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An Apologetic Whitless Wonder Begs Your Forgiveness

January 3, 2009 - John Whittaker

Who has two thumbs and hasn't had time to update his blog in a week?
The Whitless Wonder apologizes for the inactivity and promises to get back on the stick soon.
The public might not see a city editor's name in the paper every day like they did when he was a reporter, but let me be the first to tell you the life of an editor is horrendous during the holidays. We publish seven days a week, and all but one reporter are off Christmas and New Year's Day. Plus, a lot of the people our reporters need to talk to are out of the office or not available for nearly two consecutive weeks.
So, nearly our entire news staff loses one entire day of productive time (and how productive can you really be during the holidays?) and are also at the whims of their sources' vacation schedules.
That means, visitors to our offices these last two weeks probably saw a short, pudgy, gray-haired guy sitting at his desk, brow furrowed, trying to piece together news budgets for the upcoming week. Trust me, it's a lot of fun!
It's also time-consuming. Most of my time was spent running around taking care of business or visiting with my sisters and brother while they were home. Hence, the lack of time for blog posts. Those days are behind us, though, and there's a blog to write, a wedding to plan and a some great David Halberstam books to read.
Anyway, before we get on to weightier topics, the Whitless Wonder has decided that the end of the NFL regular season is a good time to end the Fat Guy Trophy contest. I still haven't had time to tally last week's picks, but will do so over the weekend. The trophy will be presented during the Whitless Wonder's fantasy baseball draft in March -- four of our five contestants are in the league, and the fifth person in our contest, well, let's just say he's probably not winning the Fay Guy Trophy and isn't in the baseball league.
On a serious note, though, thanks to everyone for participating -- technology made life fun a couple of times when picks were sent but not received because the spam filter on our computers are temperamental. I hope you enjoyed reading the picks and commentary -- thanks to Sir Cumference, Teddy and Simon for giving me comments throughout the year. It made writing the Friday picks blog a lot easier.
And, let me tell you something else I've learned over the past 17 weeks -- writing a good football blog is hard work. I've always enjoyed reading Bill Simmons and Peter King's work on and, respectively, but after trying my hand at original sports-type writing during this football season, damn. I'd make the News Gal laugh once in a while when she was reading the football picks post on Thursday nights, but that post could take, sometimes, three days to write and tweak before I was happy with it. Trying something new like that definitely gives you a new respect for the talent of a guy like Simmons or the writing and newsgathering ability of a guy like King. They're punching their Hall of Fame tickets, and I'm just hoping for a chance to ride the pine in the bus leagues. Not that it wasn't fun, though, and hopefully it was worth it for my few and loyal readers to take part in throughout this NFL season.
The end of the Fat Guy Trophy contest also doesn't mean I have no further thoughts on the NFL playoffs -- we'll just wait until the Wild Card is out of the way before you are subjected to my thoughts.
What, you may ask, will be coming down the pipe in the coming weeks? To name a few, I think there may be a few new features -- of course, pop culture and things in the news will spark my interest, there is this whole wedding thing the News Gal and I are planning, there may be some journalism-related thoughts tossed in from time to time, and Syracuse hoops is in full swing. Also, there may be a running diary of the Whitless Wonder's fantasy baseball draft -- featuring some characters you know a little about already. That means you, Teddy, Finn, Sir Cumference and Grub.
It's going to be a busy few months, so strap in and enjoy the trip!


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