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3 Apple Bargains

June 18, 2009 - Dave Hecei
With this year’s WWDC over we are left with some interesting new Apple products and some new lower prices. During the 2009 WWDC keynote address, three bargains were announced. While Apple and Macintosh can still be considered ‘premium’, you will get more for your dollar from Apple with these new products.

First is the announcement of the next version of OS X, which Apple is calling Snow Leopard. This will be OS 10.6 and is due out in September of this year. Apple has been slowly releasing information about this product, mainly to state that it will not have any major new features but that it will be a refinement of the existing OS X Leopard. While there may not be any major new features, there will be some new technologies under the hood. Things like Grand Central for better handling of multiprocessors, OpenCL graphics, and full 64-bit operation will make this new OS X much faster and more compact.

The big announcement about Snow Leopard was the price. Over the last several years, Apple has released a new version of the OS about every year to year and a half. The price for a new OS X disc was $129. This time around Apple has decided to give back a little and offer Snow Leopard at an upgrade price of only $29, with the family pack (good for up to 5 computers) upgrade only $49. Apple bargain number 1.

This year’s keynote started out with all new Apple notebooks. The MacBook Pro line got new screens, faster processors, higher maximum RAM capability, and lower prices. Also, the aluminum MacBook is now part of the MacBook Pro family – why not it looks just like them.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro now has a better screen, better battery life, faster processor, more RAM, an SD camera card slot, and the return of the Firewire Port. All these additions definitely make it a Pro, just a Pro with a smaller screen and less weight. It now has the power and all the ports plus they lowered the price by $100. Apple bargain number 2.

As expected, much of the keynote was about the iPhone. In the months before WWDC Apple had already announced a new iPhone OS, version 3.0, and used part of the keynote to go over many of its new features. As predicted, Apple also introduced a new iPhone, the iPhone 3G S. I think the more important announcement was the fact that Apple now sells the iPhone 3G, last months iPhone, for only $99. This is an amazing price that gets you an amazing smart phone, or what most people are now calling a mobile computer.

With so many applications now available for the iPhone platform it’s hard to think of it as a phone. For $99 you get one of the best music and video iPods, a device for web surfing, emailing, messaging, etc., a GPS device, a camera, basically a full computer in a small package. For only $99 this is Apple’s best bargain and it’s number 3.


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