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December 13, 2009 - Ray Hall (Archive)
Another year is almost gone and what have we learned?

We’ve learned that the Republican Party, the GOP, is splintered to a point near no return. Although Democrats control all the levers of government, except the Supreme Court, it wasn’t Democrats or Liberals that struck what might be the fatal blow; that bodge came from within.

Conservatives, not the book reading intellectual kind--rather the shoot from lip, march over the cliff with flags flying kind. That more intense version of the former ‘better dead than red’ crowd, the kind that screams freedom and liberty yet would impose more restrictions on liberty and freedoms than the tyrants they denounce. They like to claim that they are the ‘real’ Americans and condemn those who are not in lock step--teachers, university professors, scientists, free thinkers, liberals and union members.

The Grand Old Party is being taken over by the Tea Party folks to a degree that names like Romney, Christ, Pawlenty and Dierdre Scozzafava must subscribe to a strict, radical code defined by the Limbaughs, the Palins and a cadre of advocates like former Congressman Dick Armey who remains at the beck and call of corporate money barons.


I admit a broad ignorance about ACORN, however, I generally support the organization because of those who so vehemently oppose it. Republicans have never cared much for making it easier for the disenfranchised to vote as evidenced by harsh opposition to MOTOR VOTER; registering people to vote in the Motor Vehicles Department. ACORN registers people to vote, not just any people, but poor, uninformed people many of whom are minorities; often difficult and disappointing to work with because their goals change hour by hour based on the immediacy of their circumstances.

ACORN pays people to register voters; about forty cents for each completed registration with a goal of twenty new registered voters per hour; the equivalent of $8.00 an hour. To meet that goal some workers have registered DONALD DUCK and MICKEY MOUSE and even PIZZA HUT.

Although there is no record of DONALD DUCK, MICKEY MOUSE, or PZZA HUT ever voting such registrations outrages Republicans who see it as criminal; a way for Democrats to acquire new voters. For society’s outcast that practice is nothing more than a survival technique akin to having a friend punch your time card when you are a few minutes late for work.

Some people claim those on the outskirts of society should be barred from voting. Antagonists argue that a vote from the dregs of society cancels out the well informed, well thought out votes of Conservatives Republicans who apparently have an entitlement.

ACORN may have lost some federal money because of the stupidity of a pair of workers, but to date the organization has not been indicted and will not go away.


Las Vegas is proud to be called SIN CITY, because it is. Casinos compete to cater to every whim and fantasy of the world’s super rich. Whatever the desire, chances are Las Vegas will make it available to those who live in the shadows of great wealth, particularly celebrities and athletes, anyone who has the where with all to play blackjack with $10,000 chips.

We’ve learned this week that what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t always stay in Las Vegas. Ask Eldrink Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods. (I’ve learned his proper name this week.) Because of his infidelity (unlike anything I’ve heard of) Tiger took himself off the PGA tour indefinitely--probably until March since the Masters is in April.

Tiger is the first BILLION DOLLAR athlete. He is golf. The PGA’s television ratings drop 47% when Tiger is not playing. His sponsors are nervous, except NIKE who is giving him unqualified support, and for good reason. NIKE does $600 MILLION a year in golf equipment and apparel--not just any golf equipment and apparel--it’s all TIGER.


We’ve learned that the former New York Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno was convicted of corruption. The 80 year old is to be sentenced in March and faces as much as 20 years behind bars.

This might have been the last round of a bare knuckled fist fight between former Governor Eliot Spitzer and Bruno, the powerful Senate Majority Leader. If Spitzer didn’t start the investigation of Bruno, he aided and abetted the process. Bruno’s supporters blew in Spitzer for his dalliances with high priced prostitutes and the Governor had to resign in shame and disgrace.

That’s what happens when two giants collide--like a Greek Tragedy, both come to a bad end.

******************************************************* *****

I voted for Barack Obama and probably will again. The Republicans simply don’t have an interesting candidate and I sure can’t vote for Lou Dobbs who might be a Third Party candidate. It’s not that I’m happy with President Obama; he has shown that he doesn’t care to fight for health care. That disappoints me; Hillary Clinton would have.

While President Obama was a curious selection for the Nobel Peace Prize his acceptance speech warmed the heart of Republicans. We are fighting two wars and John McCain shouts from the rooftops that we should be victorious--vanquish the enemy--if we have the will. Although on general principle--the way they treated women--I do not believe the Taliban should ever rule Afghanistan, but I believe America is weary of war.


There has been a suggestion that I comment to those who read and respond to my blog. I haven’t because I believe that the reader is entitled to the last word. However, if no one objects, I will upon occasion respond, probably more after Christmas.


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