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The Words of the Prophets

April 10, 2010 - Ray Hall (Archive)


Joan and I appreciate and thank your for your kind words and generous acts. So far, our really bad year is turning out well and is made better by your thoughtfulness.

Thank You


Those who gnashed their teeth and rent their clothing over health care have seen their warnings of doom crash to the ground. President Obama signed the Health Care Bill and the Reconciliation Amendment without a single earth tremor. Tea Baggers and Republican stalwarts railed about Socialism, about losing freedom, about turning our healthcare over to the government and generally raised a ruckus. A major Conservative magazine has even called for a total repeal when Republicans dump Democrats from the majority in this fall’s elections.

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’S Morning Joe recently predicted Southern leaning Congressmen would be successful tying Nancy Polosi to San Francisco’s friendly attitude toward gays to defeat incumbent Democrats.

Critics may be right; President Obama could be a one term President and the House and Senate could end up in Republican control, but like the words in a Simon and Garfunkel song, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls--prevailing truth. Critics of Health Care talk and walk past the reality that Conservatives, Tea Baggers and Republicans, like most of America are big fans of social programs as long as they are the ones who participate.

I only know of one man, a prominent Amish farmer, who refused on principle to accept even one Social Security Check or Medicare and finally relocated his family to Costa Rica to escape an intrusive American Government. Political oratory notwithstanding, millions of Republicans look forward to receiving their monthly Social Security checks and countless more who haven’t reached Senior Hood are thankful to receive a Social Security Stipend to get them through an unanticipated disability.

A Republican widow contending with the death of a spouse, not unlike her Liberal and Democratic counterparts, welcome Social Security checks for each child until they reach the age of eighteen. Medicare has provided much needed health care and Social Security has improved the quality of life for Seniors to the point where today’s seniors are living much longer than they did in the Forties, Fifties and Sixties.

When President Obama signed the Health Care Bill more than two million college kids were almost immediately enrolled in their parents health insurance plans while attending college or until they reach their twenty-sixth birthday. It is safe to assume that not all of those who enrolled college students in family plans were all Democrats or Liberals.

Tea Bagger and Republican politicians are out of touch with rank and file who might complain about big government but like government programs as much as anyone and do not want therm tampered with or repealed. When new Health Care triggers kick in and the prescription drug ‘donut hole’ is closed for millions of recipients, Republican, Democrat, Conservatives and Liberals will punish any member of Congress who would even hint at change.

The Health Care bill will be expensive and as its benefits gradually increase and becomes even more popular it will become even more expensive. Health care is expensive now but we went into debt for the Iraq War without batting an eye, It’s about time we did something for ourselves.

I remain convinced the Tea Baggers, the Conservatives and the Republicans, despite their claims of wide spread disapproval, do not have courage of their convictions. When they stand in line to refuse health care,return their Social Security checks for premature disability, widow payments to children and refuse to participate in Medicare then and only then will their rhetoric have credibility.


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