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October 23, 2010 - Ray Hall (Archive)
If I weren’t such a skeptic I might be convinced that I’m living in another dimension, a parallel political world void of reason where nothing is as it seems, a world where commonplace is upside down and insanity is the norm.

We live in a political world where Christine O’Donnell didn’t discover until the next day that the audience was laughing at her, not with her, when she paraded her ignorance about the Constitution in a recent debate. We see Alaska’s Teapublican Candidate flying around the state with his private army literally handcuffing the press.

Gail Collins wrote in the New York Times that a wealthy Wisconsin Senate candidate waves a copy of Atlas Shrugged and a fat check book instead of telling voters why he is running for office and the Teapublican Senate candidate from West Virginia lives in Florida.

In Washington D.C. Teapublicans universally condemned the Obama Stimulus as a Socialists takeover of government amid claims that it did not create jobs. Yet, when the money started to be distributed they fell all over each other trying to get money for their states and districts.

Pete Sessions (R-TX) was notorious for his criticisms of the stimulus and claimed that it would not create a single job, but that did not stop him from requesting $81 million for a project in his district that he wrote “would create jobs and stimulate the economy.”

The outspoken critic of that socialistic stimulus, Teapublican Queen of the House of Representatives Michele Bachmann (R-MN), requested funds for a bridge in her district that she proudly boasted would create over 5000 jobs. Requests went out from John McCain to Mitch McConnell for stimulus funds that would create thousands of jobs in their respective states and spur the economy.

Just when I am convinced national politics has run off the rails I tune in New York’s Gubernatorial debate. The candidates stretched across the stage—seven in all. Candidates representing the Green Party, Libertarian Party, Freedom Party, a woman who arranged for our former Governor’s sexual companions followed by the Rent Too Damn High Party, Teapublican Paladino and Democrat Cuomo.

We heard the Manhattan Madam aver that she was the only candidate who had experience working with high paid prostitutes. The man who wore black gloves and spoke in rhyme declared that rent was too high and Carl Paladino looked lost. Andrew Cuomo could have made not so friendly hand gestures toward the audience without saying a word and still won on points.

Minor Party candidates were there at the insistence of candidate Paladino who was convinced they would tag team Andrew Cuomo and drive him from the stage bloodied and mortally wounded. In the end it was Paladino who left the stage early—in search of a bathroom.

As I write this New York’s State Inspector General has just released a three hundred-page report on corruption in Albany. Whoopee! The only thing surprising about the report was its unvarnished candor—it named names—prominent Democrats.

Oh, who was the most coherent on that stage at Hofstra University? That was the Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins. Will he win? No, but the New York State Green Party has its platform posted on the Internet and the gentleman made sense in an otherwise topsy-turvy campaign season.


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