren would get quite a chuckle if anyone said that about ys. Unless ... more »»

Christ Is Essential To Christmas Season

December 26, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: A title to an article read “Have a Very Atheist Christmas.” That sounds like trying to make pork Jewish. more »»

Grateful For The Star In Stow

December 25, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: At this time of year it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle-bustle, push and shove, gimme-gimme commercialism that has become Christmas. more »»

Mains’ Analogy Clears Up Common Core

December 25, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: This is a note of appreciation to The Post-Journal and especially to JPS Superintendent Tim Mains for the superb article he wrote on the Common Core Learning Standards. more »»

Eating Christmas

December 25, 2013 At year end, the world begins a meal cooked up by old gospel chefs, a gourmet feast. more »»

Operation Christmas Child Final Report

December 24, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Saying that we had a successful Operation Christmas Child year does not begin to share with you my overflowing heart for what the people in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and... more »»

Ouch, I’m Thinking They Got Us Again

December 23, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: US House of Representative Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., introduced a bill in Congress on Dec. more »»

Stars Tie People Together As One

December 22, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Forty-five years ago, this December, three people with nothing but thin metal and the vacuum of space between themselves and oblivion reached out, for the first time in all of... more »»

Thanks, Bill!

December 22, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: Waiting for your turn at the Post Office these days can quickly turn a happy face into a frown. more »»

King’s Buffalo ‘Forum’ A Staged Charade

December 22, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: NY State Schools Commissioner John King was in Buffalo to provide updates to the Regents Reform agenda this past Thursday (Dec. 12) evening. more »»

Part-Time Congress — Good Or Bad?

December 21, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: It was reported this week that the House of Representatives worked for only 126 days this year in Washington with 239 days off; passing only 55 bills. more »»

Creche Thanks The Jamestown Community

December 20, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: On behalf of the women volunteers of Creche, I want to thank the Jamestown Community for supporting our recent fund-raising efforts. more »»

I’d Take Paladino Any Day

December 19, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: “These taxes are really getting to me,” said Sam S. to his friend Paul Revere. “King George is bleeding us dry. He even wants to put a tax on our tea!” “Yeah, I hear you, Sam. more »»

Illinois Thanks You, Jamestown

December 18, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: I would like to thank each and every person from our community who took the time out of their busy lives to bring donations to my book shop recently for the people in... more »»

A Season To Remember

December 17, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: The JHS football team gave us a season to remember — the best since 200. more »»

Thank You For Your Support

December 17, 2013 To The Reader’s Forum: We would like to take this time and space to thank all of our family, friends, neighbors, classmates and communities of Sherman, Panama and beyond, for the benefit dinner... more »»



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