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May 13, 2011 - Ray Hall (Archive)
It is really good to be back and so much happened during my absence. While in hibernation the Republicans gained a majority in the House of Representatives. The Tea Party gained a minority majority in the Republican Caucus—they call the shots and set the agenda. Harry Reid kept his Nevada Senate seat by defeating Tea Party Candidate Sharon Angle who was ahead in the polls before the election. Andrew Cuomo easily won his race for Governor, but what was more surprising to me was the identity of his girl friend—the Food Network’s Sandra Lee—ensuring that State Dinners at the Governor’s mansion will consist of semi-homemade meals and beautiful tablescapes. Lately, however, current events have been equally interesting, but few more fascinating than Donald Trump.

Trump, easily a millionaire but probably not the self-proclaimed billionaire we hear about tried in vain to become the top Republican presidential contender. He failed and even managed to tarnish his personal “brand” as a successful entrepreneur. His relentless attacks on President Obama’s citizenship forced the President to release his original birth document and caused Trump to lose his turn at the ‘birther’ dice table.

Next, the ‘Donald’ never missed an opportunity to tell us of his brilliance and how good he was as a student, high school and college, when compared with President Obama. He questioned the educational bona fides of a man that graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and hinted that the only reason he was a student in prestigious universities was because he was favored as a black man. He lost that battle too, but like most compulsive gamblers he did not know when to throw in his hand.

His last political speech prior to the Saturday Grid Iron Dinner in Washington was before a group of Republican women in Las Vegas. Politically, Trump’s speech before that group of women was a disaster. His foreign policy speech, idiotic enough, was about being tough with China and Saudi Arabia but was deliberately peppered with reckless use of the ‘f’ bomb. One ‘f’ bomb in his speech might have been a slip—a mistake—but the Donald managed several and that was deliberate.

Mr. Trump appeared stiff and red-faced at the Grid Iron dinner as he was humorously humiliated by Saturday Night Lives’ Seth Myers and a jocular President, but that humiliation was nothing compared to his complete loss of dignity when on Sunday night President Obama announced to the world that Navy Seals had killed Osama bin Laden.

Suddenly Donald Trump appeared very small and unimportant. Being President of these United States is serious business and the people deserve serious candidates whether Democrat, Republican or Independent. Trump, like others before him, should have discovered that purposeful vulgarity, of any kind, is never a substitute for honest ideas in the public square.


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